Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 40

Episode title
Mizuumi no densetsu youkai! Usagi kazoku no kizuna
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.02.04
It was a holiday, and Luna woke up. She went to wake up Usagi, but Usagi wasn't in her bed. Luna was surprised that Usagi had gotten up so early. Luna then found a note that Usagi had left behind, along with a box of cat food in the kitchen. Usagi and her family had gone to the onsen (hot springs) and would be gone overnight.

In the car Usagi was sitting in the back seat with her brother, Shingo. Shingo was playing a game. Usagi was trying to give him some directions. When Shingo lost, Usagi took the game away from him. Then they fought. When Usagi's pendant was about to fall, she hurried and grabbed it. Usagi's father saw Usagi and asked if she got it from a friend. When Usagi said that she did, her father paniced. He took his hands away from the steering wheel and turned around to ask if Usagi had a boy friend. When Usagi reassured him that she didn't, her father recovered.

They arrived at a lake. It was the lake where Usagi's father and mother met. When Usagi walked closer to the lake, the pendant opened and the music began to play.

Queen Beryl noticed some energy in the lake. Kunzite said that it was like a youma. Queen Beryl sent Endymion to check it out. After Endymion left, Kunzite told Queen Beryl that Endymion was acting strangely. He thought that Endymion was starting to get his old memory back. Queen Beryl said that it couldn't happen. But she sent Kunzite to watch over Endymion.

Shingo didn't want to go into the onsen because it was a mixed (men and women) onsen. But his parents said that it was just their family so it didn't matter. Then Usagi pushed Shingo inside. They fought and Shingo took Usagi's towel which had been wrapped around her body. Then Shingo ran to the edge of the onsen. There was a good view of the lake below. Shingo said that there was a person below. When Usagi got the towel back, she looked down and saw that it was Endymion. Then Usagi went off by herself.

Usagi ran through the woods to the lake. But she only saw a statue. The pendant started playing the music again. Then Endymion came from behind her. Usagi called him Mamoru. But Endymion didn't recognize Usagi or Mamoru's names. Then Usagi's mother came calling for Usagi. Usagi's mother arrived and saw the statue. She explained to Usagi that it was the statue of the "legendary lovers". There was a story that one girl became very jealous and turned into a monster. The monster started attacking people. But the lovers finally trapped the monster into the bottom of the lake.

Then Usagi and her mother headed back. Usagi's mother said to Usagi, "If you get a boy friend, please bring him over and introduce him to your father and me." Usagi said that she would.

Endymion overheard the story. Then he used his power to revive the monster. The mermaid-like monster came out of the lake. It said, "Give him back!" and started flying around. The monster went to Endymion. She looked at him, but didn't attack. The monster went up into the air to look for someone else. Then she spotted Usagi's family. She spotted Usagi and headed for her.

Usagi was crying because she couldn't be with Mamoru. Then she spotted the monster. She was shocked. Usagi's family ran to try to escape. Usagi's father grabbed a stick and tried to fight off the monster. But the monster hit it away. The moster attacked Usagi's father and started choking him. Usagi was going to turn into Sailor Moon. She yelled out, "Moon.." but then a rose came flying and hit the monster. Endymion told Usagi's family to escape. The monster fought Endymion. Usagi wanted to help him out, but couldn't. Then the Sailor Senshi appeared. Shingo said that it was the Sailor Senshi (and stole Usagi's lines). Sailor Mercury used the shabon spray. Usagi's family escaped in the fog. But Usagi turned back and transformed into Sailor Moon.

The monster started attacking Sailor Moon. Then Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter used the crescent beam and supreme thunder. It hit the monster, but the monster recovered. Then Sailor Moon used the moon tiara action. It blasted the monster, but the monster recovered again. Sailor Mars said that this monster wasn't a youma. Endymion said that it was his fault and told the Sailor Senshi to escape. But Sailor Mars said that it was her job. She used her anti-evil ghost sign and the fire soul. When the monster was trapped in a ring of fire, Sailor Moon used the moon healing escalation to turn the monster back into a pretty girl.

The girl floated up into the heavens. She thanked Sailor Moon and waved to Endymion. Sailor Moon was going to talk to Endymion, but he vanished.

Usagi's family was looking around for Usagi. Shingo thought that Usagi had been eaten by the monster. He felt sad and said that he should have let her play his game. Then Usagi appeared behind him and asked for the game.

Later all of the girls went in the onsen. Usagi was still pretty sad. Mako told her to cheer up. Rei said that there would be another chance. Then Usagi asked the other girls why they came. The girls said that they heard from Luna, and they didn't want Usagi to have fun by herself.

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