Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 55

Episode title
Tsukikage ha Seijuurou? Moeru Mako-chan
[Tsukikage is Seijuurou? Mako-chan gets fired up]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.26
Mako and Ami were waiting in a park near school for Usagi. Mako was thinking about tsukikage no knight. She said that the way he said "Bye" when leaving reminded her of her senpai.

Nearby, Umino met Naru. Umino had made some bento (lunch box) for Naru. Naru asked if it was fried shrimp again. Umino said that it was. Naru looked a little frightened.

Ami said that lots of girls were making bento for boys recently. Mako said that she hadn't done that recently. Then the school bell rang. Ami was disappointed that Usagi didn't show up. They were supposed to talk about the identity of tsukikage no knight. But Mako said that she never expected Usagi to wake up early.

Usagi ran to school late. Luna chased after her with Usagi's lunch box. But Luna tripped and the lunch box smashed Luna.

During lunch break, Haruna-sensei yelled at Usagi. Usagi had come to school late, forgot her homework, and slept during class. Usagi said that she was sorry. Then Haruna told Usagi to eat lunch. But Usagi was very disappointed as she had forgotten her lunch.

Usagi was walking around looking at other people's lunch. Usagi saw Umino trying to feed Naru some fried shrimp in the school yard. Naru was very embarrassed and didn't want to eat it. Usagi wanted to food, but felt that it was too miserable to interrupt them. Then Usagi thought of going to ask Mako for some lunch, and ran off. After Usagi left, Mako and Ami came walking, looking for Usagi.

Seijuurou was playing his flute in the music room, and there were a lot of girls around him with bentos for him. Mako and Ami went to the room expecting to find Usagi, but Usagi wasn't there. Mako said that it was nice music. When Ami asked if Seijuurou looked like her senpai, Mako said no. But Mako quickly said that they both liked music. Then Ami said that tsukikage no knight started appearing at around the same time Seijuurou transferred to this school. Then Seijuurou stopped playing the flute and said that he didn't eat lunch. But none of the girls gave up.

Then Seijuurou walked out of the room. When Seijuurou walked past Mako, Mako's heart started pounding. Mako imagined herself making lunch for Seijuurou. The group of girls followed Seijuurou outside.

Ami interrupted Mako's day dream. Mako said that she would go investigate the possibility of Seijuurou being tsukikage no knight. Mako hit Ami on the shoulder and ran off. Ami got knocked down and her shoe fell off. When Ami got up there was a red hand mark on her back.

Seijuurou walked outside in straight lines and turned the corners at 90 degree angles. The group of girls who followed him did the same. When Seijuurou turned around a corner of the building, he flew up to the roof. The group of girls just kept walking on. Mako came and spotted Seijuurou on the roof. Mako thought that he might be tsukikage no knight, and zoomed back into the building to go up to the roof.

Seijuurou was on the roof playing his flute. He wondered out loud why the girls wanted to make lunch for him. Then Mako who had just come running said, "Because we like you."

Meanwhile Ami was using a computer to try to find out more about Seijuurou and tsukikage no knight. [typing VERY fast] Ami was also eating her sandwiches. [eating fast too] The computer came up with the probability of 0.2% that Seijuurou was tsukikage no knight.

Then a very tired Usagi struggled to the room. She rushed for Ami's lunch box, but Usagi cried when she discovered nothing left.

Mako was trying to give some of her bento to Seijuurou. Seijuurou was staring at the sausage, which was cut up to look like an octopus. He had no idea about earth food. Mako asked if Seijuurou liked white roses or dressing up in Arabian costumes. But Seijuurou wasn't listening. Then Seijuurou ate the sausage, and Mako wondered if Seijuurou liked it. After a moment, Seijuurou asked for more.

Natsumi was watching, and burning up in anger.

Seijuurou ate some more of Mako's bento. He said that it wasn't bad. Mako was very happy and remembered about the past. Seijuurou asked why a bento had to come out if a girl liked a boy. Mako explained that girls wanted to do lots of things for boys that they like, even some things that they are not good at. Then Mako added sometimes girls think that they can even die for them.

Then Natsumi came and asked Seijuurou what he was eating. Natsumi said, "Don't put unknown things into your body." Mako immediately got up and said that it wasn't anything bad, and that she had confidence in her cooking. They argued and stared at each other.

After school, Haruna scolded Usagi again. Usagi had slept through the afternoon classes too. Then Usagi struggled to walk home. Ami spotted Usagi and asked if she was all right.
Usagi said, "I'm too hungry. I can't feel anything." Then Luna came with Usagi's lunch box.

Natsumi was very upset that Seijuurou had eaten some human food. Seijuurou tried to explain, but Natsumi didn't listen. Then they ran into Mako, who was waiting at the school gate. Mako asked Seijuurou if he would like to walk home with her. Natsumi got mad, but said, "Take your time," and left by herself. Mako said that she wanted to talk some more with Seijuurou.

Seijuurou and Mako went to the park and sat down. Mako was very embarrassed. Seijuurou asked about the relationship between liking someone and bento, because he couldn't understand it at all. Mako laughed. Ann was watching from the bushes and started getting mad.

Meanwhile Usagi was pigging out on her lunch. She was eating very fast and spilling the rice all over Luna and Ami. When Ami told Usagi that Mako was out with Seijuurou, Usagi got mad. Usagi said that Seijuurou wasn't tsukikage no knight. When Usagi finished, she took off. She was mad that Seijuurou went out with Mako, even though he had previously said that he liked Usagi.

Seijuurou and Mako were still in the park. Seijuurou said, "So love and bento is something you just give? Isn't that just appearance? Love is something you steal away."
Mako was saddened by Seijuurou's words and said, "I think love can have many forms."

Then Ann appeared and blasted Mako. Ann stepped on Mako's lunch box. When Mako tried to get up, Seijuurou tried to stop Ann. But Ann just blasted both of them.

Usagi, Ami, and Luna got to the park and saw Ann. Luna told Ami to help Mako, and Usagi to fight. Usagi and Ami transformed.

Mako was very upset that Ann had stepped on her very important lunch box. When Ann was about to finish off Mako, Sailor Moon appeared and started making her speech. Before Sailor Moon could finish, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Mako got caught in some force field. They couldn't move or see anything.

Then Ail appeared next to Ann. Ann was still mad, but Ail kissed Ann. Ann picked out a cardian to fight Sailor Moon.

The cardian attacked Sailor Moon. Meanwhile Sailor Mercury carried Mako to the bushes. Mako transformed.

When Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter appeared, the cardian attacked with her seaweed ropes [she said "rino", which is "nori" backwards] and tied up the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury got tied up together and thrown into the fountain. They were floating in the water and Ail, Ann, and the cardian laughed at them.

Then a white rose appeared and cut Sailor Jupiter free. Sailor Jupiter used her supreme thunder dragon attack and blasted the cardian. Ann was going to attack, but Sailor Venus appeared and used her crescent beam shower attack on her. Ail grabbed Ann out of the way just in time.

Sailor Mars appeared and used her fire soul on Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. The seaweed ropes got burned and Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury fell into the fountain. They were burnt and smoking in the water. Sailor Moon complained that Sailor Mars was too rough.

The cardian was going to attack again, but Sailor Moon used her moon princess halation to defeat the cardian.

Tsukikage no knight said, "There will be a time when you will know who I am," and left.

Later in the apartment, Ail made a bento for Ann. He said that it was a sign of love on earth. Ann was very happy. But she asked, "What do I do with it?"
Ail answered, "I don't know."

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