Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 49

Episode title
Shiroi baraha dareni? Tsukikage no knight toujou
[Who is the white rose for? Tsukikage no knight appears]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.04.09
At school Usagi was asking Ami about the questions and answers for the next day's test. Ami got upset and said that it would do Usagi any good if she didn't understand the problems. Mako was there with Usagi. Usagi said that it didn't matter as long as she passed. Mako told Usagi that she should give up, but Usagi mentioned that Mako was there for the same reason as her. Ami got upset at both of them and said, "No!"

Then the girls heard a boy yell outside. There was a pink lion-like monster attacking the boy. Mako hurried outside and noticed that the boy was her friend Shinozaki. Shinozaki said, "Mako don't come!" but Mako approached anyways. The lion attacked Mako. Shinozaki dove to save Mako. But after protecting Mako, Shinozaki fell over the ledge and landed on the street below. There was a large pool of blood where he had fallen. The Lion looked at Mako and was going to attack. But Usagi and Ami came, so the Lion disappeared.

Shinozaki was taken to the hospital. The doctor said that he needed a lot of blood. But the nurse said that they were out of type O blood. Then Mako said that she was type O. Mako wanted them to use her blood. The doctor said that it was very critical, so she agreed.

Ail and Ann were at the tree, and Ail was playing the flute. The pink lion was releasing all of the energy that it had stolen. The tree became alive again. Ail turned the lion back into a card. Ann said that they had gotten enough energy for the day.
But Ail said, "Ann, we can't feel relieved. Since the beautiful Sailor Senshi.."
Ann cut in, "Beautiful?"
Ail said, "The evil Sailor Senshi appeared."
Ann said, "Everyone on this earth is our enemy."
Ail said, "We had to make sure our identity doesn't get discovered."
Then Ail and Ann kissed.

Mako was sleeping in the hospital bed next to Shinozaki. Usagi and Ami were there too. Mako told Ami and Usagi to go home because they had a test the next day.
Ami said, "I studied bit by bit every day. I don't need to worry about it now."
Usagi said, "It wouldn't do me any good to worry about it now anyways."

Then Ami asked Mako about Shinozaki, and her relationship with him. Mako said, "He's a very important person. Whenever I looked around, he was there." Before when Mako had gotten rejected by a boy friend, (n'th time Mako didn't remember since there was so many) Mako was crying in the rain. Then Shinozaki came with an umbrella for Mako. Mako said, "Every since I was little he was there for me."
Usagi said, "So he is your boy friend."
Mako said, "No. Maybe he's much more important than a boy friend could be."

Later that night, Usagi was writing something on her table. Luna thought Usagi was studying. Luna told Usagi to meet at the shrine after school the next day. But when Luna looked at what Usagi was doing, she found out that Usagi was drawing pictures of the princess and Endymion.

[Usagi is pretty decent at drawing.]

The next day at the shrine, Luna and Artemis were talking to Ami, Rei, Mako, and Minako. They said that the new enemy was trying to steal life energy. Artemis said that the dark kingdom was totally destroyed, so it was a new enemy. Rei said that she felt something much worse than ever before. Ami said that it might have something to do with the light in the sky that they saw two weeks before. Mako pounded the wall and said that she didn't care who the enemy was. She was just going to kill them. Rei asked Mako not to destroy her house though.

Meanwhile Usagi was running down the street to Rei's shrine. Then she saw Natsumi talking to Mamoru. Natsumi was trying to ask Mamoru out to a disco. Mamoru said that disco's were out of fashion. Then Natsumi asked him out to a karaoke place, and started singing [very badly]. Usagi appeared and got between them. Usagi took out her drawings and told Mamoru the story about Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, to try to make him remember. But Natsumi interrupted and said that it was a stupid story. Usagi and Natsumi argued, and Mamoru left. Natsumi quickly ran after Mamoru.

Usagi stood there and wondered if Mamoru would ever get his memory back. She thought that Mamoru might start liking Natsumi. Then Usagi saw a red rose that someone was holding up to her. Usagi thought that it was Tuxedo Kamen. But Usagi turned and discovered that it was Seijuurou. Seijuurou told Usagi that he liked her. Usagi blushed and Seijuurou and Usagi moved closer and closer together. But then Usagi dropped her drawings and snapped out of it. Usagi picked up her drawings and ran off. Seijuurou said that he would make Usagi his.

[commercial break:
SD Sailor Senshi characters saying, "Sailor Moon!"
SD Sailor Moon saying, "A-ru!" VERY cute]

The girls were at Rei's shrine and Rei was performing a ritual with the fire. Rei found out that the pink lion was going to attack again. The girls transformed and ran off to fight the lion.

Usagi finally arrived at the entrance to Rei's shrine. She was surprised when she saw the other Sailor Senshi. Sailor Mercury told Usagi to hurry up. Usagi asked why, but nobody told her. Usagi felt sad. Then Sailor Mars yelled at Usagi and said that they would leave her if she didn't hurry. "Moon prism power. Make up!"

The Sailor Senshi ran toward the lion. Sailor Jupiter felt tired and stopped. Sailor Moon knew that Sailor Jupiter must be tired because she had given lots of blood the previous day. Sailor Moon told Sailor Jupiter to go home. She said that she would fight hard in her place. But Sailor Jupiter said that she had to defeat the bad ones herself. Sailor Moon understood. She said, "Promise me you won't try too hard."

The lion was attacking people in a park. The Sailor Senshi appeared. Sailor Jupiter was going to attack, but the lion blasted her. Sailor Mars used her anti-evil ghost sign and Sailor Venus used her crescent beam. But it was no good. The lion blasted everyone. Sailor Moon was the only one left. Sailor Moon stood up. The lion started attacking Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was very scared and just kept running away.

Then a white rose came flying at the lion. Sailor Moon thought it was Tuxedo Kamen. But when Sailor Moon looked up, she found out that the guy in the tree was a guy in white arabian clothes with a veil covering his face. Sailor Moon didn't know who it was. "Who are you?"
The guy answered, "Tsukikage no knight."
Sailor Moon thought, "Endymion?" and they stared at each other.

[tsukikage no knight = moonlight knight]

The lion attacked tsukikage no knight. But he defeated the lion by throwing his sword.

"I'll probably see you again." Tsukikage no knight said and left. Sailor Moon just stared in the direction that he disappeared.

Then Sailor Jupiter recovered. The lion recovered too. The lion attacked Sailor Moon. The lion caught Sailor Moon, and was on top of her. Sailor Jupiter struggled to get up. She was still groggy. Then she remembered about Shinozaki. Sailor Jupiter said, "I won't forgive you!" Sailor Jupiter used her supreme thunder attack and blasted the lion. The lion turned back into a card. The other Sailor Senshi finally recovered.

Later Usagi, Ami, and Mako were at the hospital and saw Shinozaki leaving. But Mako didn't go to him. She just stood there and watched over him, like Shinozaki had been doing to her.

That night Usagi was thinking about Mako and Shinozaki's relationship. "Is there a friendship between and boys and girls that is different from love too?" Then she thought about tsukikage no knight. "He must be Endymion. But why? I don't know."

Then Luna came with a math notebook, because there was a math test the next day. Usagi said that the math problem was harder than boy-girl relationships.

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