Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 47

Episode title
Moon fukkatsu! Nazono alien shutsugen
[Moon revives! The mysterious alien appears]
Air date
New ED song
Otome no Policy (Ishida Yoko)
New characters
Ail (Midorikawa Hikaru)
Ann (Touma Yumi)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.04.09

[same OP song, new animation: the new animation is pretty good]

Usagi was late for school and ran out of the house. Usagi fell down and started crying. Then Shingo came out and told her that she had forgotten her bag.

Luna and Artemis were on the roof of Usagi's house. It had already been two months since the final battle against the dark kingdom. All of the girls were living normal lives now, without any memory of the Sailor Senshi. So Artemis said to Luna, "We should get together.." and started leaning toward her. Then Luna scratched Artemis' face.

Since Usagi was late for school, Haruna made her stand outside of the classroom with a bucket full of water on her head. Then Ami came out of the next class to run an errand for the teacher. Ami saw Usagi standing outside, and said hi to her. [They didn't know each other at this time.] When Usagi said that she hoped that cold woman [her teacher] would be nice, Haruna came out. Haruna told Ami that she shouldn't get involved with Usagi for her own good. Usagi got mad, and accidently spilled the water from the bucket on Haruna.

That night when Usagi was sleeping, a bright light flashed outside. Usagi woke up and thought it was morning already. But it was a meteor, which crashed nearby. After crashing, the meteor floated up by itself and went to a nearby mansion.

Luna and Artemis went to investigate the crash. Luna said that she felt something bad was going to happen. A crowd had gathered around the crater. Rei was there. Minako was there too. Ami was next to Usagi, and said hi to Usagi again. Mako bumped into Usagi. Then Usagi said, "When the three of us are together if feels like we've been together before."

Then Usagi spotted an advertisement for food. She said that she was going to go for sure. Then Mamoru came and called Usagi "odango atama". They started arguing when Mamoru said that Usagi's body would turn into an odango too, if she ate so much.

Two aliens that came in the meteor (spaceship) were in the mansion. They were boy and girl aliens called Ail and Ann. They said that they only loved each other.

The next day two transfer students came to Usagi's school: Ginga Seijuurou (3rd year student) and his sister Natsumi (2nd year student). Usagi and Naru had hearts in their eyes when they saw Seijuurou.

Natsumi was in Usagi's class. Natsumi said that they had lived in a foreign country for a long time, so Usagi asked her to say something in English. Then they heard a flute. Naru and Usagi thought it was beautiful music. All of the girls went to see Seijuurou. Umino got upset and started playing his flute too. But Naru took it away and hit him. Then Seijuurou spotted Usagi. He went to her and said that he would play a song just for her. In the back, Natsumi was burning up in anger. The new transfer students were Ail and Ann in disguise.

On the way home, Ail and Ann argued. Ail said that they were brother and sister at school, so Ann should forgive his actions. But Ann said that Ail always looked at other girls. Then Mamoru walked by them. Ann spotted him and instantaneously followed him, saying that he was the ideal person. Then Ann started to feel sick. She fell down and said that she needed energy.

That night Usagi and Naru were talking on the phone. Naru said that Seijuurou must have fallen in love with Usagi. Usagi was very happy, saying that she was too beautiful and couldn't do anything about it. Luna said to herself that Usagi's sickness had started again. But she felt something was about to happen.

Ail and Ann were in space, a different dimension which had a giant tree. Ail was playing his flute. The tree gave some energy to Ann.

[commercial break:
SD Sailor Senshi characters saying, "Sailor Moon!"
SD Sailor Moon saying, "A-ru!" VERY cute!]

After Ann recovered, the tree began to shrivel up. Ail said that they needed life energy to live. Ann said earth had a lot of energy. Ann picked out a card from Ail's set of cards. Ail played his flute and turned the card into a monster [called cardian]. Ann said that human girls had a lot of energy.

The cardian went out and started stealing energy from girls. Luna and Artemis heard the girls scream out. They went to a girl who was on the ground and found out that the energy had been stolen. Artemis wondered if they should revive the Sailor Senshi. But Luna said that they couldn't because they were living peaceful lives.

Then the cardian sucked another girl just outside of Naru's house. Naru opened the window and looked outside. She was still on the phone talking to Usagi. Then the cardian spotted Naru and went to her room. The cardian started sucking Naru's energy, and Naru asked Usagi for help. Luna and Artemis went to Naru's room. They saw the cardian and thought it was a different type of youma. Luna said about Naru, "This is a girl who gets attacked a lot." Artemis and Luna started attacking the cardian. But the monster was too strong for them.

Then Usagi came to Naru's house. Usagi told Naru's mother that there seemed to be something going on in Naru's room. They opened the door and saw the monster. Naru's mother fainted. Usagi thought it was a dream. Luna told Usagi to escape. Usagi was surprised that a cat talked. Then Usagi thought for sure that it was a dream. "I'm the strongest in my dream," Usagi said and went to attack the monster. But the cardian started sucking Usagi's energy. Artemis then attacked the cardian. Artemis went outside the window and told the cardian to follow him.

Usagi couldn't believe it. Luna didn't know what to do. But she knew that the town would be in trouble. So Luna restored Usagi's memory. Usagi remembered about the fight against Queen Beryl and the other Sailor Senshi. "Who am I? I don't want to fight any more! I want to remain normal!" But Usagi's memory came back. Luna told Usagi to transform. "Moon prism power! Make up!"

The cardian caught up with Artemis and started sucking his energy. Then Sailor Moon appeared.

The cardian attacked Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon just tried to get away. But the cardian caught Sailor Moon and started sucking her energy. Sailor Moon didn't have enough energy left to fight back. Then Luna bit the cardian. Sailor Moon got up and used her moon tiara action attack. The cardian got blasted, and turned back into a card.

Images of Ail and Ann appeared in the sky. They said that they would be back.

Sailor Moon had tears in her eyes. "To the normal Usagi. Bye-bye."

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