Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 53

Episode title
Mamoru to Usagi no baby sitter soudou
[Mamoru and Usagi's rebellion as baby sitters]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.25
Ail and Ann were going to go after the fresh energy from babies. Ann chose the appropriate card for the cardian, and Ail played the flute.

On the way home from school, Usagi and Ami came to a nursery school. Just then a monther had come to pick up her baby Manami-chan. Ami and Usagi thought that the baby was very cute. Then a cardian appeared and started attacking the babies. The cardian sucked the energy away from the babies and the teachers. But it didn't attack Ami and Usagi who were just outside the gate.

Then the cardian disappeared. The babies were all unconscious on the ground. When Usagi was wondering what to do, Mamoru came running and said that they had to call an ambulance. Mamoru, Ami, and Usagi went to the hospital in the ambulance.

Ail and Ann were happy that things went well. Ann wanted more energy, but Ail said that they had to be careful because of the Sailor Senshi.

At the hospital, Ami found out that the babies would be fine in about one week. Manami was in a little bed next to mother. Manami's mother had her energy sucked by the cardian, but Manami was all right. Ami said that Manami's mother would recover in about three days, but there was nobody to take care of Manami until then. Manami's father was in a foreign country on business and there were no relatives.

Then Mamoru said that he would take care of the baby. But Ami said that it was hard to take care of babies. Just then Manami started crying, and Usagi gave it a pacifier. The baby stopped crying, and Usagi said that she would help out too. Usagi asked if Ami would too, but Ami said that she didn't want to get in the way of Mamoru and Usagi.

Mamoru and Usagi took Manami to Mamoru's apartment. Manami started crying. So Mamoru and Usagi made funny faces. When Manami stopped crying, Mamoru said that Usagi can go home. Usagi was upset. But she saw Mamoru playing with Manami and thought that Mamoru was a nice guy. Usagi sat next to Mamoru and put her head against him.

The Manami started crying again. Mamoru thought that Manami was hungry. When Mamoru opened the bag with the baby bottle and powdered milk, Usagi took it away from him and went to the kitchen. Usagi tried to mix the powder and make the milk. [several funny scenes of Usagi messing up] Eventually Usagi made the milk and came out of the kitchen with the bottle. Mamoru noticed that Usagi's clothes were all messed up.

Usagi tried to give the milk, but Manami kept crying. Mamoru said that the milk might be too hot. Usagi tasted the milk and said that it wasn't. Then Mamoru went to Manami and found out that the diaper was wet. Usagi pushed Mamoru out of the way and said that she would change the diaper. Then Usagi took off Manami's diaper and screamed out. Usagi said, "Manami is a girl but has a penis!" Then Mamoru said that Manami was a boy. Usagi recovered from the shock and changed the diaper. Then Manami started crying again. This time Manami wanted the milk. Mamoru gave Manami the milk. Usagi said, "You know a lot about how babies feel. Did you have a baby before?" Mamoru answered no, and Usagi was very disappointed in herself for asking something so stupid.

After Manami finished drinking the milk, Mamoru tried to make the baby talk. But Usagi said that Manami was too little. Then Usagi took Manami and tried to make him walk. But Manami couldn't even stand. When Mamoru said that Manami was too little, Usagi got upset and left.

On the way home, Usagi wondered if Mamoru and her were a good match. Usagi felt sad thinking that she was totally different from Mamoru.

Luna woke up on Sunday. When she looked around, Usagi was already gone. Luna was surprised because Usagi always slept late on Sundays.

Usagi and Mamoru went shopping for baby supplies. They were walking back with Manami in the baby car when Natsumi spotted them. Natsumi was shocked, and thought that it was Usagi and Mamoru's baby.

Then Mako and Minako came up to Usagi. Minako said, "When did you have Mamoru's baby?"
Usagi got very, very red. Usagi shouted, "Baka, baka, baka.. I wouldn't do that!"
Then Ami came and asked, "Usagi-chan, what happened with Mamoru-san?"
Usagi said again, "Baka, baka, baka.."
Mako said, "Why are you so mad. Minako was just teasing you."
Then Ami whispered to Usagi that they were going to go to Rei's shrine to find out more about the cardian. Usagi said that she would go.

At Rei's shrine the girls all sat and waited as Rei went through her ritual. Rei felt the evil presence and an image of the cardian appeared. Rei said that it was from a tarot card.

Later Natsumi found out the truth about the baby and went over to Mamoru's place to help out. Manami was playing with a box of tissues. (pulling them out of the box) Natsumi tried to take care of the baby, but Manami felt some evil in Natsumi. Manami said to himself that he didn't like Natsumi and kept crying and pissing on her. Natsumi finally gave up and ran away.

As Natsumi was leaving, Usagi came to Mamoru's place. Usagi got saddened when she saw Natsumi. After arguing with Mamoru, Usagi said that she was going to leave. Then Usagi saw Manami walking toward the box of tissues. Usagi and Mamoru were very happy. Usagi and Mamoru held each other's hands and celebrated. Then Ami came and saw them. Usagi and Mamoru quickly explained that Manami had just walked. Then Ami whispered to Usagi that Rei had felt the cardian appear.

The cardian appeared at another nursery school. It started to attack the babies. Then Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus came. Sailor Venus used her crescent beam attack. But the cardian created large bubbles and caught the babies in them. The babies were in the way, so the Sailor Senshi couldn't attack. Then the cardian blasted the Sailor Senshi.

Usagi and Ami arrived and transformed. "Moon crystal power make up!" "Mercury power make up!"

The cardian attacked and caught Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. It started to steal their energies. But a white rose came flying by to free the Sailor Senshi. It was tsukikage no knight.

Then Sailor Mercury got mad and attacked. "Shabon spray freezing!"
Sailor Mercury's attack froze the cardian. Sailor Moon was surprised and asked, "When did you get the new technique?"
Sailor Mercury said, "It's the stealing of energy from the cute babies. My anger rose."
Then Sailor Moon used the moon princess halation technique to blast the cardian.

Sailor Moon had hearts in her eyes as tsukikage no knight left.

The next day Manami's mother left the hospital. Usagi and Mamoru were saddened to part with Manami. As he was leaving in his baby car, Manami said his very first words. "Mamoru, Usagi, bye-bye."

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