Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 30

Episode title
Ojii-chan ranshin, Rei-chan no kiki
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.11.11
Rei-chan's grandfather was outside on the roof of the shrine looking at the moon. Then Zoisite appeared. Zoisite tried to get the nijizuishou from the old man. But Rei-chan's grandfather blasted Zoisite, who was unprepared. Then Zoisite blasted the old man and knocked him off of the roof. The crows quickly attacked Zoisite. When Rei went to her grandfather, Zoisite vanished.

A drunk guy who had been sleeping on the shrine steps woke up. Rei asked who he was. When the man spotted Rei, he immediately fell in love with her and asked the grandfather to make him his student. The man's name was Kumada Yuuichirou.

Rei told everyone that her grandfather had become a little strange. Her grandfather was going around trying to train Yuuichirou doing stupid things like swings from trees. Yuuichirou was seriously trying to follow Rei's grandfather's training. Rei's grandfather also kept doing some jokes on Yuuichirou.

Rei thought that her grandfather was joking around. Rei told her grandfather to act more seriously because they would lose the trust in their shrine. But Usagi said that Rei's grandfather was funny. Then Rei told Usagi to stay out of it, and pushed Usagi down. Usagi started crying. Mako told Usagi to stop crying. Ami told Rei that she didn't have to push Usagi. Then Ami and Mako both left. Rei got mad because her friends didn't help out at all.

Later Yuuichirou told Rei that it was autumn, so it might be just the season causing the weirdness in her grandfather. Rei laughed and thanked Yuuichirou.

Usagi was watching Rei and Yuuichirou from behind a tree. She wanted to make Rei and Yuuichirou closer. Luna told her that it might make things worse. Then Usagi transformed herself into a fortune teller. Luna got very disappointed in Usagi for using the transformation pen for that purpose. Usagi (as the fortune teller) went to Rei and Yuuichirou and said that if they kissed each other right there, they would fall in love with each other. Rei go mad and said, "Let's go," to Yuuichirou. Then Rei went to Usagi, and got mad. She said, "What are you doing? I already have Mamoru." Then as she was leaving, Rei also said, "I'll have nothing to do with you again!"

At home Usagi was very sad. Usagi was crying on her bed, "Oh no. Rei-chan got mad at me again."
Luna said, "Don't worry about it. Rei-chan always gets mad, but she also always forgets pretty quickly. You can make up tomorrow."
Usagi said, "But she said that she will have nothing to do with me any more."
Luna replied, "Rei-chan just said that because you did a stupid thing." Then Luna ate a daifuku mochi. Luna said, "Usagi, this daifuku is very good."

[daifuku = Japanese dessert with soft mochi on outside and anko, sweet bean paste, on the inside]

Usagi said, "I can't eat daifuku at a time like this."
"But it's very good," Luna said again. Usagi saw Luna eating the daifuku and got drawn toward it. Usagi then ate one too.
Usagi said, "Yeah, it is very good."
Luna said, "I told you so."
Usagi then came up with an idea. "I think I'll bring this to Rei-chan. I'll make up with her with this delicious daifuku. What a good idea."
Luna said, "I think you'll just get her angry again."
But Usagi said, "It'll be ok."
Luna warned Usagi again, "I don't think you should." But Usagi went off.

Yuuichirou was thinking about Rei and training hard. Rei was in the bath, thinking about her grandfather.

Rei's grandfather was at a fire. Then Zoisite appeared, and blasted Rei's grandfather outside.

Rei was still in the bath when she felt some bad feelings.

Zoisite used the kurozuishou to get the nijizuishou. Tuxedo Kamen appeared and knocked the nijizuishou away. Zoisite then turned Rei's grandfather into a youma. The youma attacked Tuxedo Kamen. Zoisite grabbed the nijizuishou and went into the forest. Tuxedo Kamen went after Zoisite. But Zoisite had vanished.

Yuuichirou appeared and saw the youma. Yuuichirou ran to Rei's room. Rei was still dressing, and Yuuichirou got a peek of Rei from behind. Yuuichirou and Rei ran away as the youma appeared. Then they got cornered. Yuuichirou got in front of Rei. He said, "Hurry up and escape. I can die for you." Then Yuuichirou attacked youma, but the youma hit him away. Yuuichirou passed out.

Rei found out that the youma was her grandfather. Rei tried to run away. But the youma caught Rei by the neck. Rei told it that if there was some human feelings left, it shouldn't attack her. But it sharpened its claws and tried to punch Rei. Rei ducked in time to avoid getting killed.

Before he could stab Rei again, Usagi appeared. Usagi said, "Don't pick on my cute friend Rei-chan."

Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. Then Sailor Moon brought out the daifuku. She told Rei that it was very good. Then Luna said, "Stupid! It's not a time to be eating daifuku."

Sailor Moon was going to blast the youma with the tiara. But Rei told Sailor Moon that it was her grandfather. When Sailor Moon hesitated, the youma started chasing them. They ran away. Then Luna told Rei to stop the youma with her anti-ghost sign. When Rei used it the youma stopped. Then Sailor Moon used the moon stick, "moon healing escalation". The youma returned to Rei's grandfather.

Mako and Ami came back to the shrine and met at the bottom of the stairs.

Since the danger was now over, they were all eating daifuku. Yuuichirou wondered where the youma went. Rei and Usagi tried to pretend that there was no youma. "Maybe you were dreaming."
Yuuichirou said, "I don't think it was a dream."

Rei then kissed Yuuichirou, saying Yuuichirou was very strong and had a lot of courage. Usagi said that Rei must like Yuuichirou. Rei tried to say that she was just trying to be nice because Yuuichirou always got scolded by her grandfather. Rei's grandfather said that he wouldn't let Rei marry Yuuichirou.

They started chasing each other around.

Mako and Ami saw that Usagi and Rei had made up.

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