Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 58

Episode title
Surechigau ai no kokoro! Ikari no Makaiju
[The disagreeing feeling of love! The Makaiju's anger]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.03.29
  • [I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon R anime manga volume 2.]
The Makaiju was withering. Ail was thinking that it was because the Sailor Senshi had always interfered with them. Ann was saying that they wouldn't be able to survive. Then Ail said that they needed to steal a lot of energy.

Usagi and Luna were out in the city and saw that there was a Sailor Moon show at a department store. Usagi was feeling happy that she had become so popular. When Luna commented that it must be a slapstick comedy show, Usagi got upset.

Naru-chan and Umino were at the roof of the department store watching the Sailor Moon show. Then a four faced cardian appeared in the air. At first everyone thought it was part of the show. But then the cardian started stealing the energy from the people. When Luna and Usagi arrived at the roof, they saw all the people lying on the ground.

Ail and Ann gave the energy from the cardian to the Makaiju, but it didn't recover. They had no idea what they had to do.

The next day Usagi took Ami and Mako over to Natsumi and Seijuurou's apartment because they were both absent from school. Mako was complaining and said that they didn't have to go, but Usagi said that Natsumi and Seijuurou didn't have any other friends.

When they got to the apartment, they saw that Natsumi and Seijuurou were healthy. Seijuurou was happy to see Usagi, but Natsumi (very coldly) asked, "What do you want? Why did you come without saying anything?"
Then Mako snapped back, "Usagi was worried about you. You don't have to say such things!" Mako told Usagi that they should leave. But Seijuurou said that he would get some tea and invited the girls into the apartment.

When Seijuurou was in the kitchen making the tea, he felt something different in his heart. But he didn't know what this feeling was.

Meanwhile Usagi, Ami, and Mako were sitting with Natsumi in the living room. Usagi asked Natsumi why she didn't go to school. She said that they were worried about her. But Natsumi didn't understand why they would be worried about her. Then Mako got mad and said that she wanted to leave.

Usagi was looking around the room and spotted an automatic door. She got curious and asked if it was their study room. When she started to open the door, Seijuurou came and quickly closed the door. He said that it was very messy and he didn't want to show it.

Natsumi got very upset at Usagi and asked her to leave. Usagi apologized and left.

When Seijuurou was on the balcony seeing the girls off, Natsumi came to him. Seijuurou said, "Ann, did some warm feeling come into your heart?"
Natsumi said, "What is it?"
Seijuurou said, "I don't know. It's the first time I felt something like this.."

The next morning when Usagi's alarm clock went off, Luna jumped up into Usagi's bed and told her to wake up. But Usagi wasn't there. Luna was very surprised.

Meanwhile Usagi was at Natsumi's apartment. Natsumi was saying that it was rude of her to come so early in the morning. But usagi said that she had come to take them to school. When Seijuurou spotted Usagi, he invited her in for some cake and nikuman. Usagi happily took the offer.

When Seijuurou and Natsumi were in the kitchen, Usagi went to the automatic door and stood outside of the secret room. Usagi thought to herself, "If people tell me not to look, I want to see it more.."

Then Usagi opened the door. It was pitch black inside. There there was a sudden burst of light and something started grabbing Usagi. Usagi screamed. Something had grabbed Usagi's arm and long hair. But Seijuurou quickly came and closed the door to save Usagi.

When Usagi recovered and asked what was inside the room, Seijuurou said that it was some plants that he was doing research on. Then Natsumi got mad at Usagi again and told her to go home. Usagi apologized and left.

When Usagi was walking away, she spotted Seijuurou watching her from the balcony. Usagi smiled and yelled out, "Bye bye. Please come to school tomorrow!"

Seijuurou smiled and waved back. Then Seijuurou thought to himself, "Something warm is flowing inside my heart again.. What is this?"

Later Seijuurou and Natsumi were with the Makaiju. They discovered that the Makaiju had started growing another new branch. Natsumi said that it must have been Usagi's energy. So she said that maybe the Makaiju will finally recover if they gave it all of Usagi's energy. Seijuurou didn't want to do that, and thought that it might have been the energy from before, finally making the Makaiju recover. So he called the cardian and told it to give some energy to the new branch. But when the cardian appeared and gave the energy, the new branch died. Seijuurou and Natsumi were shocked. Then they heard a voice saying, "Stop it." They didn't know where the voice came from, but they couldn't believe that the Makaiju could talk, because it was just a tree.

That day during lunch break, Usagi, Ami, and Mako were sitting together outside. Usagi told Ami and Mako that she had gone to see Natsumi and Seijuurou that morning. Then Ami noticed something on top of Usagi's head, and said that there was a bug in Usagi's hair. Mako quickly took a branch and knocked the bug off of Usagi's head. But the girls saw that it wasn't a bug. It was a twig. Then the twig started moving, and the girls jumped back in shock.

Later Usagi brought the twig in a beaker to Rei's shrine, where everyone gathered. Luna told Artemis to take the twig out, but Artemis was scared. Then Artemis stuck his paw inside, saying it was gross. Suddenly the twig moved and grabbed onto Artemis' paw. Artemis was shocked and quickly shook the twig loose, back into the beaker. Luna said that this was something that didn't exist on earth or the moon. Artemis said, "Those two transferred to our school.."
Mako said, "It was the day after the meteor!"
Minako said, "The first incident occurred on that day too!?"
Rei said, "That means Seijuurou and Natsumi are Ail and Ann!"
Usagi said, "It can't be.."

Later on Usagi was staring at Seijuurou and Natsumi's apartment. She still couldn't believe that they were the aliens. But Usagi was too scared to go by herself. Then Mamoru, who was carrying some flowers, came by. He said that he was going to see Natsumi because he had heard that she was sick. Usagi told Mamoru that Natsumi wasn't really sick, and tried to stop him. But Mamoru went anyway, so Usagi followed him. Luna thought that Usagi shouldn't go alone, and went to get the others.

When Natsumi received the flowers, she was very happy and felt the warmth inside her heart. But she didn't know what this feeling was. Then Usagi popped up behind Mamoru, but Natsumi didn't get mad. She invited both Mamoru and Usagi inside. Seijuurou was happy to see Usagi, and said that there was some tea, nikuman, and cake. Usagi became very happy and said to herself that she would eat it for sure this time.

While they were eating (Usagi was doing most of the eating), Natsumi was thinking that she wanted to get Usagi into the room with the Makaiju. Then Mamoru commented that the view outside was great. Natsumi said that the view from the balcony was better, and asked Seijuurou to take Mamoru outside.

While Seijuurou and Mamoru were outside, Natsumi asked Usagi if she wanted to see the other room. Usagi felt scared, but went along. When they got to the door, Usagi said that she would like to see it another time. But Natsumi opened the door and shoved Usagi inside, knocking her down. Then she called the cardian and told it to steal all of Usagi's energy.

The cardian appeared and grabbed Usagi. It started to take the energy. Then a voice said, "Stop it." The cardian didn't know who had said it. Then the Makaiju started releasing a lot of energy. Seijuurou, Natsumi, and Mamoru heard the noise and wondered what was going on. Then the Makaiju's branches started growing and growing. The branches broke through the door and went into the living room. The Makaiju started taking over the apartment building. Seijuurou and Natsumi had no idea what was going on. The Makaiju grabbed the cardian with its branches and smashed it into the floor. The Makaiju also had Usagi in its branches.

Outside, the other girls and cats had arrived at the apartment building. They saw that they Makaiju had taken over the entire building. Then the girls transformed, and heard Usagi scream out.

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