Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 35

Episode title
Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.12.21
Sailor Moon had turned into the princess. All of the Sailor Senshi were shocked. Luna said that it was Princess Serenity. Zoisite tried to kill the princess, but Serenity blasted him.

The badly injured Tuxedo Kamen was on Serenity's lap. Serenity called him Endimion. Some of her memory came back to her. She remembered the distant past. There was a kingdom on the moon. Princess Serenity and Endimion used to be lovers. But Endimion went to fight in a battle. Then the princess fainted, and she turned back into Sailor Moon. Artemis said that it must be the overload of power making her exhausted. The Sailor Senshi went to Sailor Moon. She was ok, but Tuxedo Kamen was badly injured.

Kunzite appeared and went to Zoisite. Kunzite used his power to teleport Tuxedo Kamen away. Kunzite and Zoisite went to Queen Beryl. Queen Beryl was upset. Kunzite said that the princess had just awaken, so she was still weak. Queen Beryl said that she would leave it up to Kunzite. Then Queen Beryl got mad at Zoisite. She said that she knew Zoisite was planning to kill Tuxedo Kamen. Kunzite tried to tell her to stop, but Queen Beryl blasted Zoisite.

Queen Beryl went to Queen Metalia. She said that Endimion used to be a prince of Earth.

Kunzite carried Zoisite away. Zoisite said, "I'm happy to die with you. My last wish is.. I want to die pretty." Then Kunzite made a lot of flowers around Zoisite. Zoisite died.

Sailor Jupiter was carrying Sailor Moon. The Sailor Senshi tried to look for way out. Sailor Mercury used her computer. She said that the place they were in was not connected to their real world by 3 dimensions. She said that only 2 dimensions were connected. It was going to be very difficult to find a way to return.

Sailor Moon started to regain her consciousness. Sailor Moon couldn't find Tuxedo Kamen. She asked, "Did he die?"
"He's alive." Sailor Mars replied. "But the enemy got him."
Artemis said that he will tell them everything. Luna said that she got her memory back to.

Art and Luna told them the story. They used to live on the moon in the very peaceful kingdom called Silver Millenium. Princess Serenity played in the garden. Then the Earth got taken over by evil forces. They tried to steal the ginzuishou from the Silver Millenium. There was a fierce battle. But the ginzuishou sealed the evil power. The four senshi that fought were the Sailor Senshi.

Now the 4 Sailor Senshi were real humans and lived on Earth. But someone released the evil force again. So the Sailor Senshi had to fight.

Sailor Moon said, "I don't want to fight." She started crying. "I don't want to be a princess. I don't care about my destiny. I don't want to fight any more. I don't want to see everyone get hurt like Mamoru. It's to sad."
Then Sailor Mars slapped Sailor Moon's in the face. "Weakling! Wimp!"
Sailor Moon said, "I am weak. I'm not strong like you, Rei-chan."

Rei started crying. "Mamoru tried to save a weakling like you."
Artemis said that Sailor Moon wasn't ready yet. Then Sailor Mercury said that she found the exit.

Kunzite appeared. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter went to fight him. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus attacked Kunzite with their attacks. But the energy got absorbed. Kunzite blasted Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. They both fell to the ground unconscious.

Sailor Mars went next. "I'll leave the rest to you Mercury. Usagi, be strong. You can do it." Sailor Mars used her fire soul. But Kunzite blocked it. Kunzite blasted Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mars also fell.

Sailor Mercury got in front of Sailor Moon to protect her. Kunzite blasted both of them. Sailor Mercury fell down.

Sailor Moon was by herself, but she heard the voices of everyone. She even heard the voice of Tuxedo Kamen. "Fight Sailor Moon. You have to use the ginzuishou." Then Sailor Moon used her moon stick with the ginzuishou on it.

Kunzite said, "This is revenge for Zoisite," and blasted Sailor Moon. But the ginzuishou protected Sailor Moon. The energy reflected back at Kunzite. There was a big explosion and the tower got destroyed.

Queen Beryl was at some machine making Endimion recover. Endimion was still muttering something about Serenity.

The explosion sent all of the Sailor Senshi back to the Earth, and they were all right. Sailor Moon said that she would fight with them.

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