Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 32

Episode title
Umino no kesshin! Naru-chan ha bokuga mamoru
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.11.26
Luna was talking to the computer (Sailor V game). The computer said that pretty soon all of the Sailor Senshi would appear. So it was time to tell them the truth. Luna wasn't sure, but the computer said that it was ok.

Luna called everyone out in the middle of night. Usagi, Ami, Mako, and Rei gathered at Rei's shrine. Luna told everyone that she had come from the moon to wake them up. They couldn't believe it, but Ami said that it must be true if Luna says so. Luna also told them that there used to be a kingdom on the moon. She said that the princess that they were looking for was from the moon. Then Usagi asked, "Is there really a rabbit on the moon that pounds the mochi?"

Kunzite and Zoisite were looking at their four nijizuishou. Kunzite said that it was beautiful, but it would be more beautiful if all seven were together. Zoisite said that he would get it for Kunzite. Then Kunzite said that he wanted to see Queen Beryl's pretty smile when she gets the ginzuishou. Zoisite became a little jealous.

At school Umino and Naru were eating lunch together. Naru asked for one fried shrimp from Umino. Umino gladly gave it to her. Then Usagi came and asked if they were boy friend and girl friend. Umino was very happy, but Naru quickly said that they were just friends. A very dejected Umino walked away.

Later Usagi told Umino to become cool. Usagi said that he should try to be like Tuxedo Kamen. Umino said that he would do it. He said that he would transform into Tuxedo Umino Kamen.

That day Usagi and Naru walked home together. Naru thought that someone was following them. Then a little dog came up and barked at Usagi. Usagi became very scared. Then Tuxedo Umino Kamen (Umino dressed up like Tuxedo Kamen) appeared, and was going to pound the little dog with a toy hammer. But the owner of the dog (middle aged woman) got mad and hit Umino with the hammer. Naru asked, "What are you doing Umino?"
Umino replied, "I'm Tuxedo Umino Kamen."

Usagi and Naru went to the game center. They were about to go inside when Tuxedo Umino Kamen came and tried to stop them. He lay down by the door and told them to step over him if they wanted to go in. Usagi and Naru stepped on Umino and went into the game center.

Motoki spotted Usagi and took out a pair of tickets. Usagi thought that Motoki was going to ask her out on a date. But Motoki said that the tickets were for the Redman show. He said that he was too old for that stuff. Usagi and Naru said that they were too old for it too. But Usagi said that she would take the tickets. She told Naru to go out with Umino because he was trying very hard. Then Umino appeared. Usagi said that Umino was trying very hard, while Umino was crying. So Naru finally agreed. Umino became very happy.

Zoisite modified the kurozuishou to turn humans into youma.

That night Zoisite went to Naru's house. He was going to turn Naru into a youma to try to draw out Sailor Moon. But saw Tuxedo Umino Kamen at the door, and thought it was Tuxedo Kamen. So Zoisite gave up and vanished. Umino was very scared, but he just stood there.

Naru opened the door. When she saw Umino in his stupid costume, Naru slammed the door. Then Umino asked Naru when they should meet the next day. Naru was upset that Umino had come to her house so late, but she told him to meet her at noon.

Usagi went to the amusement park. [Usagi was wearing a very cute pink sweater and very short blue skirt. It's getting shorter every week!] Luna asked if she had listened to the story about the princess. Usagi said that she did, but she also had to worry about her friend's love life. Usagi spotted Naru and went into the park. Luna said that she had to keep an eye on one of the Sailor Senshi who still wasn't very good.

Naru and Umino went to the Redman show. Umino was wearing his "normal" clothes instead of the Tuxedo Umino Kamen costume. Umino said that his costume was in his backpack, and that he would change if something happened.

Zoisite was also at the amusement park. He had his kurozuisho and was going to turn Naru into a youma. Zoisite blasted his kurozuishou ray at Naru. But Naru dropped her purse and bent over to pick it up. The beam went over Naru and hit Redman. Redman turned into a youma.

The youma went around throwing marimo [little green moss-like stuff] at the people. Tuxedo Umino Kamen appeared and tried to fight the youma. He threw fried shrimp at the youma. But the youma easily pounded him. Usagi told Naru to run away, but Naru was worried about Umino.

Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon.

Umino fought the youma and told Naru to run away. Umino was getting pounded. Naru ran toward Umino. But the youma threw some marimo and caught Naru.

Sailor Moon appeared and faced the youma. But Zoisite went to Sailor Moon. Zoisite asked Sailor Moon to give him the nijizuishou. Sailor Moon didn't want to, but Zoisite said that all of the people, including Naru, would suffocate if she didn't give it to him. So Sailor Moon put her hand into her costume and took out the nijizuishou. Just when she gave it to Zoisite, Tuxedo Kamen came and knocked the nijizuishou away. Sailor Moon tried to get the nijizuishou, but the youma threw the marimo at her. Zoisite was fighting Tuxedo Kamen. When Tuxedo Kamen attacked, Zoisite vanished.

Sailor Moon used her "moon tiara action! chotto dake yo!" (just a little bit) and beat up the youma. Then she used the "moon healing escalation" to turn the youma back into Redman. All of the evil marimo disappeared and everyone was saved.

Luna was impressed by Usagi. Then Zoisite appeared. Zoisite swatted Luna away and picked up the nijizuishou. Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon tried to get him, but it was too late. After Zoisite left, Tuxedo Kamen said that he would get the nijizuishou back. Sailor Moon thanked him, but Tuxedo Kamen said that he would keep it himself.

Later Naru and Umino were watching the Redman show. Naru thanked Umino. She said that he looked "cool". Then Umino said, "Please call me Tuxedo Umino Kamen."
Naru blushed and slowly said, "Tuxedo Umino Kamen.."

That night Usagi was at home feeling a little depressed. She didn't understand Tuxedo Kamen.

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