Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 60

Episode title
Tenshi? Akuma? Sora kara kita nazono shoujo
[An angel? A devil? The mysterious girl who came from the sky]
Air date
New characters
Chibi Usa (Araki Kae)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.08.30
Rubeus and four females, who had upside-down crescent moons on their foreheads, appeared in the sky above Tokyo in a strange vessel.

Usagi and Mamoru were on a date in a park (in a row boat). Usagi asked, "Are we going to stay together forever?"
Mamoru said, "Yes."
Usagi said, "This is the happiest moment of my life."
Usagi was getting out of the boat and slipped. Mamoru caught her. Then they kissed.

After a few seconds while they were kissing, a ball with a cat's face on it came out of the sky and hit Mamoru's head. Then a little girl with pink odango hair appeared out of the sky and landed on top of Usagi's head. Usagi fell away and the girl kissed Mamoru. When Usagi recovered she got mad at the girl. "Hey get away from Mamo-chan!"
The little girl turned and gave a very mean look to Usagi. Usagi asked the girl who she was. The girl answered that she was Usagi.
The little girl said, "Who are you? Why do you have the same odango atama as me?"
Usagi got mad and said, "The odango atama is my trademark. I'm Tsukino Usagi."
Then the little girl pulled out a gun and pointed it at Usagi. She said, "If you're Tsukino Usagi, you must have the ginzuishou. Hurry up and give it to me." Mamoru thought the girl was playing and told her to stop. But the girl said, "Don't move. If you move I'll kill her." Usagi tried to pretend like she didn't know what was going on. But the girl said, "Don't act stupid. I know you have the ginzuishou."

Then Chibi Usa fired the gun, and Usagi fell over. Mamoru was shocked and immediately ran to Usagi. He saw that there was a tiny toy dart on Usagi's forehead. When Mamoru turned around to scold the little girl, she was nowhere to be seen.

Usagi, who was totally exhausted, struggled home and went up to her room. Then she immediately zoomed down to the living room and yelled at Shingo. Usagi's room was all messed up. Shingo had no idea what Usagi was talking about. Then Usagi saw Chibi Usa.

Mother said that their cousin Usagi was going to stay with them. Usagi shouted, "Don't get tricked! She's not a real human!" Usagi also said that they didn't have any cousins. But Shingo called Usagi stupid and said that Chibi Usa had come over before. There was a lot of pictures from the time that Chibi Usa had come over to their house on New Years. Usagi was shocked and yelled out.

Usagi went to take a bath. Luna said that this all happened while she was away. Usagi said that it must be fake pictures. Luna said that Chibi Usa must be doing something to hypnotize the others. When Usagi asked what they should do, Luna said that they should just wait until Chibi Usa makes her next move. Then Chibi Usa appeared from inside the bath. She asked for the ginzuishou and started fighting with Usagi. Luna noticed that Usagi's life wasn't in immediate danger.

[Usagi's breasts bouncing around are visible.]

That night when Usagi was in her bed, Usagi was thinking about Mamoru. Then Chibi Usa appeared in Usagi's pajamas and asked about the ginzuishou. Usagi screamed out loud and threw Chibi Usa onto the bed.

Usagi's family heard the noise and came to Usagi's room. Usagi yelled, "Get out of my room!"
But mother yelled at Usagi, that she shouldn't pick on a little girl. Usagi tried to say that she wasn't picking on her, but Chibi Usa was on the bed, and sadly said, "Oneechan, please don't tease me."
Father, mother, and Shingo scolded Usagi.

Meanwhile, one of the four sisters (maybe Beruche?) said that she couldn't find the rabbit. Then an old man called Wiseman appeared. He said that as long as the ginzuishou existed, they couldn't destroy crystal Tokyo. He said that the ginzuishou was somewhere in Juubangai for sure. Rubeus was determined to find it and defeat the rabbit.

The girls were at Rei's shrine. Rei was concentrating by the fire and tried to find out something from one of the pictures containing Chibi Usa. But Rei couldn't feel anything from it.

Chibi Usa saw the girls and thought that Usagi had given the ginzuishou to one of her friends.

Rei's grandfather was walking towards Rei's room with a tray full of tea and manju. [manju = Japanese cake] Chibi Usa was sitting on the hall. When Rei's grandfather stopped, Chibi Usa used her magic (by bouncing her Luna-P doll and saying "Luna-P henge!") to create a milk bottle. Then Chibi Usa put some drops of milk into the tea. Grandfather said that she shouldn't put milk into Japanese tea. But Chibi Usa stuck the bottle into grandfather's mouth, and grandfather fell over asleep. Chibi Usa said that it wasn't milk. It was sleeping power.

The girls were in Rei's room. Usagi said that Rei's spiritual power wasn't very good, because Rei couldn't feel anything. But all the girls said that maybe Usagi was getting too worried because everything was going too well, especially with Mamoru. Then Ami said that they should do their "real motive", which was to study for the exams. Minako quickly told Ami not to bring everything back to reality.

Rei's grandfather came to Rei's room with the tray of tea and manju. He tried to pick up the girls, but Rei told him to leave it and go away. Grandfather went away complaining.

When Rei put the tray on the table, Usagi started eating the manju right away. The other girls were surprised at Usagi, then they started drinking the tea. Then one by one, they collapsed.

Usagi had no idea what was happening. Then Chibi Usa came into the room. She was going to start looking for the ginzuishou, but Usagi picked her up. "I didn't drink any tea. Tell me who you are, why you came, why you're after the ginzuishou."

When Usagi started spanking Chibi Usa, Chibi Usa started crying. [Chibi Usa was very cute!] Then Chibi Usa cried out very loudly, and a crescent moon mark appeared on her forehead.

Meanwhile, Cooan was with a bunch of little kids. She was checking their foreheads. Then they all saw a bright light in the distance.

Cooan appeared in Rei's room. She said that she would kill the "rabbit" and looked at Chibi Usa. When Usagi asked what was up, Cooan said that she was the fourth daughter of the evil sisters. She also said that she would kill Usagi first. Then Cooan fired at Usagi with her blue flame attack. Usagi ducked, but got worried as it started burning Rei's manga.

Chibi Usa ran out of the room and Cooan went after her. Usagi didn't know what was going on, but she transformed into Sailor Moon.

Chibi Usa was lying on the ground, and Cooan was going to finish her off. Chibi Usa muttered, "Help," and the crescent mark on her forehead faded. Then Sailor Moon appeared.

Cooan fired her blue flames at Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon just tried to escape, but got surrounded by the flames. Cooan walked away toward Chibi Usa.

Sailor Moon jumped up onto the wall to escape from the flames. Then she ran on top of the wall toward Cooan. Sailor Moon used her "sailor body attack" and threw herself at Cooan. The attack knocked Cooan down and she got very mad because her face got dirtied.

When Cooan was about to blast Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen appeared and threw a rose at Cooan. He said, "A burning flame of passion is beautiful. But an evil flame to burn someone is ugly."

Then Sailor Moon used her moon princess halation. She thought that she had finished Cooan off, but Cooan had jumped to the roof. Then Cooan disappeared, saying that she will get back at Sailor Moon.

Tuxedo Kamen was holding Chibi Usa, and saw a vision. He saw a crystal tower. Chibi Usa muttered, "It feels warm, just like father."

Cooan went back to the ship. While she was putting make up on her face, she told Rubeus about Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen.

Later Chibi Usa was sleeping on Usagi's bed. Usagi was watching over her and said, "Little Usagi-chan, if you would tell me what was up, I would have listened."

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