Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 57

Episode title
Houkago ni goyoujin! Nerawareta Usagi
[Beware of after school! The target Usagi]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.06.17
Sailor Moon used her moon princess halation to defeat the cardian. Ail and Ann appeared in the sky and got mad at the Sailor Senshi. Then they disappeared and the sun came up.

Mako, Usagi, and Ami were running to school. Ami said, "In 14 years I've never been late." The school bell started ringing, and Mako and Ami ran into the school ahead of Usagi.

Usagi ran into her classroom and stepped in bucket. Then she lost her balance and crashed into a closet and made a lot of noise. Haruna had been in the middle of taking roll. Usagi thought that she would get marked late, but Haruna said that it was nice that Usagi was so "genki" and told Usagi to be a little more quiet. Usagi noticed that there was something different about Haruna.

Later in the teacher's office Haruna got a phone call from her boy friend, Kouichi. Kouichi said that he couldn't go out that day. Haruna said that it was all right.

When Haruna returned to her classroom, she yelled at everyone. Usagi was very hungry and Natsumi was very tired.

During English class, Haruna read from the textbook. "Once upon a time there was a pretty girl on the moon." Haruna called on Usagi and asked her to translate it. But Usagi had been eating her lunch. So Haruna told Usagi to stay after school that day. Then Haruna picked on Natsumi. Natsumi was very tired and answered some gibberish. All the students were shocked. When Haruna asked what she was doing, Natsumi said that it was the translation in her alien language. Haruna got mad and told Natsumi to stay after school too.

After school Seijuurou and Natsumi were on the roof of the school. When Seijuurou asked if Natsumi's identity had been discovered, Natsumi said that it was still all right. Natsumi was very tired and blamed it all on the Sailor Senshi. Then Seijuurou brought out the cards for Natsumi to pick. But Usagi came and grabbed Natsumi away, saying that Haruna was waiting for them. Seijuurou saw Usagi and said to himself that he would get Usagi's love.

Minako, Rei, and Mako met after school. But since Usagi had to stay in school and Ami was at cram school, Artemis canceled the meeting. So Minako suggested that they go see a movie. The girls agreed, but Luna said no. Then Minako grabbed the cats and put them in her bag.

Haruna gave Usagi and Natsumi a sheet of paper with lots of problems. She said that she had a lot of time, and told Usagi and Natsumi that they had to finish it before going home.

Then there was a phone call for Haruna. It was her boy friend. Haruna became very happy and said that she would go out right away.

Usagi was struggling in the middle of the assignment. But since Haruna hadn't come back or a long time, she packed her things and said that she would go after Mamoru. When Natsumi overheard, she asked, "You still didn't give up Mamoru?"
Usagi said, "Of course not. I'm bound to Mamoru by destiny's red string."
Usagi and Natsumi argued with each other. Then Natsumi suggested that they compete for Mamoru. She said that the first one to finish Haruna's assignment would get Mamoru, and the loser has to give up on him. Usagi agreed to it.

Ail played his flute and the cardian appeared. Then Ail spotted Mamoru walking down the street and thought it was a good chance to get rid of him. So he told the cardian to attack Mamoru and steal all of his energy. But the cardian ignored Ail's command and went off by itself.

Usagi was still struggling with the assignment. Natsumi was lacking energy and couldn't do the assignment. She said to herself that it would be so easy if she had enough energy. Then Natsumi looked at Usagi as a source of energy. She thought that if she stole all of Usagi's energy, she would get Mamoru.

Ami was in the cram school studying. Then the cardian appeared through the wall and grabbed two students. It just sucked their energy and took off. Ami quickly called Minako. Minako, Rei, and Mako were inside the movie theater watching a movie, but they got up to leave.

Ann tried to sneak up to Usagi, who was still working on the problems. Usagi dropped her eraser and reached for it, just as Ann was going to grab her. So Ann crashed into Usagi's desk and fell down. When Usagi asked her what she was doing, Natsumi said that she was exercising.

Ail appeared in front of the cardian, and tried to talk to it. But the cardian went off again. Ail couldn't believe that the cardian wouldn't listen to him.

Ann still didn't give up. She tried to sneak up to Usagi again. This time, Usagi stretched and poked Ann in the nose with the pencil that she was holding.

In a park, Haruna was walking with her boy friend. She thought that she was forgetting about something, but she couldn't remember. Then the cardian appeared in front of them. Ail told the cardian to just get any human energy. But the cardian went into the pond and started getting energy from the ducks. Ail got mad at the cardian.

Then the Sailor Senshi appeared. "In the place of Sailor Moon, we will punish you!" Ail told the cardian to fight, but the cardian just stepped on Ail's head and went off. The Sailor Senshi wondered if they had won.

Usagi was down to one last question. When she looked around, she saw that Natsumi looked tired. Usagi went to Natsumi and saw that she hadn't done any of her problems yet. Usagi asked Natsumi if there was something she could do to help. Then Natsumi remembered the story of the rabbit and the turtle. Natsumi asked Usagi to sleep for just 10 seconds. Usagi was full of confidence and agreed.

When Usagi closed her eyes, Ann started stealing Usagi's energy. Then the cardian appeared and crashed through the window. Usagi woke up and went to the window to look at the cardian below.

Ail appeared and Ail and Ann talked via telepathy. Ann couldn't believe that the cardian wouldn't listen to Ail.

In the school grounds, the Sailor Senshi were fighting the cardian. "Fire soul! Supreme thunder! Crescent beam shower! Shabon spray freezing!" The Sailor Senshi trapped the cardian. But the cardian broke free. Then Luna spotted Usagi in the classroom above.

Ail and Ann went to the roof.

Luna went to Usagi and told her to transform. Since Natsumi wasn't there, Usagi transformed.

Sailor Moon went down to the other Sailor Senshi. Sailor Moon was going to use her stick, but she became groggy as she didn't have enough power. The cardian recovered and grabbed Sailor Moon's neck. But tsukikage no knight appeared to set Sailor Moon free.

Then Sailor Moon used her moon princess halation to defeat the cardian. Since she didn't want Natsumi to suspect something, she quickly returned to the classroom.

Ail and Ann saw the cardian lose again. Ann didn't want Usagi to suspect something, so she returned to the classroom.

Ail said to himself, "Something is going to happen.. or maybe it's already happening."

Usagi and Natsumi both finished their work at the same time. They decided to call it a tie, and let Mamoru choose.

Then Ami and Mako came to pick up Usagi.

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