Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 63

Episode title
Onnaha tsuyoku utsukushiku! Rei no shin hissatsu waza
[Girls should be strong and beautiful! Rei's new attack]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.09.22
Rei's grandfather was wondering why the young girls weren't coming to his shrine. Rei pointed out that an article had been written in a girls' magazine that there was a perverted old man at the shrine. Rei was feeling happy and asked her grandfather to reflect on his behavior. But Rei's grandfather just said that maybe he would retire and let Rei handle the shrine. He didn't want to work if there weren't any girls.

Luna saw Usagi sitting at her table. She thought Usagi was studying. But when she went around, Luna found out that Usagi was sleeping. Then some hands appeared and started tickling Usagi around the stomach. Usagi woke up and picked up Chibi Usa. Usagi sat down on her bed and started spanking Chibi Usa. Usagi said that there was no way Chibi Usa could beat her. Chibi Usa thought to herself that she wanted to be stronger than Usagi. Then Usagi remembered that she had promised Rei that she would work with her.

All of the girls were at Rei's shrine working. They all wore the same outfit as Rei, with white top and red skirt. [Very nice!]

Ami was using an abacus and counting the money from their sales. She said, "It's great that I can practice my calculating skill and work at the same time." Business was much better than usual because of the girls.

When Mako asked what kind of work Rei's grandfather started, Rei said that it was a strange job. In another part of the shrine grounds, grandfather had turned one of the buildings into a "shape up salon" for women, called "Protect Este". Grandfather and Yuuichirou were practicing some strange moves, while wearing aerobic tights.

When Rei, Usagi, and Chibi Usa were watching, Rei kept saying that it was bad. Grandfather came out and they started arguing. Rei said, "You just want to play around with girls!" Grandfather said, "Is there anything wrong with that?" Rei said, "Yes. I don't care what happens to you." Rei gave up and walked away. Grandfather asked Usagi if she wanted to join. Usagi laughed and ran away. Chibi Usa was going to say something, but Usagi came and carried her away.

At the bad guy's ship, Karaberas asked Rubeus about Cooan. Rubeus said that Cooan had already gone out to start her next assignment. They had discovered another crystal point. It was the building in Rei's shrine where grandfather had set up the este. Karaberas got upset that Cooan got all of the assignments.

Grandfather was outside on the street trying to attract girls for his este. But he didn't get anyone to join. He wondered where Yuuichirou had gone. Then Chibi Usa appeared and said that she wanted to join. Grandfather only wanted older girls, but said that it was better than nothing. Chibi Usa asked if it would make her stronger, and grandfather said that it would. Then Chibi Usa imagined herself spanking Usagi. Then Yuuichirou returned to the shrine with a large group of girls that he had recruited. Grandfather saw the girls and became very happy.

That night Cooan came to the shrine building and put her "dark power" all over the ring.

The next day, Usagi went to Rei and said, "Good morning." Rei said, "For noon, you're supposed to say hello." Usagi noticed that Rei was feeling upset. Luna asked what was up. Rei said that Yuuichirou had brought a lot of girls to the este. Usagi said that Rei must be jealous. Rei said that it wasn't so.

After grandfather and Yuuichirou walked by them to the este building, Usagi said that she wanted to go take a look. Rei said that she wasn't interested, but Usagi pulled her along.

When grandfather and Yuuichirou went to the este, all of the girls (in tight fitting aerobic outfits) cheered for them. Grandfather was very happy. Cooan was in the group of girls, and said that grandfather would need another assistant instructor because there were so many students. She said that they (herself and the youma) were very strong. One girl who was with Cooan (a youma) got up onto the ring to show off her strength. She picked out one ordinary girl and threw her around the ring.

Usagi and Rei were peeking, and Usagi became very scared. Rei felt some evil force. Then Chibi Usa came. [Chibi Usa was wearing a very cute athletic outfit.] Usagi told her to stop, but Chibi Usa took a look inside. They saw one girl crying as she was getting thrown around. Chibi Usa became scared and ran away.

When the girl got thrown out, Cooan asked grandfather how he liked it. Then Yuuichirou yelled out, "Wait! I'm the coach." But Cooan put her arms on grandfather's shoulders. Grandfather looked at the girls and Yuuichirou. He couldn't make up his mind. Rei came and told her grandfather that Yuuichirou had been with him all this time. But Cooan said that it was something grandfather had to decide, and got closer to him. Grandfather then chose Cooan, and a disappointed Yuuichirou walked away.

Later all of the girls were together (wearing the shrine outfits). Mako and Minako were talking to Rei, and Usagi was eating the food. Ami was doing her homework. She said that she liked the difficult problems. (She had just finished one that had taken three hours to solve.)

Meanwhile in the este, Cooan and her assistant was spreading the dark power to all of the girls. The girls started getting violent and started fighting each other. Grandfather didn't know what was going on. He said that his motto was, "Stronger, Prettier, and also a little fun for me." Then the girls started to attack grandfather. But grandfather easily took care of the girls and knocked them out.

Then Cooan asked her youma assistant Tumble to fight grandfather. Tumble transformed into a youma with spikes and bulging muscles. Tumble did her "elbow drop" at grandfather. But Rei jumped into the ring and pushed her grandfather out of the way. Tumble landed with her spiked elbow into Rei's leg. Grandfather told Rei that he could take care of them by himself. Grandfather face the youma. When Tumble was going to kick grandfather, Rei pushed him out of the way and got kicked herself. Then the youma had Rei and her grandfather along the ropes. Rei protected her grandfather as Tumble kept kicking Rei's back. Grandfather saw this and said, "Rei, you'll do this for me."
Rei said, "Of course, you're my only grandfather."
Then Tumble blasted grandfather with some energy, and he got knocked out.

Usagi came running to the ring and transformed.

Cooan was going to finish off Rei and her grandfather. (Rei was holding her grandfather in her arms.) But a twirling stick (the cutie moon rod) came flying and hit Cooan. Sailor Moon appeared and said, "Destroying the fun for an old guy who is a little H. That's going too far! For love and justice, the sailor suit beautiful fighter Sailor Moon. I'll punish you for the moon!"

Cooan sent Tumble to attack Sailor Moon. But a red rose came flying to save Sailor Moon. "It's good to train to be strong. But you shouldn't loose elegance." Tumble fought against Tuxedo Kamen. Then Tuxedo Kamen told Sailor Moon to use her attack. Sailor Moon used her moon princess halation and turned Tumble into sand.

Cooan looked at herself in a compact. She saw a spot on her face and got very mad. Cooan attacked Sailor Moon. "Dark fire!" Sailor Moon just tried to run away.

Rei laid her unconscious grandfather down on the ring. "I'll get revenge for you, grandfather." Then Rei transformed, "Mars star power, make up!"

Cooan was going to blast Sailor Moon, but Sailor Mars came and pushed Sailor Moon out of the way. Then Sailor Mars and Cooan attacked each other with their fire attacks. (Sailor Mars had the red fire attack, and Cooan had the blue fire attack.) Cooan was a little stronger and started pushing back Sailor Mars. Sailor Moon saw that Sailor Mars was in danger and was going to help her out. But Tuxedo Kamen stopped her said that Sailor Mars looked stronger today. Then Sailor Mars used her new "burning mandala" attack and blasted Cooan. Cooan's outfit started burning, so she disappeared.

Sailor Moon said, "Maybe I'll join Protect Este and become a stronger and elegant girl."
Then Tuxedo Kamen saw an image of the crystal tower and Princess Serenity. He said in a mean voice, "Do as you like. It doesn't have anything to do with me." Then Tuxedo Kamen walked away. As he was walking, he said to himself, "I'm sorry Usako."

Sailor Mars told Sailor Moon that because Tuxedo Kamen had come to save her, he still cared for her.

Later Rei's grandfather started a jazz dance school, Protect Jazz Dance. Rei, Usagi, and Luna took a peek inside. They saw Yuuichirou, Chibi Usa, and Rei's grandfather dancing.

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