Sailor Moon episode 45

Episode title
Sailor Senshi shisu! Hisou naru saishuusen
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Alan Takahashi, 1993.06.12
    This the second of a 3 episode block which ends the "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" series.

There are many TV reports of natural disasters. Artemis comments that they'll running out of time...

Usagi-chan is doing something new for her family. She's cooking dinner for them...her Usagi-special! Dubiously, the family watches as she tastes her handiwork...and starts crying. Concerned, her mother asks what's wrong. Usagi-chan explodes and says it's too spicy!!!!!

[Usagi-chan has obviously taken classes from the Akane Tendo school of cooking... :-)]

That night, the 5 girls gather at Rei-chan's temple. They tease each other to help relieve the tension. Mako-chan reminisces about her boyfriend(s?) and Ami-chan says "me too". This gets everyones attention and Usagi-chan ribs her friend about it. Artemis breaks it up and tells them that it's time to change. "Moon Prism Power... Mercury Power...Mars Power... ...Jupiter Power...Venus Power...MAKE UP!".

The full moon comes out. The Sailor Senshi hold hands in a ring and concentrate and an energy field forms around them. Artemis calls out "Sailor...TELEPORT!" and the girls are gone. Artemis wishes them good luck. Luna hopes that the girls are going to be OK. The cats can only wait now...

The entrance to the Dark Kingdom is at the North Pole. Sailor Moon complains that she's cold. Sailor Mars snaps a reply, and the Sailor Senshi move toward the entrance...

Queen Beryl has called 5 of her most powerful youma together. It will be their task to stop and destroy the Sailor Senshi before they can enter the Dark Kingdom...

The storm has stopped and the weather has cleared. Sailor Moon sees an image of Tuxedo Kamen calling for help...and she rushes forward. The other Senshi pile on top of her to stop her. Sailor Mercury tells Sailor Moon that this is really a youma...but this doesn't stop Sailor Moon from going to him *again*... :-)

Sailor Jupiter was going to destroy it when the image changed to Motoki (remember him? He works at the Game Center, and Usagi and Mako-chan both had a crush on him). Jupiter hesitates and 4 tentacles grab her and suspend her 100 feet in the air. The youma attack with electricity and Jupiter cried out. The youma made a mistake, though. Jupiter invokes her "Supreme Thunder" and attacked electricity with electricity. Two of the youma are destroyed by the backlash.

Jupiter is left lying on an ice mound. The guilt-ridden Sailor Moon tries to get to her, but Jupiter simply whispers some words of encouragement and dies. Sailor Moon screams and begs Mako-chan not to die.

[Commercial break]

Sailor Moon has been defeated. Her resolve has been crushed with Makoto's death. She moves off and yells to the Dark Kingdom that the ginzuishou is theirs. Mars and Venus grab Sailor Moon, but she doesn't stop struggling. The gentle Mercury slaps the hysterical Sailor Moon (and is as shocked by her action as Sailor Moon is). She apologizes, but reminds Sailor Moon that Mako-chan died for this job that they all are committed to...

Mercury's computer tells her that the other 3 youma have regrouped and are heading their way. She has a plan to lead the youma off by using herself as a decoy. Sailor Moon protests, but Mercury says that it's better this way since she is the least powerful of all of them and maybe she can buy enough time for the others to get in.

Firmly gripping her arms, Mars and Venus lead Sailor Moon away. Sailor Moon keeps looking back at Mercury until she can no longer see her.

Beeps announce the arrival of the youma. Mercury looks up to see an image of Urawa (Ami-chan's boyfriend). She smiles at the gall of the youma, and at her memories of Urawa and scanned the image. The ground erupted in a lava flow in front of her, and Mercury used her "Shabon Spray" to stop it.

The youma form a huge energy boulder and proceed to run Mercury over. Using her computer, Mercury finds the source of the illusion power. She uses her shabon spray to protect herself and finds herself inside of the boulder. Two of the youma grab her immediately and fry her with energy. Mercury collapses still suspended in midair. The illusion-youma floats in front of Mercury to gloat, but Mercury uses her computer to break the illusion-youma's power. The boulder disappears, and the only thing left on the ice mound is the body of Sailor Mercury...

Sailor Moon senses Mercury's death and rails at her 'unfeeling' friends. She collapses and hits the ice in frustration. Venus notices that the ice below is glowing, and pushes Sailor Moon off only to be caught in the trap. The youma take Sailor Venus underground where she is tortured. Sailor Moon screams for them to STOP...she'll GIVE them the ginzuishou, but her cries go unheeded.

Underground, Venus struggles and opens her eyes to see a youma in front of her. With her last strength, she forms her "Crescent Beam" and fires at point blank range. The blast kills both of them. Above, the ground explodes into an ice mound and Sailor Venus' body rests on top of it...

Sailor Moon calls out Minako-chan's name as Sailor Mars drags her away. The two remaining youma appear before them. Sailor Moon begs Mars not to fight them, but Mars cheerfully says that she's not going to die...after all, she's the most powerful of them all. Mars moves ahead, then the youma dive underground before Mars can form her "Fire Soul". The youma attack and encase Mars in an ice mountain.

One of the youma bursts free and dives to attack Sailor Moon. The shell-shocked Sailor Moon only stares blankly at the approaching youma. A fireball bursts out of the side of the ice mountain and destroys the attacking youma. The last youma attacks Mars and the screaming goes on for a long time...

Finally, the ice mountain explodes and the youma is holding Mars' body. Putting Mars down, the youma prepares to finish Sailor Moon, but Sailor Mars grabs one of the youma's tentacles and uses her "Fire Soul" power, killing both of them...

All of her friends are gone. Sailor Moon sits on a snow bluff in shock. She wonders about the price that's been paid. The spirits of the Sailor Senshi come to comfort her and remind her that it's not yet over. Sailor Moon gets new determination from this, and takes off running to meet the Dark Kingdom...and Endymion...

Queen Beryl is waiting...

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