Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 67

Episode title
Umiyo shimayo bakansuyo! Senshi no kyuusoku
Air date
  • Summary version 0.9 by Iskandar Taib and Oyama Imiko, 1994.06.16
It was a nice sunny day, the beginning of the summer holidays. Mako, Minako and Usagi are climbing the stairs leading to Rei's shrine, lamenting about the homework they had been assigned to do over the break.

When they get to the top, they find Chibi Usa sitting on the porch. "What are _you_ doing here, Chibi Usa?" asked Minako.
"Oh.. to get away from the heat".
Mako asks "Isn't Rei here?"
"No, she's gone to an isolated island".
"An isolated island?" asks Usagi. "Im jealous! She's enjoying herself."
"Lets go too!"

Chibi Usa tells them where the island was..

Far away, on a horseshoe shaped island in the middle of the ocean, Rei is standing, alone, on the beach, dressed in her shrine robes. She's happy because Usagi and the others aren't around. She begins practicing her exorcism spell.

All of a sudden, she hears a shout. The others had arrived on a cabin cruiser (approx 25 ft, which can be seen docked at the pier, in the background, as they run up the beach). Rei was surprised and falls over. A wave washes over her, getting her uniform wet.

Later, the girls are sitting on the deck of the guest house, sitting around a table eating coconut juice. Rei is hanging up her shrine robes to dry. Rei says "I wanted to practice!"
Usagi said "We came because Chibi Usa was lonely, and wanted to play with Rei-chan." (Usagi is shutting Chibi Usa's mouth while she says this!)
Ami says: "But you haven't finished your homework yet!" (she's reading a book..)
Rei says "Well, OK, I see why Chibi Usa wanted to come, but why did everyone else have to come too?"
"Well, we came to have a retreat, too."
Mako says: "Swimming is good practice, you know."
Meanwhile the cats are pulling Rei's swimming clothes out of her suitcase.

Rei turns around and sees the cats. "Uhh.. these are for practice.."
Usagi: "OK! Lets go swim!"
The cats say "Its too hot.."

Later, the girls run down to the beach (yes, Usagi's laughing that laugh again). Rei yells after them "Wait! Don't go out too far - there are sharks out there!" but the girls all start swimming. The girls swim in their own particular ways: Usagi does a really cute dogpaddle, while Mako swims with a strong crawl. Minako does the backstroke, while Ami does the breaststroke.

Usagi approaches Chibi Usa, who is floating in an inflatable ring. Usagi looks like she's thinking evil thoughts.

"Ha! Chibi Usa! You can't swim, can you! Take this! and this!"

She starts splashing Chibi Usa with water. Suddenly Rei appears out of the water. She and Chibi Usa splash Usagi, who starts sinking..

(How many times have you seen this particular joke? Its in Nuku Nuku phase II).

Later that morning, Mako catches some fish while Minako, Usagi and Ami play volleyball. Chibi Usa and Rei were building a sandcastle. (what does Usagi say?) While starting a new castle, Chibi Usa looks through a hole in the pile of sand and sees a creature with a long neck and exclaims. Rei says "What's wrong?" But whatever Chibi Usa saw was gone..
Minako says "Rei and Chibi Usa get along well, don't they?"
Usagi says "Yeah. Thats because they're both mean.."

Mako calls everyone out of the water; the fish is ready to eat. Chibi Usa doesn't like fish - she throws hers down onto the sand. Rei is shocked. "Chibi Usa!" she says.
Chibi Usa says "I hate Rei-chan" and runs off.

Chibi Usa, in a huff, is floating in her ring, with Luna-P floating above. Suddenly, a shark's fin appears and Chibi Usa starts to panic, and falls out of her ring. She starts to sink and run at the same time, as the sharks swim by. Suddenly, a grey shape zooms by and Chibi Usa grabs hold..

On the surface, Chibi Usa finds that she is riding on the back of a grey dinosaur with a long neck... (actually, a pleisiosaur, but who cares..).

Meanwhile, the girls notice that Chibi Usa is missing. They set out in a boat to look for them.

Usagi: "Mako-chan! You can really drive this thing, can't you.."
Mako: "Yeah. I'm pretty good at most things.."
Artemis: "Its strange - we can't find her anywhere."
Ami: "Rei, can we feel Chibi Usa's presence?"
Minako: "Maybe she got eaten by a shark."
Usagi: "I hope not"
Rei: "Its my fault - I scolded her."
Mako: "No, its mine.. I made the food she didn't like."
Luna: "Come on.. this isn't a good time to start blaming yourselves. Lets go look some more."

Cut to an aerial view...

Chibi Usa is riding on the back of the dinosaur. In the immediate distance is an island with a volcano in its center. They are being followed by a number of sharks. The dinosaur is swimming as fast as she can, and can't swim faster. A shark bites her on the fin. Things are starting to get desperate. Chibi Usa says "Now I'm mad!"

"Luna-P henge!" Chibi Usa turns Luna-P into a propellor. Chibi Usa sticks it in the water and yells "Give us a break!"

The sharks get blown backwards and the dinosaur starts moving very fast.

The pair end up in a cave on the island. The dinosaur starts licking his fin, where the shark had bitten. "Is this your house? I'm sorry you got hurt."

"Luna-P henge!" Chibi Usa turns Luna-P into a first aid kit and starts dabbing at the wound with cotton wool. The dinosaur struggles, but Chibi Usa says "Be patient!" as she bandages the fin.

Then a thought comes to her. "Why did you help me?" She notices the huge egg shell in the back of the cave, and realized the dinosaur is just a baby.

"Oh! I get it.. you just hatched and thought I was your mom! Sorry, I'm not your mom, but I'm your friend.."

She tells it that her name is Usagi, but her friends call her "Chibi Usa", and asks about her Mama. Then she asks, "Whats your name?" The dinosaur makes a sound. "Oh.. you don't have a name, so I'll give you one. Lets see.. you have a long neck, so I'll call you Kirin-chan! (Giraffe)" (Thats what it sounds like to me .. it does sound like the beer!)

Meanwhile, back in the boat, the girls are still looking. The cats are still in the stern, carrying on a conversation. They are approaching an island with a volcano.

Usagi: "She's become shark food."
Rei: "Don't say that!"
Usagi: "OK.."
Rei: "I know she's still alive. I can feel it."
Ami: "Yeah, thats right. Look at the cats - they're looking real hard."
Luna (starting to sag): "I feel ill.. "
Artemis: "I want to go home.."

Then, when Artemis and Luna aren't looking, the mama dinosaur surfaces off their stern..


Back in the cave, it is getting dark. Chibi Usa is talking to Kirin-chan. "You know, I fought with my friends. Thats OK though - I have you now." Her stomach rumbles. "Are you hungry? So am I."

The baby dinosaur runs off, and throws some fish in front of Chibi Usa. Chibi Usa sees the disadvantage of living in a cave on an island..

"Wow! Fish? Oh well..."

Meanwhile, the girls are getting closer to the island. A column of smoke is rising from the forest.

Minako: "Look at the smoke!"
Ami: "Do you think it could be a signal from Chibi Usa?"
Mako: "No.. it must be smoke from the volcano."

Meanwhile, Chibi Usa turns Luna P into a hibachi and is grilling the fish. (Wonder if she cleaned them ^_^;)

"I wonder if it tastes good.."
She takes a bite. "Tastes good!"

Mean while back on the boat.. the girls don't notice the mama dinosaur under the boat.

Luna: "I wonder what that sound was.."
Artemis: "You're imagining things. You're seasick."
Luna: "Did you see that?"
Artemis: "Yes! Maybe it isn't seasickness after all.."

Its much later that night. Chibi Usa and Kirin-chan were asleep (Chibi Usa is lying with her head on the dinosaur's belly - very cute). Suddenly, the mountain starts to rumble. Chibi Usa wakes up.

"I have to go pee". She walks to the other end of the cave.

Suddenly, mama dinosaur shows up. Chibi Usa is thrilled when the mama dinosaur cuddles up to the baby and starts licking.

Then the mama dinosaur grabs the baby and drags her into the water.

"Wait! Don't take Kirin-chan away, we're friends! But maybe he'd be happier with her mother.."

This makes her think about her own mother..

Kirin-chan doesn't seem to want to go, and breaks free and comes back to Chibi Usa.

Then the volcano erupts.

The girls, offshore, see the volcano erupt and Rei sees Chibi Usa's face in the fire (I guess its like her shrine)

Mako: "Wow! Look at that!"
Rei: "I'm sure she's there."
Artemis: "Its going to explode in a minute.."
Luna: "Quick! Transform!"

The girls transform (and boy, does it take a loooong time..)

A rockslide has blocked off the mouth of the cave. Chibi Usa manages to crawl out, but the dinosaurs are trapped. Chibi Usa apologizes, and tries to dig out the dinosaurs. Lava starts to flow downhill towards Chibi Usa. "Burning Mandala!" Flaming rings hit the lava flow, slowing it down a little. The Sailor Senshi had finally arrived.

Sailor Mars picks up Chibi Usa, while Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus and Sailor Mercury try their attacks on the lava. Only Sailor Mercury's "Shine Aqua Illusion" has any effect on the lava, slowing it down slightly.

Chibi Usa tells Sailor Mars about Kirin-chan and Mama trapped in the cave.

Sailor Mars says "Sailor Moon! Your turn! Quickly! The lava will be here soon and we can't stop it!"

While the other Sailor Senshi try to keep the lava at bay, Sailor Moon uses the Moon Princess Halation on the rock slide, freeing the dinosaurs. A moment later, the lava covers the entrance to the cave. "I'm glad!" says Chibi Usa.

On the boat, heading back to Rei's Island, Chibi Usa wakes up. "Where's Kirin-chan?"
Usagi: "Its OK.. the Sailor Senshi saved them."
Chibi Usa: "Thats good.."
Ami: "They're going to go look for another place to live"
Rei: "Come say goodbye to them!"

The dinosaurs swim alongside briefly, then swim off in a different direction. Chibi Usa waves and says "Bye Bye! Don't go too far from your mom!"

Chibi Usa (to the others): "I can eat fish now."

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