Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 65

Episode title
Koi no ronsou! Minako to Makoto ga tairitsu
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.02.07
It was a hot day. Minako was sitting in a park, and she saw lots of couples around her. Mako arrived, and apologized for being late. Minako was upset. Mako said that Ami couldn't come because she had cram school. Minako said that Rei couldn't come because she had to work at her shrine. So they were the only ones, as they both knew that Usagi would never show up on time.

Minako and Mako sat and waited for Usagi. Then they saw Chibi Usa walking in the park, with two little boys (her age) following her. They tried to "pickup" Chibi Usa. But Chibi Usa called them "children". The boys got mad and were going to make Chibi Usa cry. But Minako and Mako came and chased the boys away.

Minako told Chibi Usa that boys always teased girls that they liked. But Mako said that those boys were just bullies. Minako and Mako got in an argument because of their attitudes toward love/boys. Then Chibi Usa got in between them and said that it didn't matter about those two boys.

Chibi Usa also said that she was going to marry Mamoru. Just then Usagi showed up and got very mad. Usagi rushed to Chibi Usa and started arguing with her. Then Minako and Mako also started arguing again. Chibi Usa pulled on Usagi's long hair and swung away. Then she said, "Getting rejected and can't recover. You three are all old women."

In Rubeus' UFO the sisters were watching over the city. Petz hated the hot weather. They also started arguing. Then Rubeus came and told them that he had found another crystal point. It was a store that sold fortune telling items. Rubeus told Karaberas to take care of it. But Karaberas said that she didn't want to do it because it was all cheap jewelry. She only wanted expensive jewelry. Then Karaberas left.

When Karaberas was alone, she called out her droid. She thought that it wasn't a good idea to make Rubeus mad at her. So she decided that she would do the job. Then Beruche came and told Karaberas that Petz had gone to do the job. Karaberas got upset and went off.

Usagi, Minako, and Mako were walking down the street. Usagi was asking Minako and Mako to make up. But Minako and Mako said that they weren't fighting. Since Usagi was walking backwards facing Minako and Mako, she ran into something. Usagi immediately turned around to yell at the person, but it was just a sign for the fortune goods store. Usagi wanted to go in, and she went in ahead of Minako and Mako.

Chibi Usa was following them. She was the sign and thought that the store which could make one's dream come true would have the ginzuishou.

Inside the store Petz and Karaberas were selling their gems. Some girls wanted to buy the gems so that things would go well with their boy friends. By the evil gems had the reverse effect and made them hate the boys. [voices for these girls by Hisakawa Aya and Amano Yuri??]

Usagi was excitedly going all over the store looking at all of the good luck charms. Then Usagi spotted a large jar with the "down it all at once good luck juice for love" in it. Luna said that it was stupid, and even kids wouldn't fall for it. But Usagi took out the 100 yen and started to drink the juice in the large jar. Mako said that Usagi would die if she drank it all, but Usagi downed it and said that it was delicious. [Usagi's stomach got very big! - very funny!]

Karaberas and Petz came and told Usagi, Minako, and Mako that they had some special charms for love in the back. So the girls went with them. Usagi asked if there was something to get back a boy who had become cold. Petz pulled out a gem. When Usagi was going to look at it, Minako and Mako (from both sides of Usagi) reached for the gem. But they quickly pulled back and said that they weren't thinking about their past boy friends.

Chibi Usa went to the store, and tried to peek inside the window. But she couldn't see anything. Then Mamoru came up behind her and asked what she was doing.

Inside Usagi was looking around and saying, "I want it all! I don't have enough money!" Minako and Mako were watching.
Then Minako said to Mako, "I bet the guy who rejected you had bad taste in girls."
Mako said, "I don't want you to say bad things about senpai."
Minako said, "No, that's no it. I want you to have a nice love.. because you're my important friend."

Then Mako and Minako both said that they would look for guys better than senpai and Alan. But Usagi said that she wanted Mamoru only. Then Chibi Usa came and said that Mamoru was hers. Mamoru came into the store too. Usagi saw Mamoru and said that the charm must have worked. But Mamoru saw Usagi and said that he had to leave.

When Mamoru left the store, Rei and Ami were on the other side of the street looking for the other girls. Rei had stopped her work early so she can meet her friends.

Chibi Usa yelled at Usagi and said that it was her fault that Mamoru left. They argued. Then Petz and Karaberas got upset. Petz said, Love is worthless!"
Minako and Mako knew that there was something different about those two. Then Karaberas called her droid.

Minako told Usagi to take care of Chibi Usa, while she got ready to fight. But Karaberas blocked their way and Usagi couldn't escape. Petz said that they would kill them.

Minako grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed Petz, Karaberas, and the droid. The girls escaped to another room. Mako said to Minako, "We don't want to turn into a man hater like that." Then Minako and Mako both transformed.

When Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter appeared Petz and Karaberas asked who they were. Sailor Venus said, "When you ask someone's name, you should tell yours first." Then Petz and Karaberas introduced themselves. But they tried to outdo each other. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter were surprised that they weren't friendly to each other.

Karaberas caught Sailor Venus with a whip. Sailor Jupiter got caught by the droid. Petz said, "Saying things like love and depending on men. That's how girls get weak."
But Sailor Jupiter said, "No! Love gives a courage which is stronger than anything."
Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter got blasted. But Sailor Mars came with her burning mandala attack and broke them free.
Sailor Jupiter said, "Sailor Venus, let's show them."
Sailor Venus said, "Our strength that comes from believing in love."
Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus attacked. Petz and Karaberas also attacked. The blasts neutralized each other. Then Karaberas and Petz escaped, and told the droid to fight.

Meanwhile Usagi put Chibi Usa into a closet. Then she transformed.

All of the Sailor Senshi were caught by the droid. The droid turned her arm into a sword and was going to attack. But Sailor Moon came and said, "Wait! Mercury and Mars, what happened?"
Sailor Mars yelled out, "Hurry up!"
Sailor Moon said, "You won't even let me say my finishing lines!" Then Sailor Moon used her moon princess halation attack to finish off the droid.

Later all of the girls went to a coffee shop. Usagi had a big jar of the juice from the fortune item store. She started to drink it. Usagi said, "I'm going to drink this and see Mamo-chan again!"
Ami said, "You'll die."
Rei said, "Her stupidity won't get fixed unless she dies."

After Usagi downed the juice, she got mad. Then she faced Rei and spit out the juice into Rei's face [because her stomach was too full, not on purpose]. Rei got very mad. Usagi apologized.

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