Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 52

Episode title
Nerawareta enji! Venus daikatsuyaku
[The kindergarten kids get attacked! Venus' great performance]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.25
  • [This was a great episode for Minako fans!]
Minako was sleeping with Artemis. [nice picture] Minako then squeezed Artemis, and woke up. When Minako looked at the clock, it was 8:10. Minako was shocked and she quickly changed into her school clothes.
[Minako had cute orange pajamas.]

Minako ran to school, and took a short cut. Then she saw two little boys picking on a little girl. Minako yelled at the boys and the boys ran away. The little girl stopped crying. The girl had a SD Sailor Moon patch on her jacket. Then the girl asked Minako to take her to the bus. But Minako was late herself, so she tried to refuse. But the girl started crying, so Minako grabbed the girl and took her to the bus.

Minako then headed for school again. She was running, and saw Usagi running ahead of her. They ran together until they had to split up to go to their own school.

Minako was late and got locked out at the school gate.

Usagi was also late and had to stand outside in the hall. Usagi even had to stand outside during recess. Then Seijuurou came up to Usagi. Usagi was happy. Seijuurou wanted to hug Usagi, but Natsumi came. So Seijuurou went away. Usagi thought, "What a strange bother and sister."

Later Natsumi and Seijuurou were on the roof of the school. Natsumi got mad that Seijuurou kept going after Usagi. Seijuurou said that it was part of his strategy. Natsumi said that she wanted some youthful and fresh energy.

On the way home, Minako saw the same little girl arguing with three boys. The girl said that Sailor Moon existed, but the boys didn't believe her.

When Minako arrived at the scene, the little boys said that an old woman had come. Minako got mad that she was called an old woman. Then the boys told Minako that she should be spending her time to look for a boy friend if she had time to be playing with kids. But one boy said that with such an ugly face, it wasn't possible. Minako got very upset and the boys ran away.

The little girl's name was Mie. Minako asked her what they were fighting about. Mie told her, and said that she liked Sailor Moon. When Minako asked if Mie liked Sailor Venus, Mie answered, "Who's that?" Minako and Artemis were disappointed.

Minako talked with Mie for a while. Mie asked if there really was a Sailor Moon. Minako said that the important thing was to believe in it. Mie said that she believed in Sailor Moon. When Mie asked if Minako knew about Sailor Moon, Minako said yes and that she had met her before. Artemis was shocked. Mie was happy and asked Minako to tell the boys at her kindergarten. Minako said ok. Artemis was shocked again.

The Makaiju was running out of energy. Ail and Ann were planning on getting energy from kindergarten kids.

A bus full of kindergarten kids was going through a tunnel. A cardian appeared and attacked the bus. The cardian stole the energy from the kids, and the Makaiju got lots of energy. Ail was surprised at the amount of energy.

In Rei's room, Rei, Ami, Mako, and Luna were looking at a newspaper. There was an article about the kindergarten bus getting attacked, and the girls got mad. They knew it was the cardian. Ami used her computer to predict which kindergarten would be the next target. She said that with a 67% probability, it would be Shiba Kindergarten.

Then Usagi, who was on Rei's bed reading some of Rei's manga, started laughing out loud. They all looked at Usagi (like they had given up all hope on her) and told her good luck.

Meanwhile Minako was at Shiba Kindergarten trying to tell the kids that there is really a Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. But the boys said that they didn't believe it because they didn't see it for themselves. Minako was getting upset with the boys, but she kept it inside.

Then the bus came to take the kids home. The teacher came and said that she couldn't go with them that day. So Minako said that she would go. Then the boys said that since the teacher couldn't go, they would let Minako ride the bus with them.

Usagi and Luna were by the kindergarten and they saw the bus. Usagi asked why she had to fight alone. Luna said that she was the only one with a transformation pen. Usagi was scared, but transformed. "Moon power, become a fashionable and nice kindergarten teacher!"

As the bus was leaving the school grounds, Usagi went to the bus and asked the bus driver to stop. She said that she was a new teacher and got on the bus. Usagi and Minako recognized each other.

Ail released the cardian again.

Usagi was happy that Minako was with her. Minako asked what was up, and Usagi told her that the cardian might attack.

While the bus was going along, Usagi and Minako sang "Moonlight Densetsu" [the OP song] with the kids.

When the bus entered a tunnel, the bus driver spotted something in the middle of the street. When the bus got closer, the cardian crashed into the bus.

Mie was scared, and Minako held her. Minako told Mie that her favorite Sailor Moon would come. Usagi also said Sailor Moon would come. Then Usagi and Artemis attacked the cardian. But the cardian hit Usagi away and sent her flying off the bus.

Usagi got up and said, "That hurts. Being a hero is not easy. Well.. Moon crystal power, make up!"

The cardian hit Artemis away and started going toward the kids. Then Sailor Moon appeared outside of the bus. Mie and the other kids saw Sailor Moon.

The cardian got off the bus and attacked Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was just trying to escape. The kids saw the battle and said that Sailor Moon wasn't very strong. Meanwhile, Minako snuck out of the bus.

The cardian had Sailor Moon against the bus, and was going to attack. Then the crescent beam attack blasted the cardian away. Sailor Venus was standing on top of the bus.

But the cardian got up. Sailor Venus used her crescent beam attack again, but the cardian deflected it. Then the cardian blasted Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. The kids cheered for Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. Sailor Venus wondered, "What do I have to do to defeat it?"

The cardian was going to attack again, but a white rose came flying. Tsukikage no knight appeared and said, "Believe in yourself. There are those who are cheering for you." Then the kids started cheering for Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus.

Sailor Venus got up and said, "The kids taught me the importance of believing in oneself. I'll protect the kids." Then she powered herself up. The cardian attacked again, but Sailor Venus countered. "Crescent beam shower!"

The cardian was caught in the shower, and Sailor Moon used her moon princess halation to defeat the cardian.

Sailor Moon was surprised by the new power of Sailor Venus. Artemis said that it was her hidden power. Sailor Venus said that it was because of the kids.

Later Minako talked with Mie in a park. Mie said that Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus were cool.

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