Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 59

Episode title
Mezameru shinjitsu no ai! Makaiju no himitsu
[The true love awakens! The Makaiju's secret.]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.03.29
  • [I'm doing this from the Sailor Moon R anime manga volume 2.]
The Sailor Senshi ran into the apartment building that had been taken over by the Makaiju. The Makaiju attacked the Sailor Senshi with some liquid from its flower pods. The Sailor Senshi jumped to avoid the liquid, as it dissolved the floor where it hit. But Luna got hit in the arm. Then Sailor Mercury used her shabon spray freezing attack to freeze the flower pods in ice.

At what used to be Ail and Ann's apartment, the Makaiju had caught Usagi and Mamoru with its branches (which moved around like tentacles). Usagi and Mamoru tried to reach out for each other. Then Ail came and blocked their hand, just as they were about to touch. Ail said, "I won't let you touch my Usagi-san."

Ann heard this and got mad. When Ann started to power up, the Makaiju yelled out again and stole energy from Usagi and Mamoru. Then the Makaiju let go of them, and Ail and Ann rushed to catch Usagi and Mamoru, who were unconscious and falling.

Then the Sailor Senshi appeared. Ail and Ann blasted them. Usagi recovered and saw her friends getting blasted. So she transformed into Sailor Moon.

Ail and Ann saw Usagi transforming into Sailor Moon and were very surprised. But Ann said, "I thought that the foolish and klutzy part of her was similar."
Sailor Moon said, "Stop fighting! Please return to the Seijuurou and Natsumi that we know."
Ann told Ail to attack, but he couldn't. Ann said, "Since Sailor Moon was the one who always bothered us, that means Tsukino-san didn't love you."
Sailor Moon was trying to wake up Mamoru. Then Mamoru's eyes opened. Mamoru said, "Sailor Moon?"
Sailor Moon said, "No. I'm just a girl who loves you.." Then they held each other's hands. Ann saw this and was shocked.
Ail said, "It seems like that boy didn't love you either."

Ann got upset again and blasted both Sailor Moon and Mamoru. Then Sailor Moon struggled to Mamoru. Ann was going to finish them off, but the Sailor Senshi came and tried to block the blast. The blast was too strong, and the Sailor Senshi got thrown back. When Ann attacked again, Sailor Moon got in front of Mamoru and tried to block the blast. Sailor Moon said, "Stop it! Natsumi-san was trying very hard when we were doing the play.. Seijuurou-san also greeted me very warmly.. Mamoru and I both like that part of you.. Because we are friends, we came to see how you were doing."
Then Ail thought to himself, "So that feeling that I had was friendship?"
But Ann snapped back, "You took Mamoru-san from me!" and got ready to blast Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon said, "A person that you love.. isn't something that you take."

When Ann started blasting Sailor Moon, Mamoru ran in front of her. Ail was shocked. But Ann kept increasing her power. Sailor Moon told Mamoru to move, but Mamoru kept taking the attack. Ail thought, "This.. this is love. The feeling of caring for the other person.. is love."

Then when Mamoru got killed (or just unconscious), Ail told Ann to stop it. Ail said, "Ann, love isn't something you try to take. It is a the consideration for others in your heart."
Ann said, "What are you saying!?"
Sailor Venus said, "Yeah, that's right!"
Sailor Jupiter struggled up and said, "A person who can feel love will never be alone."
Ann said, "That's..!"
Tsukikage no knight appeared and said, "All living creatures are brothers. Before you fight, you should open your heart."
Ann said, "People like you who have lived on a plentiful planet like this.. You don't know the kind of pain we went through!"
Ail said, "Ann.."
Ann continued, "We traveled through the universe, just the two of us!"
Tsukikage no knight said, "There was something nearby that thought about you all the time. Why didn't you notice it?"

But Ann just got mad and blasted tsukikage no knight. Then the Makaiju started moving. The branches moved around and knocked the Sailor Senshi away. Then the branches started attacking Ail and Ann. When one branch was headed for Ann, Ail got in front of her and took the hit. Ail got knocked to the floor. Then a pointed branch headed for Ail. Ann got in front of Ail and told the Makaiju to stop. But the Makaiju's branch didn't stop and just kept going. It speared Ann, while Sailor Moon and Ail were watching.

Then the Makaiju started crying. Ail rushed to Ann, and held her in his arms. Ann said, "I didn't want you to get hurt.."
Ail said, "Don't talk Ann! We'll get aid for you.."
Ann said, "This is love. I finally realized." Ann had tears in her eyes. Ann continued, "This is.. a strange felling.. Ail, I love you. I love you with my heart.." Then Ann died.

Then a voice said, "I was caught in anger and I hurt my own child."
Ail asked, "Who is it?"
The voice said, "I am the Makaiju. I was finally able to awaken from the long sleep. My child, I will speak now about myself and about you two."

The Makaiju started to tell its story, "I was born on a beautiful planet that was totally covered with water. But I was the only one on that planet. I was alone for a long time, but one day another life form appeared from my pods. I loved them, and they loved me. I found out that something with a heart could not be alone."

The Makaiju continued, "But then they began to fight over my energy. There weren't any left that had the same feelings as me. Then they forgot about love and were controlled by hatred. Eventually they fought a war and destroyed their own planet. I escaped into space with the remaining ones. But they never stopped fighting. Since I wasn't loved, I became weaker and weaker. So I decided to put my hopes on the two that were born after I went out into space. They were Ail and Ann. In order for me to give you energy, I had to keep my activity to a minimum so I put myself into sleep. I prayed that you two would grow up to have consideration for others."

The Makaiju continued, "Sailor Moon, when you came into the room I felt a strong love and started to awaken. But Ail and Ann didn't have the consideration. They only thought about stealing. I was caught in anger and I attacked you. I even killed my own child. Please understand. What I need is not energy. It is love."

Ail said, "So that's it. The one that protected us when we were little was your branches, your leaves.. I'm sorry Makaiju, our mother."

The Makaiju said, "Sailor Moon, my body is now beginning to decay because of this anger. Please use your power of love to purify me."

Then Sailor Moon used her moon princess halation. The Makaiju said, "With the last of my remaining energy, I will heal those who got killed for me, my child Ann." Then the Makaiju disappeared.

Sailor Moon was still standing next to Mamoru, who was lying on the ground. Then Tsukikage no knight appeared and said, "The regeneration is going to begin."
Sailor Moon said, "Tsukikage no knight-sama!?"

Then Tsukikage no knight took off the cloth that was covering his face. It was Mamoru! Tsukikage no knight said, "You did well Sailor Moon.. No, I mean Tsukino Usagi.."
Sailor Moon was surprised and said, "Mamoru-san!? There are two Mamorus!?"

Tsukikage no knight explained, "The ginzuishou tried to seal the memory of Chiba Mamoru who regenerated. But his feelings for trying to protect you was too strong. So the ginzuishou separated those feelings from Chiba Mamoru and created tsukikage no knight. I existed only for the very important girl Tsukino Usagi.. But Chiba Mamoru awakened. So I should go back into him. Adieu.."

Tsukikage no knight merged back into Mamoru's body. Then Mamoru woke up. Mamoru said to Sailor Moon, "Sorry I made you wait. Tsukino Usagi with the odango atama.."

Sailor Moon was very happy that Mamoru's memory returned, and dove at him to hug him.

Meanwhile Ann had recovered. Then Ail and Ann spotted a little branch of the Makaiju, floating in the air surrounded by some force field. Ail said, "Let's raise this on a new planet.."
Ann said, "Yes, with the energy of our love.."

Then Ail and Ann thanked Sailor Moon and floated off into space.

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