Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 41

Episode title
Mou koikara nigenai! Ami to Mamoru taiketsu
[I won't run away from love any more! Ami and Mamoru face off.]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.10
In a desert in Africa, Reika was doing some research. Then Endymion appeared and trapped her inside the ginzuishou. Endymion was planning to gather all of the people who were the seven super youma. Endymion had already gathered crane game Joe, the priest, and Red Battler.

Ami got a phone call from Urawa Ryo. Ryo asked Ami to turn on the TV. The news had a picture of Yumeno Yumemi. Yumemi was the fifth person who had been captured by Endymion. Ryo told Ami that he would be next. Ami asked where he was, and told him that she would go protect him. But Ryo just told her to guard Rei's grandfather.

After Ryo hung up, he said that he had planned to ask Ami for help. But he said that he couldn't keep relying on Ami. Then he left from the phone booth and walked down the street. Mako was also walking down that street and spotted Ryo. But she got a call on her communicator, and Luna told her to come to Rei's shrine.

At dark kingdom, Kunzite asked Queen Beryl why they were trying to get the seven super youma again. She told him that they could become youma again if they use the power of the ginzuishou. But Kunzite said that the seven youma had already been beaten by the Sailor Senshi. Then Queen Beryl said that if they appeared together, they would combine to form the greatest youma, and it would be able to defeat the Sailor Senshi. Kunzite got upset that Queen Beryl had sent Endymion to do the job.

The girls were in Rei's room. Minako asked, "I don't understand very well, but does Urawa's predictions come true that often?"
Ami answered, "Yes."
Then Mako grabbed Ami and said that they were going to go protect Urawa. Ami said that they didn't know where he was, but Mako said that he was somewhere in this town. Then Mako told the others to look after Rei's grandfather, and left with Ami.

Usagi was reading one of Rei's mangas, and started crying. She was saddened by the story. Then Rei found out and started fighting with Usagi over the manga. Luna and Artemis said that the future of the Sailor Senshi looked very dark.

It was snowing, and Endymion was looking for Urawa outside. He ran into Urawa at a busy intersection. Urawa knew that it was Endymion of the dark kingdom. Since Endymion knew that Urawa had foresight powers, he asked Urawa if he knew what was going to happen. Urawa said that Endymion was going to put him into the kurozuishou.

Endymion told Urawa to follow him quietly, but Urawa said, "I'm sorry but someone told me that I should make my own future." Then Urawa yelled out, "A murderer! Help!" and ran away, as a crowd had gathered around Endymion.

Ami and Mako were walking around town. Ami said, "Mako-chan, let's go back. We can't do anything about Ryo-kun this way."
Then Mako snapped back, "What are you saying! Ryo-kun is your boy friend."
But Ami said, "He's not my boy friend. We are just friends."
Mako said, "Are you honestly saying that?"
Mako said, "Urawa-kun likes you!"
Ami said, "I know. But we have a very important mission. I can't answer to Ryo-kun's feelings."
Mako said, "If you say such things, you will regret your youth! A fighter for justice can fall in love too! She can go on a date with a boy that she likes!"
Mako continued, "Ami-chan, you're just trying to run away! You're scared of falling in love. Why don't you be more honest with yourself?"
Then Ami spotted Urawa and started running to him. Mako followed Ami.

Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter caught up with Urawa in an alley. But then Endymion appeared. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter called him Mamoru, but Endymion said, "Someone called me that before too. But my name is Endymion."

Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter got in front of Urawa to protect him. Then Sailor Jupiter told Sailor Mercury to take Urawa to a safe place. Sailor Mercury took Urawa and left. Sailor Jupiter faced Endymion. Sailor Jupiter used her supreme thunder attack, but it didn't have much effect on Endymion.

Sailor Mercury called Luna and told her that she had Urawa. Usagi and Rei were still fighting over the manga. Sailor Mercury said that Sailor Jupiter was fighting Endymion alone. She asked Sailor Moon to come so she can use the moon stick to turn Endymion back to Mamoru. Usagi and Rei stopped fighting, and Usagi agreed to go.

Sailor Jupiter was fighting Endymion. But Endymion was much too strong for her. Endymion had Sailor Jupiter against a wall and was going to hit her. Then Sailor Jupiter closed her eyes and screamed. But Endymion stopped his punch in front of her face and said, "As I thought, it's no contest with you alone!" Then Endymion left.

Sailor Mercury and Urawa were running away. Then Urawa spotted a small amusement park and asked Sailor Mercury to go in with him.

Usagi was running with Luna, and complaining that it was cold. Then Usagi fell down and started crying. When Luna ran back to Usagi, Sailor Jupiter appeared. Sailor Jupiter told them that Endymion had escaped.

Sailor Mercury asked, "Ryo-kun, why did you want to come here?"
Urawa answered, "It was my dream to go to an amusement park with you. Now I have nothing to regret. Let's separate."
Sailor Mercury said, "No, we don't know when the dark kingdom will appear!"

When Urawa said that it didn't matter what happens to him, Sailor Mercury said, "We are very similar. We're both always running away from things. My friend told me that I should be more honest with myself. It's splendid to sacrifice oneself. But don't you want to be honest to yourself and live on? Aren't you forgetting that there are people who will be very saddened if you die? We both should stop running away. We should go ahead and hit whatever hurdle we face."

Then Endymion appeared. He was standing on top of the ferris wheel. Then the lights of the ferris wheel lit up.

Sailor Mercury said that she would attack. Endymion was waiting for all of the other Sailor Senshi to appear, but he said that he would fight Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mercury used the shabon spray, but Endymion just went to Urawa. "Before I fight you, I have something to do." Endymion used the kurozuishou and captured Urawa.

Then Sailor Mercury had tears in her eyes and said that she wouldn't forgive Endymion. Endymion then challenged Sailor Mercury to break the ginzuishou to release Urawa if she could defeat him.

Sailor Mercury and Endymion fought.

Sailor Mercury knew that she couldn't win, but attacked with the shabon spray. Endymion blocked it easily. But Sailor Mercury had snuck up to him and taken the ginzuishou away.

Then Sailor Mercury threw the ginzuishou down onto the ground and shattered it. The six people who had been captured returned to their normal selves.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter arrived.

"If you're going to recycle, make it just an empty can! I won't let you use Urawa-kun and the others who are living peacefully now. I'll punish you for the moon!"

Endymion said that he was going to beat up all three girls. But Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury used their supreme thunder and shabon spray attacks. Endymion got surrounded by the bubbles and couldn't move. Sailor Moon then used the moon healing escalation to try to turn Endymion back into Mamoru.

Endymion started to recall some of the past events, such as Mamoru fighting with Usagi and Mamoru going out with Rei.

Luna told Sailor Moon to raise the energy level. Then the moon stick flashed and Endymion turned back into Mamoru. But before anything else could happen, a black light formed around Mamoru. Then the light disappeared, taking Mamoru away. The Sailor Senshi were shocked.

Queen Beryl put Mamoru into the capsule. She said, "So Endymion's memory hadn't been totally erased. Then I have to get the energy from our master again. But this time I'll turn him into a faithful one of the dark kingdom for sure!"

The girls and Urawa were at the amusement park. Ami and Urawa were riding the ferris wheel together. The other girls were watching.
Ami said, "Let's come again."
Urawa blushed and said, "Ok."
Usagi said,"It's not good this way! If Ami-chan forgets about our important mission, who is going to be our leader?"
Minako said, "That's supposed to be your duty."
Rei said, "You're jealous of those two."
Usagi said, "You too, Rei-chan." They both gave each other angry looks.
Mako said, "Well, let's just let them be for a little while."

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