Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 66

Episode title
Usagi no oyagokoro!? Curry na sankaku kankei
[Usagi's parenthood!? The curry triangle relationship]
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  • Synopsis v. 1.1 By Iskandar Taib (, Hitoshi Doi, Arthur Barry, Imiko Oyama
    (Special thanks to Imiko, who sat down with me for an hour as we hashed out the dialog).
Chibi Usa, Shingo and Usagi's parents are in the living room. Usagi's parents tell Chibi Usa that they can't attend the curry party at her school (its supposed to be a parent-child thing). Shingo says "But you promised! Chibi Usa will be hurt if you don't go".

Then Usagi walks in. "Ma! Is dinner ready yet?"

Usagi's parents ask Usagi if she could go with Chibi Usa to her curry party the next day. Usagi says she'd like to, but Chibi Usa says she'd rather go by herself than have Usagi come along. Usagi replies by saying that she'd rather not have to babysit Chibi Usa anyway.

Chibi Usa goes out to the balcony. She recalls a time when Mama and Papa took her to a restaurant, where she could see the sun reflecting off the sea. "Look, Ma, I can see a ship moving!" She starts to cry.

Luna and Usagi are in Usagi's bedroom. Luna tells Usagi that she's being mean to Chibi Usa. Usagi said "Well, she was the one who started it."

Luna lectures Usagi: "Well, she's younger than you are, she's a grade school kid. You're in junior high. You've got your parents. She's not with hers."

Usagi says "I think I'm going to go get rice crackers." And she walks out of the room.

Chibi Usa is in the kitchen, standing on a stool by the sink. She is washing rice, having decided to try cooking curry rice by herself in practice for the curry party. "I don't care if no one goes along. I can do it myself."

Some of the rice falls out of the pot as she is pouring out the water. "I can't do this! I miss my Mama and Papa!" she starts to weep as Usagi walks in.

Usagi starts to feel sorry for Chibi Usa.

"So What are you doing?"

"Baka Usagi! I'm practicing for tomorrow."

"I'll go ask Mamo-chan. We can all go together.

"Do you tink he'd go?"

"I'll convince him to go."

"I'll go even if you don't come along, you know. I know why you want to ask Mamo-chan".

But they go to Mamoru's place just the same.

Mamoru is not pleased to see Usagi, and tries to shut the door on her. He changes his mind when he sees Chibi Usa standing with Usagi, and invites them in. Usagi explains the curry party situation over a cup of tea. Mamoru says he has to work the next day and can't go. Chibi Usa said that it was OK. Mamoru felt sorry for Chibi Usa so he says "OK.. I'll try to go. But I don't know how to make curry rice."

Chibi Usa says "Thats OK.. Usagi can make.."

(A flock of geese fly behind Usagi. This is really funny.)

Usagi (in embarassment): "Thats OK.. don't worry, I can make really good curry rice."

Mamoru says "OK.. I'll help, too. I'd feel sorry for Chibi Usa if we can't make the curry" (Usagi is dissapointed)

Chibi Usa says that they ought to go buy ingredients, but Usagi says they should go in the evening. Mamoru says he could go now, but Usagi says she has something to take care of...

Meanwhile, Petz and Karaberas are up the UFO. Petz is eating some kind of cake. Karaberas is facing the mirror and says that girls of the present time use fruit to make their skin look and feel good (She turns around and there are slices of fruit on her face). Petz makes some comment about men who judge girls by their appearance.

Karaberas says "Didn't your boyfriend dump you?", which makes Petz drop her cake..

Rubeus appears and says that they've discovered another Crystal Point (a grocery store). Karaberas runs off through the mirror, saying she'll take care of it, and Petz says "Wait!" and runs after her.

At Ami's apartment, Usagi and the others are in the kitchen. Usagi wants some lessons on cooking. Ami is reading a recipe out of a book. Usagi comes up and says "OK.. ok.. enough lectures for now!"

Rei says "Why don't you just heat up some instant curry?" No one thinks this is a good idea.

Mako says "OK.. the first step is to peel the onions and slice the carrots." (they have a basket full of onions and carrots). Since she is the best cook, she starts demonstrating the correct method for chopping carrots.

Minako says "I want to do it!" Minako's style of cutting vegetables looks very dangerous (she's got her fingers extended rather than folded over - something the Frugal Gourmet tells you not to do). Suddenly she stops and holds her hand. "My finger!" she says. Usagi yells that Minako's finger is lying on the cutting board and becomes quite excited. The other girls crowd around. Mako looks on the cutting board - it turns out to be a piece of carrot.

When its Usagi's turn comes, she approaches the cutting board as though it were a log that needed to be sliced in half. She starts cutting. It sounds pretty convincing (especially to Luna who can't see the tabletop) but Mako says "Are you (really) going to do it?" Then we see that Usagi isn't cutting anything, just going through the motions. Luna is dissapointed.

Later, in the evening, Chibi Usa, Mamoru, Luna and Usagi leave Mamoru's apartment to buy supplies. Usagi is reciting the ingredients they need to buy. "Anything I've forgotten?" "Niku" (meat) says Chibi Usa. Usagi is embarassed - she had forgot about the meat. As they head off in towards the supermarket, into the setting sun (Otome no Policy is playing, slowly, in the background), Usagi says "Look at the sun!" It reminds Chibi Usa of times when she, Mama and Papa went out walking at sunset, and, in a daydream, reaches up and holds Usagi's hand.

Usagi, surprised, blushes - she thinks "Well, no matter what she says, she's still cute. Somehow holding her hand makes me feel good."

Mamoru looks over at Usagi and thinks "I wonder why I feel so good".

Luna, following behind, says to herself "They look like they're in a good mood.."

Suddenly, Chibi Usa snaps out of her daydream and accuses Usagi of grabbing her hand. Usagi said that it was Chibi Usa who had grabbed hers. Chibi Usa says "Its a lie! Its a lie!" They start a shouting match, calling each other liars. An embarassed Mamoru tells them to cool it. (This is quite funny).

Luna is dissapointed. "Well, I guess not.." she says to herself.

Meanwhile, Petz and Karaberas, (in disguise) set up a stall in the supermarket selling "Dark Fruits" (its says so right on the stand! ^_^) which kinda looks like an eggplant which has white spots (like a Holstein cow). With them is a droid in disguise (shes got endless legs).

As the crowd mills around, Petz stands up and gives a somewhat dramatic sales pitch. "Hey you! Do you have fear in your heart? Do you fear for your life? Black is the color that matches your feelings! Why not eat Dark Fruit and be unhappy?"

People in the crowd are taken aback, and move off. Then Karaberas stands up. "Let me show you how to do it, oneechan!", and she does a more seductive, cute sales pitch: "Hiiii!!! Let me introduce you to Dark Fruit! Its black, but it tastes good! Black is in fashion this year."

This brings in the crowd to try slices of Dark Fruit. Petz asks her if that was how she manipulates men, too. Karaberas replies that men liked cute girls like her. Petz tells her she'll be sorry someday...

People in the crowd bite into the slices (kinda looks like papaya) and get a strange look on their faces. They drop the slices, which volatilize into thin air...

Karaberas gets up on a stand and tells the crowd what she wants them to do: "Touch but don't buy: thats the smart way to shop!" Soon the legion of Dark Fruit eaters is everywhere in the supermarket, going around touching things - everything they touch turns rotten.

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The Dark Fruit League are still walking around and destroying things. Meanwhile, Usagi and the others arrive at the supermarket. Usagi says "This is Juban Supermarket, my favorite place to shop. The prices are the lowest and the produce is always the freshest. Luna, it says here pets aren't allowed, so you stay out here". (Theres a sign on the wall).

"Hai! hai!" but Luna sneaks in anyway. (She puts on a cute cat act).

Chibi Usa says that there is a strange smell in the air. Mamoru says "You're right!"

The meat section is full of trays of very unappetizing looking stuff. Chibi Usa looks at it and says "Isn't this weird!?"

"You're kidding! No, you're right!" Usagi picks up a packet and looks at it.

Mamoru says they can't buy anything there. Chibi Usa tells Mamoru that they'd better go buy meat elsewhere and the two leave Usagi behind. Usagi says "Wait!" but Luna comes up and tells Usagi that something weird is going on in the store.

Meanwhile, Chibi Usa and Mamoru are buying meat from a roadside stall when Rei walks up. Rei says "Oh! I thought you were with Usagi". Chibi Usa said that she didn't care about Usagi, but Rei says "She's really trying hard, you know.."

Chibi Usa asks Rei if she makes (or how she makes) good curry rice, and Rei says that she buys satchets of ready-to-eat curry, boils the satchets in a pot of water and sqeezes the contents out onto the rice. Chibi Usa says "Wow! Just like a TV commercial!"

Mamoru mentioned that Chibi Usa was having a curry party at her school the next day. Rei says they ought to ask Usagi to go. Chibi Usa asked her if she had anything planned for the next day. Rei says "Not exactly.."

Mamoru says "Well, if you don't mind, I can go".

Usagi and Luna go investigating in the store. Luna walks up to a big soup pot sitting on a lower shelf. "Watch this!" She touches it and the pot crumbles to dust. "No way!" Usagi is shocked - she bumps into the shelf behind her and a whole bunch of stuff crumbles to dust. She says " I can't possibly use this stuff for curry rice!" But then she finds a carrot (probably the only thing left edible in the store) and goes "Aha! Carrots are important for curry rice!"

Sitting on a park bench, Rei says "I'm sorry, Usagi, I didn't mean to.."

Chibi Usa is feeling guilty, and thinks to herself "I felt strange when I was with Usagi. I felt something warm in my heart."

She says "I'm going to go find Usagi".

Rei says "OK.. lets all go."

They all go back to the grocery store to look for Usagi. As they approach it, Rei senses something is amiss - her psychic sense tells her that something unnatural is going on inside the supermarket. She tells Chibi Usa and Mamoru to wait there and she runs off to the store.

Inside the store, Petz and Karaberas (now in plain clothes - note those strategically placed circles on Petz's bodice ^_^) are surveying their dirty work. By now the Legion of Dark Fruit Eaters is uncon- cious. Karaberas tells her droid, "Avocadorar", to transform (she's dressed as a Dark Fruit salesgirl). Avocadorar says "Hai!" and transforms. "Papaya, Mango, Avocadorar!" Her clothes shred and she turns into a frightening creature with green hair and green skirt. Bolts of energy fly around, destroying whatever wasn't destroyed the first time around. A bolt of energy heads in Usagi's direction and Usagi dodges just in time. Her carrot goes flying and gets hit. It crumbles to dust. Luna says "Usagi! Henshin, yo!" Usagi replies "Hai!" and transforms. "Moon crystal power, Make Up!"

Avocadorar gets a nasty shock, as Luna attacks (Luna looks really fierce). Luna gets knocked to the floor. Avocadorar shouts "Banaknife!" and a blade springs out of the banana she is holding. She is about to smite Luna when she is interrupted by Sailor Moon appearing on top of a barrel. "Wait!"


Sailor Moon says "The supermarket is the source of healthy food, where people get fresh vegetables, and beef for shabu shabu. I'm mad at you. Those evil ones who destroy good food! I will punish you!"

Sailor Mars appears, riding a grocery cart, saying "I'll spank(?) you!". She jumps off the cart, sending it careening towards Avocadorar. "Avocado bomb!" An avocado flies towards the cart. It explodes, blowing up the cart.

"Avocado Bomber!" Avocadorar spins around and explosive avocados fly everywhere. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars have to dodge. Then Avocadorar yells and hurls an earring (an egg) at the Sailor Senshi. Suddenly, a red rose embeds itself in the floor and the egg falls onto the ground and the halves split apart. Tuxedo Kamen had arrived.

"The supermarket is the source of healthy food, where people get fresh vegetables, and beef for shabu shabu..." (you get the idea).

Tuxedo Kamen jumps down and fights with Avocadorar, using his cane as a sword. Meanwhile, Sailor Mars uses her Burning Mandala attack on Petz and Karaberas. The evil sisters easily dodge the attack, which shocks Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars. The sisters then start arguing. Karaberas says "Let me fight them!" Petz tells her that she should, since she was the older sister.

The rest of the Sailor Senshi make their entrance, dropping from above. The sisters, now find that they're surrounded. Sailor Jupiter says "Why don't you stop arguing?"

Sailor Mercury and Venus say "What are you? We want to know who you are."

Meanwhile, Tuxedo Kamen has managed to knock down Avocadorar. "Sailor Moon!"

"Moon Princess Halation!" Sailor Moon destroys Avocadorar.

Surrounded, and their droid gone, the sisters decide to leave. The unconcious people come to and all the rotten food gets restored.

Back at Mamoru's apartment. Usagi is crying. It turns out she is slicing onions. She is cooking curry rice and makes a huge mess of the kitchen.

Chibi Usa: "You shouldn't be crying."

Usagi: I don't like crying." She drops something. "Its OK.. I just dropped the pan."

Eventually the rice is ready, and Usagi serves it up. Mamoru and Chibi Usa look at it with a skeptical eye - the plates of curry rice look really sloppy.

Usagi: "It might look bad, but it tastes good".

Chibi Usa and Mamoru watch while Usagi tries the first spoonful (I guess you DON'T use chopsticks with curry rice!). Usagi chews on it.

Usagi: "Its good."
Mamoru: "Yes, its good."
Usagi: "It'll be perfect tomorrow, then."
Chibi Usa: "Usagi, you really did it!"

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