Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 64

Episode title
Ginzuishou motomete! Chibi Usa no himitsu
[Going after the ginzuishou! The secret of Chibi Usa]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.11.19
The four sisters were in a room in Rubeus' UFO. They were arguing about fashions, make up, etc, and they started fighting. Rubeus appeared and told them to stop fighting. He had a good idea to get the rabbit. The rabbit hated thunder. So if there was a thunder storm, the rabbit might let out lots of energy.

Petz said that she had a good droid. Then she called the lighting droid, a very silly one with drums for the thunder and a hair dryer for the wind.

Usagi was running with a Nakayoshi in her arms. She ran home because of the sudden rain and thunder. (Usagi was very scared of thunder.)

When Usagi got home and called out for her mother, Luna came to meet her. Usagi asked for a towel because she was all wet. But Luna told Usagi to go to the school to pick up Chibi Usa. But Usagi said that she didn't want to because she hated thunder. Luna told Usagi that mother was out shopping with a friend.

Chibi Usa was at school. There were a couple of other kids, whose parents were late in picking them up. They started crying because of the thunder. Chibi Usa told them to cheer up. Then the other kids' parents came and picked them up. Chibi Usa was left by herself. Then Chibi Usa started crying. She called out for her mother and father. She remembered the past, when she played in the rain with her mother and father.

Usagi was in a rain coat on her way to pick up Chibi Usa. She asked for the thunder to stay quiet, but there was a loud thunder. Usagi screamed and jumped up. [VERY cute and funny voice acting - H.Doi]

Meanwhile Chibi Usa had started walking out of the school by herself.

Usagi got to Chibi Usa's school, but nobody was there. Usagi called home. Shingo was at home playing the Sailor Moon game. He didn't want to pick up the phone, but it kept ringing, so he got it. Shingo was very upset that it was Usagi. Shingo told her that Chibi Usa wasn't home yet, and that Usagi should look for her again. But Usagi had already looked around for 20 minutes.

Usagi kept running around in the rain looking for Chibi Usa. Then Usagi ran into Mamoru. When the thunder made the loud noise again, Usagi yelled out and grabbed onto Mamoru. Then Mamoru pulled Usagi away, and said, "Stop it. As I told you before, I don't want to go out with you any more."

When Usagi told him about Chibi Usa, Mamoru said, "Hurry up and find Chibi Usa!" Then he said that he would help out too, and ran off.
Usagi ran after him thinking, "He's a nice person. No matter how cold he is to me, I still love him."

Mako and Ami were in a coffee shop sitting next to the window. Mako saw Usagi and Mamoru running outside together, and thought that they were getting along well. But Ami said, "But if they have enough time to be running around in the rain, I think they should study."

Then Rei and Minako also came into the shop. They had just run into each other when they were trying to get out of the rain.

Chibi Usa was sitting outside by herself. She activated some communications device in Luna-P. An image of a person appeared in one of Luna-P's eyes. Then Chibi Usa said, "Poo, I want to return to my mother's place. I want to use they key to return." Chibi Usa had a key that enabled her to travel through time. But the voice said that she couldn't. She had to stay in the present time to get the ginzuishou in order to save her mother. Then the other person cut off the communications.

Then there was a very loud thunder. Chibi Usa got up very scared and ran off. She cried and said that she wanted to return. Then She pulled out her key and activated some strange power.

The gravity in the coffee shop disappeared, and the girls started floating around. Ami quickly tried to grab her school books. Rei floated up and her head ended up inside Minako's skirt. Minako yelled out, "Ecchi!"

Ami was floating around holding her books and thinking about what was going on. She noticed that the gravity was normal outside of the store. Then Mako started swimming in the air, trying to get down to the floor.

Chibi Usa was surprised that she couldn't return to her parents' place. She cried out some more. Then her energy beam came out and went out into the sky. Petz spotted it. Usagi and Mamoru also spotted Chibi Usa's energy.

The thunder droid appeared in the building that Chibi Usa was in, and started to attack. Since there was no gravity, Chibi Usa tried to swim in the air to get away. Then Usagi arrived. When Usagi went into the building, she noticed that the gravity was gone.

Chibi Usa swam to the other room, where the other four girls were. The droid was swimming after Chibi Usa. Then the droid used her wind attack to knock all of the girls into the wall.

Then Usagi, while floating in the air, reached for her brooch and transformed into Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon appeared in the room where the droid was attacking the girls. Chibi Usa asked, "Who are you?"
Sailor Moon said, "For love and justice, I'm the sailor suit beautiful fighter Sailor Moon. That sudden rain and thunder was you! For disturbing the peaceful city and brining fear into little children, I won't forgive you. I'll punish you in place of the moon!"

The droid attacked Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon got blown into the wall. The droid attacked again with lightning. The droid was going to finish off Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Kamen appeared and threw a rose through the droid's drum. He said, "If a drum is used correctly, it can bring excitement into people's hearts. But using it as a weapon.." Tuxedo Kamen threw more roses at the droid. Then he told Sailor Moon to attack. Sailor Moon used her moon princess halation to defeat the droid.

Petz was outside and saw her droid fail. Beruche appeared and asked what Petz was going to do. Petz said that she didn't want to fight in that strange zone and left.

The droid was defeated, but everyone was still floating around. They wondered what was going on. Then Chibi Usa said that it was her fault. Chibi Usa floated down to the ground and took out her key. Then the gravity returned and the girls crashed to the floor. Mako landed on top of Minako, who said, "Mako-chan you're heavy."

Mako went to Chibi Usa and tried to look at her key. But Chibi Usa just said that she wanted to go home. When Ami asked were her parents were, Chibi Usa just said that she wanted her key back. Sailor Moon said, "If you tell us, we'll cooperate with you." All of the girls asked Chibi Usa to tell them. They said that they wanted to help. But Chibi Usa didn't say anything.

Then Tuxedo Kamen said, "That's enough. Everyone has something that they don't want to talk about." Chibi Usa went to Tuxedo Kamen and they left together.

Chibi Usa and Tuxedo Kamen walked home. (Usagi had already returned to her normal self.) The girls watched Chibi Usa enjoying herself with Tuxedo Kamen.

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