Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 61

Episode title
Usagi dai shock! Mamoru no zekkou sengen
[Usagi's big shock! Mamoru announces that he's breaking up]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.08.30
Usagi was running down the street early in the morning. Then Mamoru, who was jogging, spotted her. When he called out to her, Usagi went to him and hugged him. Usagi was happy to see Mamoru. Mamoru said, "It seems like we are destined to be together." Then they were about to kiss, but Luna came up and yelled at them. Usagi remembered that she had been looking for Chibi Usa, who had disappeared. Mamoru wondered if the new bad guys that they ran into before had gotten her. Then they immediately went to look for Chibi Usa.

Chibi Usa was in a park sitting on a swing by herself, looking very sad. Usagi and Mamoru spotted her.
Mamoru said, "Chibi Usa."
Usagi asked, "What happened? Why did you leave home without telling anyone? Everyone's worried about you."
Chibi Usa started crying. "Leave me alone!"

Mamoru went to Chibi Usa and reached out for her. "Let's go home. I'll take you home." Then Chibi Usa smiled. When their hands touched, Mamoru saw another vision of crystal Tokyo. There was something at the top of the crystal tower.

On the way home, Mamoru carried Chibi Usa on his back. Usagi got upset at her and told her to get off. Then Chibi Usa told Usagi to stop calling her Chibi Usa, because her name was Usagi. But Usagi said that she was Usagi and that Mamoru was her boy friend. Then Chibi Usa said Mamoru was her boy friend. When Usagi got upset, Mamoru said that Chibi Usa was still a child, and was lonely. Chibi Usa got upset at Mamoru for calling her Chibi Usa, but Mamoru said that it was a cute name. Then Chibi Usa became happy and said that it was ok to call her that.

Usagi started walking away by herself. She told Mamoru, "Go marry Chibi Usa."

Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi Usa got home and the rest of the family met them outside. Mother and Shingo scolded Chibi Usa for leaving home. Then father asked Usagi about Mamoru. Usagi said, "This is my friend Chiba Mamoru."
Shingo said, "He's pretty good for Usagi's boy friend."
Father said, "Boy friend! Is that true Usagi!?"
Mamoru said that he was in the middle of his jog and ran off. Father yelled out after Mamoru.
Mother said to Usagi, "Usagi, he's pretty cool. Next time when father is gone, please bring him home."
Father started crying, saying that Usagi had become a delinquent.
Chibi Usa was standing by the gate and spoke up. "I'm hungry."

Then Father, mother, and Shingo looked at Chibi Usa, but didn't know who she was. "Did we have a relative like this? Who are you?"
Then Chibi Usa used her magic, "Luna-P henge!" and made an umbrella. She turned the umbrella around to hypnotize everyone. Luna bit Usagi in the arm to prevent her from getting hypnotized too. Then everyone else "remembered" Chibi Usa as their relative.

Rubeus called Beruche. He had an image of crystal Tokyo. He said that he had to destroy it as soon as possible. To do it, they needed to find the ginzuishou and kill the rabbit. But Beruche said that they haven't gotten either. Then Rubeus said that there was another way to destroy crystal Tokyo. There were five "points" on the star shaped city, called crystal points. Rubeus told Beruche that he had found one of them. So they had to change the current crystal point into the dark power.

When Mamoru was walking down the street, he saw an image of a future city getting destroyed. He also saw an image of Princess Serenity, and realized something.

Usagi was walking back from school. She was disappointed as she had gotten a 32 on a test. Then Usagi saw Mamoru in front of her, and ran to him. She hugged him, but Mamoru pushed her away and said, "Stop it! Don't get so close to me." Usagi thought that Mamoru didn't want her to show so much affection, but Mamoru said, "I don't feel love for you any more. It's over with you!" Usagi was shocked!

Later at Rei's place, Usagi told the other girls what Mamoru had said to her. But they said that something must have been bothering him. Ami said that maybe Mamoru said that for Usagi's sake, so that she can concentrate on her school work. Everyone quickly gave Ami strange looks.

Mamoru was taking care of Chibi Usa in his apartment. Chibi Usa was doing he homework, when Usagi came over. Usagi apologized to Mamoru. But Mamoru said that it wasn't like that. He said that he didn't feel any love for her any more. "I want to end it with you."
Usagi said, "I can't believe that. You were Endymion. I was Serenity. We were together before we were even born."
Mamoru said, "I'm saying I don't like that any more. Why do I have to go out with you because of the past? I.."
Usagi started getting tears in her eyes. Then Usagi spotted Chibi Usa's shoes. Usagi said, "Maybe you like Chibi Usa more than me."
Mamoru said, "Don't say such stupid things."
Usagi said, "I'm sorry for making you go out with me." Then Usagi cried and left.
After Usagi was gone, Mamoru said to himself, "I'm sorry Usako."

Usagi walked down the street and wandered into a telephone booth. She crouched down and started crying. "I'm sorry mother. I can't bring Mamoru home any more."

Meanwhile Beruche called one of her youma to a cosmetic store. She was going to have it sell her special cosmetics. It was something that would make one pretty for a short time, but will make them very ugly later. This store was one of the future crystal points.

Usagi walked into the cosmetic store. The girl (youma) noticed that Usagi had tear marks on her face. She took out many cosmetics to make Usagi pretty. Usagi asked, "If I become pretty, will Mamo-chan say that he likes me?"
The girl said that he would, but Usagi said that changing the exterior wouldn't make Mamoru change. The girl insisted that Mamoru (as well as all other guys) would just notice the exterior. Then Usagi got mad. "Mamo-chan isn't like that. You don't know anything about Mamo-chan. You're just stupid!"

Usagi was going to leave, but the girl grabbed Usagi's arm. While the girl and Usagi were fighting, everyone else in the store left. Then the girl put on a lot of make up and transformed into a green haired youma. Usagi was shocked. The youma tried to put make up on Usagi. Then Luna appeared and told Usagi that it was the enemy. "Moon crystal power make up!"

"For love and justice, the sailor suit beautiful fighter Sailor Moon. Trying to forcefully sell cosmetics to girls who want to be liked by boys.. I won't forgive you. I'll punish you for the moon!"

The youma attacked Sailor Moon, saying they had to kill anyone who found out about the plan to destroy the future city. "Put on thick make up!" The youma chased Sailor Moon around the store. While fighting, the youma flattened Luna against a wall.

The youma had Sailor Moon trapped. Then a voice said, "A young girl's skin is very lively and fresh. There's no need for thick make up."

The youma attacked Tuxedo Kamen, but he hit her back. The youma's face got "erased". Then Tuxedo Kamen told Sailor Moon to attack. While the youma was trying to put on make up (to draw her face), Sailor Moon used the moon princess halation attack. The youma got turned into sand.

Tuxedo Kamen said, "Bye!"
Sailor Moon said, "It's not true that you hate me. You came to save me."
Tuxedo Kamen said, "That and this are different."
Sailor Moon started crying, and asked, "Tell me why you hate me now."
Tuxedo Kamen said, "I hate weak girls. Bye."
Sailor Moon said, "Mamo-chan.."
Tuxedo Kamen said to himself, "Sorry Usako." Then he walked away.
Sailor Moon said, "Ok. I understand. I'll become strong and get you back."

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