Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 56

Episode title
Mamoru no kiss ubae! Ann no shirayukihime sakusen
[Steal Mamoru's kiss! Ann's Snow White strategy]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.06.17
Usagi was at her table, and there was an English book open in front of her. Luna thought that Usagi was studying English. But Usagi was actually sleeping. Luna saw the book and thought that Usagi was having a romantic dream. The Luna woke up Usagi. Usagi woke up and got mad at Luna for waking her up from her dream. Usagi had been dreaming of eating a big nikuman.

Ann was reading Snow White in her room. Ail came and told her that they didn't have to study English. He said that if she had time, she should find ways to get energy. But Ann just kept reading. She was just thinking of getting a kiss from Mamoru.

Usagi ran to Rei's shrine, and Usagi was late as usual. Usagi asked what was up. Rei said that it was Mamoru. Usagi thought something bad had happened to Mamoru, but Ami said that Mamoru had to put on a play. Mamoru's group had broken up because they fought over the roles. So Mamoru had come to the shrine and made a wish on one of the wooden boards. "I wish the play would go over well. Chiba Mamoru."

The girls went to Mamoru and told him that they would help out. They said that they would do Snow White. Then Rei said that since it was her idea, she wanted to play the role of Snow White. But Usagi said that it should be the "cute" Usagi who played Snow White. Then Mako said that since she has the largest breasts, she should play Snow White. Usagi and Rei both got mad at Mako. Then Minako said that the elegant Minako should play Snow White. Ami said that she was very busy with school work and cram school, so she wanted a part that didn't have many lines, like Snow White. The other girls got mad at Ami.

Then Mamoru said that there were other parts in the play, like the witch and the prince. All the girls said it was decided that Mamoru play the part of the prince. Then the girls started arguing about the role of Snow White. Naru and Umino came and said that they shouldn't argue. But the girls yelled at them. Mamoru was watching and said that this was how his original group broke up.

Then Natsumi came with an idea to choose the role of Snow White. She said that they should draw straws, and brought out had a handful of paper strips. She said that there was a white one for Snow White, a red one for the witch, and blue ones for other roles. Usagi drew first and got the red one. Usagi started crying. Then everyone else drew. They all got blue. Natsumi drew last and got a white one. Usagi cried. When Natsumi threw the paper down, the other girls saw that the paper was torn on Natsumi's.

Later in their apartment, Ann asked Ail to do the role of an extra person because they only had six people. But Ail said that he wanted to do the prince, and refused. Ann gave up and left. After Ann left, Ail got the cardian and told it to attack the play to get lots of energy.

During the practice session, Natsumi wanted to practice the scene where the prince kissed Snow White. Everyone complained, but Natsumi said that it was very important. Mamoru agreed to it. Usagi was getting very nervous, and didn't want Mamoru to kiss Natsumi. (Usagi was chomping on her fingernails.) When Mamoru got very close after saying his lines, Natsumi, who was lying down, grabbed Mamoru and tried to kiss him. But Mamoru broke free and said that Snow White wasn't supposed to move. Natsumi said that this was very important and wanted to practice again. Mako and Rei complained and said Natsumi was selfish.

Later Natsumi and Mamoru left together. Usagi got very upset. Rei said that the play would fail if this continued. Mako said that Natsumi shouldn't play Snow White. Minako mentioned that Natsumi's choice wasn't fair anyways. Usagi didn't understand what Minako meant. Usagi asked everyone, but everyone kept quiet. When Usagi started crying that she was being left out, Minako told her that Natsumi had cheated by making all of the pieces blue and then ripping the last piece to give herself white. Usagi was surprised that everyone knew. They said that they allowed Natsumi to take the role because it would be more uncomfortable if one of them got it. Ami also said that since Natsumi didn't have any friends it was a good chance for her. But Usagi said that it wasn't right and they all agreed to talk to Natsumi. Usagi said that she would do it.

On the way home that evening, they saw Natsumi going to Hikawa Shrine. They all followed her, and saw Natsumi praying for the success of the play. But in reality Natsumi prayed so that she can kiss Mamoru.

After Natsumi left, they agreed to let Natsumi keep the role. They all felt how much Natsumi really wanted the play to succeed.

The next day, they all practiced with their costumes on. The "extra" people wore animal costumes. Rei was a bear, Mako was a gorilla, Ami was a raccoon, Minako was a fox, Naru was a rabbit, and Umino was an elephant. Rei and Mako got mad at Umino for the stupid costumes. But Umino said that she borrowed the "cute" costumes because everyone said that they didn't want to do it normal clothes. Usagi was in a witch outfit with a big ugly nose. Natsumi said that it looked nice and laughed.

Later Ann was practicing at home. Ail came and asked what she was doing. When Ann told him, Ail imagined himself playing the prince and kissing Usagi. Ail still wanted to play the prince.

At home, Usagi was practicing her lines in her room. Shingo came in and said that he would go watch her. So he told her to do a little better. Then Usagi yelled at Shingo.

The day of the play came. There were a lot of people who had come to watch. The girls were getting nervous. But when the curtain opened, the cardian in a clown costume was on the stage. The girls didn't know why there was a clown in the play. Then the cardian started breaking the set. Natsumi went out to stop it, but the cardian blasted her and sent her flying. Mamoru tried to save her, and they both got knocked down. Natsumi was on top of Mamoru, who was unconscious, and tried to kiss him. But the cardian's ball hit Natsumi and knocked her out.

They all figured out that it was a real monster. Umino tried to help Naru, but Umino tripped on his costume and pushed Naru into Rei, Mako, Ami, and Minako. Since they were all in large animal costumes, they couldn't get up.

The cardian started sucking the energy from the audience.

Usagi got upset and transformed. After Sailor Moon's long speech, the cardian attacked Sailor Moon and started sucking her energy. But tsukikage no knight appeared to save Sailor Moon.

Finally the other Sailor Senshi appeared too.
Sailor Mars said, "The fire of passion and the power of praying will defeat evil. I'm Sailor Mars of the red high heel!"
Sailor Jupiter said, "I was born with this power. I'm Sailor Jupiter of the thunder power!"
Sailor Mercury said, "I always do well in cram school and homework. I'm always reading textbooks. I was number one in the country in the exam. I'm Sailor Mercury!"
Sailor Venus said, "In the past I wore a mask. The real face is also beautiful. I'm the last Sailor Senshi to appear, Sailor Venus!"

Then Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury attacked.
Sailor Mars said, "The red high heel will turn into flames. Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen! Stick that on your face!"
Sailor Mercury said, "I took some time away from studying to learn my lines. Give me back the time to read three books. Shabon spray.. freezing!"
The cardian got frozen.
Sailor Moon said, "I won't forgive you for destroying the stage. Moon princess halation!"

The crowd cheered as the Sailor Senshi defeated the cardian. Then tsukikage no knight left.

Later Ann cried in her room. She was upset at Ail for releasing the cardian on her play. Ann cried, "I wanted to get Mamoru's kiss." Ail was still thinking that he wanted to play the prince.

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