Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 62

Episode title
Senshi no yuujou! Sayonara Ami-chan
[The friendship of the senshi! Good-bye Ami-chan]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.09.22
One day after school, Chibi Usa was walking home from school by herself. She saw an ice cream store and wanted to go (started drooling). But she changed her mind right away, saying it was childish. She had to find the ginzuishou anyways.

Then Ami came by and asked Chibi Usa to go eat ice cream with her. Chibi Usa's eyes lit up, but she tried to pretend that Ami was forcing her to go eat the ice cream.

Meanwhile at Rei's shrine, Usagi was with Rei, Minako, and Mako. The other girls told Usagi that Ami might be going to Germany to study. Usagi was shocked. But they understood because Ami was so smart. It had been Ami's dream. Usagi said, "I don't want to part with Ami-chan! Also Ami-chan is our important partner."

But the other girls said that they wanted to let Ami go. They said that they shouldn't be so selfish. After Luna mentioned that Usagi had said that she wanted everyone to be normal girls, Usagi agreed. Then they decided that they wanted to have a party for Ami.

After eating the ice cream, Ami left to go to cram school. Chibi Usa thought that Ami was very good girl. So she thought that Ami might have the ginzuishou instead of Usagi.

Luna and Artemis gave new sticks and communicator watches to the girls. Usagi mentioned that Ami's was left over.

Rubeus was looking over the image of crystal Tokyo. He called Beruche and said that he had found another crystal point.

That night Chibi Usa waited at Ami's cram school. When Ami came out, she scolded Chibi Usa for staying out so late. But Chibi Usa had a favor to ask Ami. She said that she wanted to go over to Ami's house to study, because she couldn't study at Usagi's place. Ami imagined Usagi reading a manga and laughing out loud. She said that she would help Chibi Usa.

That night at 10 PM, Chibi Usa started dozing off. When Ami caught her, Chibi Usa said that it was time to sleep. But Ami said that they can study for another hour. Chibi Usa was surprised at Ami. Ami didn't have any opening for her to try to get the ginzuishou. Then Ami asked, "Chibi Usa, where did you come from? You're not really Usagi's cousin. If you don't want to talk, it's ok. But if you don't have anywhere else to go, do you want to come here? I have to go somewhere soon.." Then Ami said to herself that she couldn't leave Usagi and the others. She told Chibi Usa to forget about it.

That night Usagi had a dream. Ami was going away. Mamoru was also going away.

In the middle of the night, Beruche and a youma appeared at the ice cream shop. The youma blew some cold wind at the store.

The next day Usagi met Chibi Usa and Ami. Usagi asked if it was hard taking care of Chibi Usa, and Ami said that it wasn't. Ami asked Chibi Usa to come over whenever she wanted. Chibi Usa thought to herself that she would until she got the ginzuishou. Then Usagi said that they would have a party for Ami. But Ami said she still hadn't decided for sure, and that she had ten days left. Ami said that maybe she shouldn't go, but Usagi said that she had to go, and study to become a great doctor. Usagi said that they were all counting on her.

Later Usagi met the other girls and told them that Ami didn't want a farewell party. She also didn't want anyone to go see her off at the airport. Ami had said, "You know I'm very indecisive. So if you have a party for me, I might no be able to part with you. I don't want to say good bye."

Rei understood Ami's feelings, but Mako said that she wanted to see her off. So Minako suggested that they go directly to the airport. They all agreed to this.

A young couple bought some ice cream at the ice cream store. Initially they were very friendly with each other, but right after eating the ice cream, they began to argue. Beruche and the youma's plan was working.

Artemis was investigating in the back room of the ice cream shop. Then Beruche and the youma came and spotted him as he made a noise. Artemis pretended to be a cute cat, and Beruche picked him up. But then she threw him up and told the youma to freeze him. The youma blew out cold air and put Artemis on ice.

Meanwhile Rei, Minako, Mako, Usagi, and Luna were at Rei's shrine. Rei tried to find out about Artemis by using her fire ritual. But she couldn't feel anything. Then Usagi thought that the enemy must have gotten him, and suggested they ask Ami to use her computer. But all of the other girls stared at Usagi. Usagi then said that they had to do it by themselves now.

At Ami's house, Ami was packing her stuff. Chibi Usa was there and said that the time had finally come to say good bye.

Minako was looking at the ice cream store. Luna came by and said that it was almost time to go see Ami off.

After the ice cream store closed, Beruche appeared and asked the youma girl if she had taken care of the people in the back. The youma said that she hadn't yet. Beruche said that she would take care of them, along with the youma girl. But the youma girl said that she would do it. Then Beruche disappeared.

The youma went to the back room and opened the door. She noticed someone there and asked, "Who is it!" Then Minako appeared and said, "That's what we have to ask!" Minako also asked what she was going to do with all of the frozen people that were stored away. The youma blew cold air at them. Minako jumped out of the way, but Luna got frozen.

Usagi, Rei, and Mako were waiting at the bus stop for Minako. Eight buses had gone by, but Minako hadn't appeared yet. Then Rei got a call from Minako on her communicator. The girls were going to go right away, but Usagi asked about the gift for Ami. Then Chibi Usa came and said that she would take it to Ami for them. Then Mamoru came and Chibi Usa went with Mamoru in his car.

The youma was looking around in the room for Minako. Then the Sailor Senshi appeared. Sailor Moon said, "Using ice cream that girl's love. I won't let you go any more. I'll punish you for the moon!"

The youma then tried to blow her cold air at the Sailor Senshi.

Meanwhile Ami was at the airport. [in the background they had Ami's song "Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte"] Mamoru and Chibi Usa were on the way.

The Sailor Senshi were to cold, and all they could do was hide from the youma. "This is colder than the north pole."

At the airport, Chibi Usa and Mamoru met Ami. Chibi Usa used her "Luna-P magic!" and created a present for Ami. [A stick that turned into a flower.] Then Mamoru gave the girls' gift to Ami.
Chibi Usa said, "You're friendship is only like this. They didn't come see you off."
Ami said, "That's because i asked them not to."
Chibi Usa said, "That doesn't matter, if you're friends."
Ami said, "They are great friends."
Chibi Usa said, "That's a lie. Everyone's only thinking about themselves."
Ami opened the gift. It had her new transformation pen and communicator.
The note said, "No matter where you go, we are together."
Ami said, "Something important must have come up." Then Ami realized that they might be fighting. Ami asked Mamoru, and Mamoru nodded.
Ami said, "It's as you say, Chibi Usa-chan. I had only been thinking about myself." Then Ami asked Mamoru to drive her back.

Meanwhile the Sailor Senshi were just trying to protect themselves from the youma's cold wind.

When Ami was running to the ice cream store, she was holding the new transformation pen and said, "I know what I have to say. I'm one of the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mercury."

Ami said, "Mercury star power, make up!" and transformed into Sailor Mercury.

When the youma was attacking the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mercury arrived and said to the youma, "Wait!" Then she used her new attack "Shine aqua illusion!" and blasted the youma. Sailor Moon used the "Moon princess halation!" to finish off the youma.

When the Sailor Senshi went to Sailor Mercury, she said, "I want to stay with everyone."

Later when Usagi asked Ami is she wasn't regretting it, Ami said that she can study anywhere. Ami also said that she would study hard to become a good doctor.

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