Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 31

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Koisarete owarete! Luna no saiakuno hi
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.11.23
Luna was surrounded by a bunch of cats. Luna tried running away, but hundreds of cats chased her. Then Luna got cornered. There was a little baby cat biting her tail. When one cat went up to Luna, someone threw a fish bone right in front of it. [Just like when Tuxedo Kamen throws the rose to save Sailor Moon. Same music too.]

It was a very large, fat blue cat. All of the cats got scared and ran away. The little baby cat that was eating Luna's tail also walked away. Then the big blue cat came and licked Luna's tail. Luna was shocked.

A little girl called out for Red Battler. The blue cat went to the little girl. Luna couldn't believe that the cat's name was Red Battler.

Zoisite spotted the seventh nijizuishou. It was the little girl with Red Battler.

Ami and Luna were waiting at a park. Ami had her pocket computer out and was doing something with it. Then Usagi and Mako came. Mako asked about Rei. Ami answered that Rei said that since it was Sunday, she wanted to go out on a date. Usagi got upset.

Rei called Mamoru. But she just got Mamoru's answering machine. Rei put in a message and asked Mamoru to go eat some dessert with her. But Mamoru was actually home, and thinking about the ginzuishou by himself.

Mako asked what Ami was doing with the computer. Ami said that she was looking for the seventh nijizuishou. Usagi looked into her backpack and saw that the moon stick wasn't responding. When Usagi said that the moon stick wasn't responding, Luna said that that was the reason why they were looking for it with the computer. Then Ami finished typing in all of the data. When she ran some program, the small screen gave displays of some maps. Luna said that that must be where the seventh nijizuishou was.

Usagi, Ami, Mako, and Luna went to the location given by the computer. When Luna looked into the second story window, she saw Red Battler.
Mako said, "Let's go.
Luna said, "I.. I'll wait here."
Ami asked, "What happened?"
Luna said, "I don't want to go.."
Then Usagi tried to scold Luna. Usagi pulled hers eyes like a cat and said, "Luna, this is a very important mission. You should be more aware of your responsibility!"
Luna got upset and said, "I'm not that ugly."
Ami said, "It's all right. There are times when even Luna doesn't feel like it." The Usagi made a very cat-like face and said, "Ok. Have it your way."

After the girls went to the house, a lot of the stay cats gathered around Luna. Luna got very scared.

The little girl answered the door. She said that her parents weren't home. But the moon stick was responding. Then Red Battler ran away from the girl's grasp and ran outside. The girl went after her cat.

The girl went into an alley after Red Battler. But Red Battler was gone. Then Zoisite appeared.

Luna was surrounded by the cats. Then one cat attacked. But Red Battler came and saved Luna. Red Battler had Luna in his mouth. But then Red Battler fell off of the fence and fell into a manhole with Luna.

Zoisite appeared and the girl got knocked out in a skinny alley. Zoisite used the kurozuishou, but the girl wasn't the youma. Zoisite then thought that it must be the cat. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter tried to squeeze into the alley. But they couldn't fit. Sailor Moon ended up hitting Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter when she went in her pose of "oshioki yo!" Then Sailor Mercury tried to use her shabon spray, but she lost her balance and almost fell down. Her foot was kicking Sailor Moon. Sailor Jupiter was blushing as her eyes were staring at under Sailor Mercury's skirt, which was in front of her face. Then Sailor Jupiter started to raise her antenna and use her supreme thunder. But Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury said that they would all get electrocuted. Then Zoisite just vanished.

Zoisite went after Red Battler into the sewer system. He hated the smell, and said that he hated dirty animals.

The three girls carried the girl back to her home and put her in her bed. They were in the girl's room, and Mako wondered where Luna had gone to. Usagi said that Luna must be playing around somewhere. But Ami said that Luna wouldn't do that. Ami thought Luna must be in trouble or something. Then Usagi spotted a Sailor V game cartridge in the girl's room. Mako said that Zoisite might come at any moment, but Usagi started playing the game.

Zoisite felt that the nijizuishou was near. He put his hand on the wall. But it was very soft. It was all mice! Zoisite ran off and the mice chased him.

Rei was walking down the street. Rei was thinking about Mamoru. Then Rei ran into Yuuichirou. Yuuichirou asked Rei to go out with him. But before Rei could give an answer, Yuuichirou said that a pretty girl like Rei probably didn't have any time to spend with him. Then Yuuichirou went away.

Luna and Red Battler was wondering down the sewer system. Then Luna noticed that Red Battler's leg was injured. Zoisite came running down the sewer system, with the mice chasing him. When Zoisite spotted Red Battler, he said that he had found the seventh nijizuishou. Then Luna pushed Red Battler into a small tunnel. They tried to escape. Zoisite crawled after the cats. But the mice caught up, just as they all got to the exit.

Rei was walking around. She was thinking that she should have gone out with Yuuichirou. Then she spotted Luna and Red Battler. She thought that they were on a date.

After a while, Ami looked at the moon stick in Usagi's backpack. Then Ami shouted out, "Oh no, the moon stick isn't responding. Why didn't I notice it earlier."
Mako said, "Then this girl isn't the youma? But it was responding before."
Ami and Mako both realized that it was the cat. Usagi was still busy playing the Sailor V game. Then she got killed.

Zoisite came out of the tunnel and stood in front of Luna and Red Battler. Rei turned into Sailor Mars. She said that she wouldn't let Zoisite interfere between lovers, even if they were cats. Luna said that it wasn't that way. Then Zoisite took out the kurozuishou and turned Red Battler into a youma.

Zoisite got the nijizuishou. But Tuxedo Kamen came and hit it away from him. Then Tuxedo Kamen just grabbed the nijizuishou and ran away with it. (So now Zoisite had 4, Tuxedo Kamen had 2, and the Sailor Senshi had 1.)

The youma didn't attack. He just walked away toward the city. Luna went to try to stop him. Then Luna slipped down, but the youma caught Luna in his paws. Luna told him to wait because Sailor Moon would return him to his normal form. Then Sailor Mercury came and used the shabon spray. The youma became immobilized and Sailor Jupiter jumped to grab Luna. Then Sailor Moon said, "O ma ta se!" [Sorry for making you wait!]
Sailor Mars said, "What were you doing? You're so late."
Sailor Mercury replied, "I'm sorry. I was so absent minded."
Sailor Jupiter said, "It's not because Usagi was playing the video game."
Sailor Mercury added, "Yeah, it's not Usagi's fault at all."
Luna yelled at the girls.

Then Sailor Moon used her moon healing escalation to turn the youma back into Red Battler.

Later after Red Battler went home, Rei asked Luna, "Don't you have to say good-bye to your boy friend?" Luna tried to deny it.

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