Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 54

Episode title
Bunkasai ha watashino tame!? Rei joou nesshou
[The cultural festival is just for me!? Queen Rei sings all out.]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.25
Mako and Minako were selling good luck charms for love at Rei's shrine. They were wearing the shrine outfit (white top, red skirt). Mako said that no matter how many times she had a broken heart, a new love always kept appearing. Many school girls said that they would buy the charms. Rei's grandfather said that they wouldn't get a broken heart in the first place.

Usagi and Ami came from school and asked what they were doing. Rei's grandfather said that Rei was at school because she was practicing for the school festival. Rei's grandfather also asked Usagi if she would work there as a shrine girl. Usagi said that it was too hard for her to remember all of the sermon words. Then Rei's grandfather said that they didn't do that kind of stuff at a shrine.

Rei was at school ordering the other girls around during the preparations for the school festival. But things weren't going all that well, and Rei was getting upset that everyone was so incompetent. The young girls all liked Rei and idolized her.

Usagi and Ami arrived at Rei's school. Ami brought a bento that Mako had made for Rei. Usagi and Ami watched as Rei rehearsed a song. When Rei didn't like the lighting, Rei yelled at the other girls.

When Rei gave up and took a break, Usagi said that the song Rei sang was pretty good. Rei said that she wrote it herself. Ami and Usagi were shocked.

Seijuurou and Natsumi were watching the preparations. They wanted to steal the energy from the festival.

The night before the festival, the girls were gathered at Rei's shrine. They said that they would all go watch Rei. Minako said that it was great that Rei wrote all of the songs. Ami asked if it was difficult. Rei said that it was very easy because she had a lot of talent. But the flashbacks that popped into Rei's mind showed Rei struggling a lot to write the lyrics and music.

At the festival Usagi, Mako, Minako, and Ami played a lot and had a lot of fun. Rei's grandfather went around trying to pick up girls to work at his shrine.

Seijuurou and Natsumi were there and felt a lot of energy. They were going to go steal the energy, but some school girls caught them. They were from the fashion design club. The girls immediately started taking measurements and said that Seijuurou and Natsumi were perfect. They wanted them to be fashion models. The chief designer said that they were going to be wearing alien costume. Seijuurou and Natsumi were shocked. They thought that the girls had discovered their identity. But this wasn't the case.

In the auditorium, Seijuurou and Natsumi were putting on the fashion show. They wore a lot of costumes and thought it was stupid, but a lot of girls cheered for them. Usagi and Ami noticed that it was Seijuurou and Natsumi. The girls were sitting in the front row. Seijuurou and Natsumi noticed that there was a lot of energy in the room. They decided that they would try to steal the energy from the girls in the auditorium.

It was time for Rei's recital. Usagi was getting nervous. Ami said that since it was Rei who was going to sing, Usagi didn't have to get nervous. Then Rei started singing.

Ail and Ann were on top of the auditorium. Ann picked out a card for the cardian. Ail played the flute. It was a mermaid type monster.

When Rei was singing, she noticed the evil force of the cardian. Then she looked up and saw the cardian above her. The cardian released some yellow balls of light all over the crowd. Usagi, Ami, Minako, Mako, and the cats quickly hid under the seats so that the balls of light wouldn't touch them. Everyone else in the audience got their energy taken away from them. Ail and Ann saw that things were going well, so they disappeared. Then the cardian went after Rei.

Usagi, Ami, Minako, and Mako transformed. The cardian started sucking the energy from Rei with her hair. But Sailor Jupiter's supreme thunder and Sailor Mercury's shabon spray broke Rei free. Then the cardian attacked Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury, and started sucking their energy. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus went to check on Rei. But the cardian caught Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus too.

Rei struggled to get up. Rei got mad at the cardian for stealing the energy from her fans. "Mars power make up!" Rei transformed. But Sailor Mars wasn't at full power.

Sailor Mars used her fire soul attack and blasted the cardian. The other Sailor Senshi got freed. But the cardian put out the flames with her water and started going toward Sailor Mars. The other Sailor Senshi didn't have enough power left to fight.

When the cardian flew at Sailor Mars, a white rose came flying. Tsukikage no knight said that he wanted to hear Sailor Mars' cute voice again.

[maybe tsukikage no knight knows the identities of the Sailor Senshi?]

When the cardian went to attack tsukikage no knight, it knocked over the music sheets that Rei had been using. Sailor Mars saw that and recalled the pain that she had gone through to write the songs. Sailor Mars got upset and attacked the cardian. Her attack was "fire soul bird". The fire turned into a shape of a bird and headed for the cardian. The cardian shot water at it, but the fire bird went through the water and blasted the cardian. Then the other Sailor Senshi got their energies back.

Sailor Moon used the moon princess halation to defeat the cardian.

Rei sang again after everyone recovered.

Later that evening everyone sat around a fire outside on the track. Usagi was sitting next to Rei, and said that Rei did very well. Usagi also said that she didn't know Rei was one to try so hard. Then when Rei said that she would give some of her goodness to Usagi, Rei and Usagi started arguing.

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