Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 48

Episode title
Aito seigi yue! Sailor Senshi fukkatsu
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.04.09
Usagi went up to Mamoru on the street. Usagi grabbed onto Mamoru and called him "Mamoru". Mamoru was surprised that she knew his name, and called Usagi "odango atama". Mamoru's memory had not been restored, so he didn't remember anything. Usagi grabbed Mamoru, but Mamoru told her to let go.

From the other side of the street, Natsumi spotted Mamoru. She told Usagi to hold onto Mamoru. But Mamoru said that he had to go work and ran off. When Natsumi reached Usagi, she got mad at her for letting Mamoru go. Then when Usagi mentioned Mamoru's name, Natsumi said that she would get Mamoru.

Luna and Artemis were discussing the problem in Usagi's room. Artemis was against restoring the memory of the other girls. But Luna said that she was worried with just Usagi fighting against the new enemy. Then Usagi came home. Usagi was very worried too. But she was worried about Mamoru not remembering her. Then Luna said that they should restore the memory. Usagi thought that Luna was talking about Mamoru. But Luna said that it was the other girls. Then Usagi said, "What are you talking about! I can protect the earth by myself. There's no need to get the others involved." Then Usagi threw a ball against the wall, and the ball bounced back and hit Usagi in the face. Luna and Artemis still didn't completely trust that Usagi could do it by herself.

Ail was in the different dimension at the Makaiju. The energy was getting very low. Then Ann appeared. She asked for more energy. But Ail said that the tree was very low on energy. They had to steal more energy from human. Ail had Ann pick out another cardian. This time it was Minotaron.

At a TV station, some movie directors were looking at some candidates for the guest star of a drama with the idol Shiratori Mikan. They showed pictures of Naru, Mako, Minako, Ami, and Rei, and said that they were going to audition them. Then Ail and Ann appeared. They saw the pictures and said that they would get lots of energy from them. The movie directors spotted them, but Ann blasted them and made them unconscious.

At school, Naru told Usagi that some guy had asked her to audition for a TV show. Usagi was very happy for Naru. But Naru said that since she always got caught in weird incidents, she thought that it was one of those again. Usagi said that there couldn't be that many incidents, and said that she would go with Naru. Naru was very happy. But Usagi was really thinking that she might have a chance at auditioning herself.

At the TV station, Ami met Mako at the gate. Ami said that she didn't want to audition. Then Minako and Rei came too. The introduced each other. Then a strange feeling ran through everyone's minds.
Rei said, "Have we met somewhere before?"
Ami said, "No, it should be the first time, probably."
Minako said, "But something feels strange. It doesn't feel like the first time."
Mako said, "I feel that way too."

Inside the TV station, the guard didn't let Usagi into the audition room. So only Naru went inside. Then Usagi saw Rei, Minako, Mako, and Ami walk into the room too. Usagi was very happy to see that her old friends were living happy lives.

Inside the audition room, the girls sat down. When one of the TV directors came, Ami got up and said that she couldn't audition. But the curtain opened to reveal a fantastic stage. At the top of a large pillar were Ail and Ann.

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SD Sailor Senshi characters saying, "Sailor Moon!"
SD Sailor Moon saying, "A-ru!" VERY cute!]

Ami said that she was too busy and wanted to go home. But Ail said, "You can't!" and started playing his flute. The card turned into the cardian Minotaron. The girls thought that the monster was some kind of act. But when the monster jumped down next to Ami, Ami said that it was a real monster. The girls started running away. Ail said that he enjoyed listening to the screams of young girls. Ann got mad and left.

Usagi was wondering around the TV station. She was lost and just ended up back where she started. Then Natsumi came out of the audition room. Natsumi and Usagi immediately got mad at each other. Then Mamoru ran by carrying some deliveries. Usagi and Natsumi both ran after Mamoru. Luna was very disappointed in Usagi. Then Luna noticed a very bad energy coming from inside the audition room.

The girls were still running away from Minotaron. Naru said that she couldn't run any more. So Rei and Mako got ready to fight. Rei used her anti evil spirit sign. Then Mako grabbed the monster and threw it.

Meanwhile Natsumi ran out of energy. So she went into a girl's dressing room and attacked her for the energy.

The monster got out of the rubble and attacked Naru. It started stealing Naru's energy. But Luna jumped up and scratched the monster's face. Ail got upset and told Minotaron to take care of the rest. Then Ail left. Luna knew that the girls weren't strong enough to defeat the monster. She wondered if she should go restore their memories.

Then Usagi came wondering into the room. Luna spotted Usagi and told her to transform. Usagi had no idea what was going on, but she transformed.

Mako was carrying Naru on her back, and the girls tried to escape. But Minotaron chased them. Then Sailor Moon appeared. She tried to used the moon healing escalation move, but she realized that she didn't have the moon stick any more. So Sailor Moon just tried to run away as Minotaron attacked her. The girls watched Sailor Moon. Rei said that Sailor Moon just ran away and didn't fight. She said that she had to do it herself. The other girls were just staring at Sailor Moon. Luna noticed that the girls were getting some bits of their memories back by watching Sailor Moon.

Then Minotaron corned Sailor Moon, and started sucking the energy from her. Then Luna went to the girls and restored their memories. "Everyone please help Sailor Moon." The girls all got new transformation pens and transformed.

Sailor Mercury used her shabon spray. Then Sailor Mars jumped up to save Sailor Moon. Sailor Jupiter used her supreme thunder, Sailor Mars used her fire soul, and Sailor Venus used her crescent beam to blast Minotaron.

Then Ail and Ann appeared. They were mad that there were five Sailor Senshi, but said they would be back.

Later everyone gathered at Rei's shrine. Rei said that she was upset that she had to fight along with Usagi again. Luna apologized for Usagi not being good enough to fight alone. Usagi said that all she had to do now was to restore Mamoru's memory.

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