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  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 51

    Episode title
    Atarashiki henshin! Usagi power up
    [The new transformation! Usagi powers up]
    Air date
    • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.24
    Ail and Ann were at the Makaiju. Ann explained the concept of "hanami" to Ail. Since they humans use a lot of energy during hanami, Ail got interested it in.

    In a crowded park, Minako thanked Sakurada-sensei (Usagi's teacher) for letting her come along. The girls (Usagi, Ami, Mako, Minako, Rei, and Natsumi) and Sakurada-sensei were missing school to go to hanami.

    Umino was sitting under a tree with a large mat spread on the floor. Umino had been doing "bashotori". Usagi was surprised that Umino got such a good location. Naru asked when Umino had come. Umino said that he had been there from the previous night. Everyone was shocked. Ami mentioned that it must still get cold at night. Then Umino showed everyone his secret weapon, a sleeping bag. He got inside and said that he did it for everyone, especially Naru-chan. Naru blushed, and zipped up the bag all the way, trapping Umino inside.

    [hanami = partying (usually heavy drinking) outside and watching the cherry blossoms.]
    [bashotori = going to the park early to reserve a place for a group, usually done by the most junior or unimportant person.]

    All the girls started partying. When Umino was finally let out, he started crying. Naru said, "Sorry, it was just a little joke."

    Usagi was very happy to see everyone's food. Rei then commented on the food that Usagi had brought. Usagi just made some onigiri (rice balls) that didn't look very good. But then Usagi commented on Rei's. Rei just bought some hamburgers at a store. Since Usagi was staring at Mako's bento, Mako offered her some and Usagi gladly accepted.

    Naru had made a bento for Umino. Umino was very happy and said that it must be the best thing in the universe.

    Usagi went looking at Ami and Minako's food. When she said it looked delicious, Ami and Minako offered some to Usagi.

    Natsumi didn't bring any bento for herself. Usagi asked if Natsumi was after other people's food, Natsumi said that she would get some energy later. Usagi didn't understand. Rei cut in and said that it was Usagi who was after other people's food.

    Usagi got mad when Rei commented again about Usagi's ugly onigiri. Usagi put lots of hot mustard in a sandwich and gave it to Rei. Rei took a bite and burned up. She got up and yelled, "Fire!" Then as she fell down, she said softly, "Soul." Rei and Usagi started fighting.

    Sakurada-sensei tried to control herself and not get angry at the students, because it wasn't school. But she said that she would give everyone one hour of free time. Then Usagi commented that it wasn't school.

    Usagi said that she saw someone selling odango at an outdoor shop. Then Rei said, "Why does an odango have to eat an odango." Usagi and Rei started arguing again.

    Seijuurou was hiding in the trees. He saw Usagi and said, "Beautiful." Natsumi spotted Seijuurou and went to him. When Natsumi asked if Usagi was that beautiful, Seijuurou made up an excuse and said that he was talking about the cherry blossoms. Then Natsumi turned into Ann and Seijuurou turned into Ail. Ann wanted energy, and picked out one of Ail's cards. Then Ail played the flute.

    Naru and Umino were by themselves. Naru was saying how pretty the cherry blossoms were. Umino said that Naru was much more beautiful than the cherry blossoms.
    Then Naru asked, "Aren't you embarrassed at your own words?"
    Umino said, "I only say the truth."
    Then the cardian appeared and attacked Naru and Umino. Umino held Naru and tried to protect her.

    When Sakurada-sensei came back with some cans of juice, she saw Umino and Naru on the ground. She rushed to them, and saw a woman standing behind her. When she asked the woman for help, the woman turned into a cardian and took Sakurada-sensei's energy.

    The person at the park office said that Umino, Naru, and Sakurada would recover in a few hours. Then he said that it was the tenth person who was carried in that day.

    Luna and Artemis said that they must have had their energy taken. Usagi and the other girls started investigating.

    Rei, Ami, Mako, and Minako were near the tree where Naru and Umino had been discovered. Rei said that she felt some evil. Then the cardian appeared out of the tree and attacked the girls.

    Usagi, Luna, and Artemis heard the screams and started running. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon.

    When Sailor Moon, Luna, and Artemis arrived, they saw the tree/cardian stealing the energy from the girls. The cardian then came out of the tree and attacked Sailor Moon.

    Luna told Sailor Moon to fight. Sailor Moon used her moon tiara action attack. But the tiara slowed down and the cardian hit it away.

    Ami called out and told Sailor Moon not to look at the cardian's eyes. But the cardian attacked Sailor Moon and caught her. Sailor Moon looked at the cardian. The cardian started getting Sailor Moon's energy. Then Sailor Moon's brooch broke, and Sailor Moon turned back into Usagi. The cardian was still sucking Usagi's energy, and Luna tried to help Usagi. But Usagi and Luna got pulled down into another dimension.

    Ail and Ann were at the Makaiju and saw that it was getting a lot of energy. The Makaiju's leaves were recovering. Ail told the cardian to get more energy.

    Usagi and Luna were floating down in another dimension.
    Usagi asked, "What should I do Luna?" My transformation broke."
    Luna said, "Usagi-chan, although you got your memory back, you really want to.."
    Usagi said, "Yeah, I want to stay a normal junior high student."
    Luna said, "As long as you have that feeling left, you can't use the moon tiara action or transform."
    Usagi said, "How can I help everyone? How?"

    Usagi was now nude, holding Luna, and floating.
    Usagi asked, "Did we die?"
    Then a little image of Queen Serenity appeared, and said, "This is the inside of your heart."

    Queen Serenity gave Usagi another brooch. Then the ginzuishou appeared. The ginzuishou went into the new brooch. Queen Serenity said that the ginzuishou didn't have the power as it did before. But since Usagi was thinking about her important friends, that would restore the ginzuishou's power one day. Queen Serenity told Usagi to use the words, "Moon crystal power make up."

    Then Usagi transformed. [new transformation music]

    The four girls were stuck in the tree, and Artemis was fighting the cardian. Then Sailor Moon appeared.

    The cardian attacked Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon just tried to escape. Luna said, "You're the only one who can save everyone!" Sailor Moon was down and the cardian came for the final blow.

    But tsukikage no knight appeared and threw his white rose. Tsukikage no knight said, "You're the only one who can save everyone."

    An image of Queen Serenity appeared and gave Sailor Moon a new stick, cutie moon rod.

    Sailor Moon used the cutie moon rod with her new words, "moon princess halation!" and defeated the cardian.

    All of the girls recovered. They all thanked Sailor Moon. But Rei said, "But I wish you could have saved us a little quicker." Sailor Moon and Rei started arguing, and stuck their tongues out at each other.

    [commercial of cutie moon rod, crystal star, sailor team (ugly dolls), and sailor moon system notebook.]

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