Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 50

Episode title
Usagi no kiki! Tiara sadou sezu
[Usagi's danger! The tiara doesn't work]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.04.15
Usagi's mother tried to wake up Usagi. Usagi didn't want to wake up and said that she wanted to sleep more because it was Sunday. But her mother said that it was a beautiful day and she shouldn't sleep any more. She also said that Shingo and her father had already gone outside. After her mother took her covers away, Usagi just grabbed the pillow and put her face in it.

Ail and Ann were at Makaiju. Ann said that enough energy wasn't getting stored, and it was the Sailor Senshi's fault. Ail said that the Makaiju energy was their energy, and if the Makaiju ran out of energy, they would die.

Ail found an advertisement for a virtual reality theater. He said that it was a good place to let a cardian get energy.

Usagi and Luna went to the virtual reality theater. Usagi thought it was just a big game center, and she loved game centers. There was a huge line of people waiting to play the game. Luna had invited the other girls, but they hadn't arrived yet. Usagi saw that the line was full of couples, so she didn't feel like going. But Luna said that it would be good practice for her senshi duty. Usagi said that she would go if she was with Mamoru. Then Usagi grabbed Luna and shook her and said, "I think you know how to make Mamoru recover his memory. Confess!"

Then Mamoru came and told odango atama not to pick on a cat. Mamoru said that if Usagi didn't have a date, she should go to the library like good junior high school girls. Then Mamoru went to get in line by himself. Usagi saw that Mamoru was alone and went after him.

Meanwhile Seijuurou was trying to get into the virtual reality theater. When one of the ushers tried to make him get in line, Seijuurou used his power from his eyes to put the man in a trance.

One burnout high school student was trying to pick up Natsumi. Natsumi slapped him. When the burnout started toward Natsumi, Mamoru came and told him not to pick on girls. The burnout went up to Mamoru and stared at him, but he gave up and ran away. Natsumi was very happy. She hugged Mamoru and said that she would go out with him to thank him. But Usagi appeared and tried to pull Mamoru away from Natsumi. Then Seijuurou came too. So the four of them went together into the virtual reality theater without waiting in line, as the usher (still in a trance) said that they were special VIPs.

Ami, Rei, Minako, and Mako arrived and got in line.

Inside Shingo and his father were playing the game. [A space ship like ride where they shoot monsters.] Natsumi, Mamoru, and Usagi were in another car behind them. Usagi spotted Shingo and her father. Usagi got mad that Shingo had come without her. Shingo said that this kind of game was too technical for Usagi. Usagi got mad and hit Shingo. When their car shook, Usagi fell out of her car and landed in Seijuurou's car, where Seijuurou caught her in his arms. Usagi's father told Usagi that he "trusted" her.

Outside, Ami was reading her [maybe school] book and the other girls were complaining that they had to wait in line a long time.

The next stage of the virtual reality theater was to put on a game suit with a gun and mask. Shingo "transformed" himself into Sneaker Shingo, the pretty boy fighter for justice. Then they went around shooting monsters that appeared. But Usagi's father hung around to keep an eye on Usagi.

Seijuurou and Mamoru were very good and they competed with each other while they shot at the monsters. Usagi also shot at the monsters, but she was very bad and missed. Natsumi showed off to Usagi, as she was very good too. Then Usagi said that she didn't want to do something so barbaric.

Usagi then ran off. Mamoru ran after her saying that she would get lost.

Natsumi was running out of energy. So Seijuurou reminded her that it wasn't a game for them. Then they turned into Ail and Ann.

The girls were still in line outside. Rei said that there were just 10 people in front of them. Ami was still reading her book. [a different book]

Ann picked out a card for the cardian. Ail played his flute and the card turned into a cardian.

Shingo and his father walked around shooting monsters. They looked for Usagi, but they couldn't find her. Then they heard some people scream out. The cardian was attacking people.
Shingo said, "Very real!" and felt excited.
Father said, "Isn't it too real!?" and got worried.

Usagi was with Mamoru. When the virtual reality monsters came out Usagi shot at them, but she missed all three of them. So Mamoru shot them for her. Then another monster came up behind Usagi and Mamoru shot it. Usagi got hearts in her eyes as she looked at Mamoru. Mamoru then grabbed Usagi's hand, and ran off. Mamoru kept firing and hitting all of the targets. Usagi imagined that she was running with Tuxedo Kamen, and became very happy. Then someone started pulling on Usagi's other arm. It was Shingo, and Usagi told him to go away. But Shingo told them about the monster that was attacking people, and that his father was in danger. Mamoru told Usagi and Shingo to stay there and wait, but Shingo said that he would go too. Shingo told Usagi to stay.

The girls were still in line, but now there were only three people in front of them. Ami finished reading her book.

The cardian was attacking Usagi's father when Shingo and Mamoru appeared. Father told Shingo to escape. Then father used a fire extinguisher to shoot the cardian. But it didn't have any effect and the cardian caught all three of them.

"Moon prism power. Make up!" Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon said, "For picking on my very important people. I won't forgive you even if you apologize!" Then Sailor Moon used her moon tiara action attack. But it didn't work and the tiara just fell.
Mamoru said, "I don't know who you are, but if you're going to fight, fight seriously!"

The cardian attacked Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon just tried running away. Then a white rose came flying at the cardian. Tsukikage no knight appeared. Mamoru said, "Another funny one appeared." Then Usagi noticed that Mamoru wasn't tsukikage no knight, as they were there at the same time.

Tsukikage no knight told Mamoru to stand back, as it wasn't a monster that a normal human can fight against. Tsukikage no knight went to fight the cardian. He used his sword to cut the cardian. But the cardian was still all right and attacked tsukikage no knight.

"Shabon spray!" Sailor Mercury appeared and attacked the monster. The other Sailor Senshi also appeared, and Sailor Mars used her fire soul attack. Sailor Moon cried and told them that her tiara didn't work any more. Sailor Venus picked up the tiara and gave it to Sailor Moon.

Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter used their crescent bean and supreme thunder attacks and blasted the cardian. Ail and Ann appeared and said that they would defeat the Sailor Senshi later. Then tsukikage no knight left.
Mamoru asked, "Who are you?" to the Sailor Senshi.

Later that night at home, Shingo cried out in pain as mother put on some bandages to their injuries. Father had a lot of injuries too. Mother said that it was their fault, as they had gone out playing leaving her home all alone.

Usagi was thinking to herself. "I can't use my tiara. Tsukikage no knight wasn't Mamoru. I don't understand any more. What should I do?"

[next week!
Usagi's brooch breaks..
Usagi's new transformation and an increase in power!?]

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