Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 68

Episode title
Chibi Usa wo mamore! 10 senshi daigekisen
[Protect Chibi Usa! The fierce battle between the 10 warriors.]
Air date
  • Translation by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.01.19
    I'm doing this from the script in the booklet that came with Animedia (Feb 1994). This booklet has a nice picture of the five Sailor Senshi voice actresses on the cover.
narration	Tell me Chibi Usa, where did you come from?
 The dark moon family!  For scaring a little child,
 I won't forgive you!
 I'll punish you in the name of the moon!
Usagi		Mamo-chan, we can finally get married.
Usagi		Kya!
Usagi		It's cold.

Usagi was on her bed. She woke up.

Usagi		It's cold..  Huh?  Oh it was a dream.
 I thought if felt cold.  What!?

Luna woke up. It was still the middle of the night.

Luna		What happened Usagi?
 Screaming like that in the middle of the night.

Luna looked in the direction that Usagi was looking. Usagi's bed was wet.

Luna		Usagi, you didn't!?
Usagi		Uu..
Luna		You're in 8th grade right!?
Usagi		Uu..
Luna		8th grade and you we.. we.. wet your bed!?
Usagi		[speechless]
Luna		It's so embarrassing!

Usagi's covers started moving.

voice		Uun..

Usagi moved the covers to find Chibi Usa sleeping. Chibi Usa's pajamas were wet.

Usagi		Chibi Usa!

[title screen]

In Rubeus' UFO..

Wiseman		As I predicted.  When the sun comes up and it became
 dawn, in a place called Juuban, at a bridge, there was
 a releasing of energy.
Rubeus		At a bridge in Juuban?
 The one who released the energy is..?
Wiseman		The rabbit!
Rubeus		Oh..  I'll have the four uncanny sisters investigate.
 By the way Wiseman, how is it over there.
 Didn't Crystal Tokyo fall yet to the attacks?
 We had almost taken over all of Crystal Tokyo before.
Wiseman		Near the castle, from some crystal point, a very strong
 energy came out.
Rubeus		Strong energy?  Who?
Wiseman		The one who is releasing the energy  and giving us
 trouble are the four senshi.
Rubeus		Even in this world, the ones called Sailor Senshi are
 interfering with my plans.  Maybe they have something
 to do with those four senshi.
Wiseman		We have to find the ginzuishou and destroy it as soon
 as possible.
Rubeus		The four uncanny sisters!  I have some orders for you!
 Show yourselves!

Usagi was outside hanging her futon.

Shingo		Even if you're the stupid Usagi, wetting your bed as
 an 8th grader is bad.
Usagi		Don't say something so awful!  I didn't wet my bed!
Shingo		Then why is your futon wet?
Usagi		That's Chibi Usa..
Shingo		Oh no..  You're trying to blame it on a little kid.
Usagi		You..

Usagi saw Chibi Usa running outside.

Usagi		Chibi Usa!  Hey, don't run away!
 What kind of child is she..
Luna		Chibi Usa was probably lonely..
Usagi		Lonely?
Luna		Yes!  That's why she crawled into your bed in the
 middle of the night.  But just because she wet your
 bed, you scolded her so much.
Usagi		Who was the one that scolded me so much yesterday..
Luna		That and this are different.
 Hurry up and find Chibi Usa and apologize to her!
Usagi		What?  But I promised to go shopping with Rei-chan and
 the others today.
Luna		It's not time to be saying such things.  If she is by
 herself, you never know when she will release her energy!
Usagi		Ok.. Ok.
Luna		Then let's split up and look for her.
 You go in the other direction.
Usagi		Sigh..
Luna		Don't just sit around!
Usagi		Wa!

Chibi Usa was sitting on a stop of a pedestrian bridge.

Chibi Usa	What's she so upset about.  I'm still a child, so I
 might wet my bed sometimes..

Chibi Usa started crying and thought about her mother, in the past when she wet her bed.

Chibi Usa	Mother, I'm sorry.  Mother.

Chibi Usa pulled out her key.

Chibi Usa	Mother, father, I want to go home.
Sailor Pluto	That's a key what will allow you to travel through time.
 But it is dangerous to use it uncautiously.

Chibi Usa cried some more.

Chibi Usa	I want to go home!

Chibi Usa let out her power, and started floating. But she quickly fell back down to earth. Chibi Usa started crying again.

Chibi Usa	Why..  Why doesn't it work?
 I want to go back to my mother!

Luna spotted Chibi Usa's energy in the distance.

Luna		Chibi Usa's energy!  Oh no!

Chibi Usa was releasing the energy from her head, and still crying. Then Beruche appeared.

Beruche		Oh, did something happen to make you feel sad, rabbit.
Cooan		No, oneesama.  I found her first.
Beruche		Oh, I was first.
Cooan		Then the first one to..
Beruche		Kill the rabbit..
Cooan		Will be the winner.

Beruche was climbing up the steps toward Chibi Usa. Cooan was going down the steps toward Chibi Usa. Then Luna-P appeared at Beruche's feet. Beruche stepped on Luna-P and fell. Then Chibi Usa rushed down the steps, stepped on Beruche, and ran off.

Beruche		Ouch!
Cooan		Serves you right, oneesama!

Cooan appeared in front of Chibi Usa.

Cooan		I won't let you escape.
Chibi Usa	Luna-P!

Then Luna came and jumped on Cooan's face.

Cooan		What!?
Beruche		Ha ha.  Serves you right, Cooan.

Luna-P hit Beruche on the back of the head, and Chibi Usa ran away. Then Luna got thrown into the fence. Beruche and Cooan fixed their make up.

Cooan, Beruche	I won't forgive you!  Rabbit.
Luna		Chibi Usa-chan..

The other girls were waiting for Usagi.

Ami		Usagi's late.  I wonder what happened.
Mako		Maybe something happened?
Rei		She probably overslept, like usual.
Minako		Let's wait a little bit more.

Artemis spotted a beaten up Luna struggling toward them.

Artemis		Luna!?
Luna		Trouble..  Chibi Usa's being chased by the enemy.
Rei		You were attacked!?
Mako		Where!?
Luna		By the pedestrian bridge near the Juuban park.
Artemis		Oh no!
Minako		Let's hurry!  Artemis, look after Luna.

Usagi was running around looking for Chibi Usa. She spotted Chibi Usa crawling through a hole in a fence.

Usagi		Chibi Usa!  Why is she going there..

Usagi went after Chibi Usa, but stayed hidden.

Usagi		It's irritating, but I should apologize.
Usagi		She's crying?

Chibi Usa used the communication device in Luna-P.

Chibi Usa	Poo.
Sailor Pluto	What happened?  You're crying..
Chibi Usa	Poo.
Sailor Pluto	You shouldn't cry.  You're a strong child.
Chibi Usa	No.  I'm scared Poo.
Sailor Pluto	Don't cry.  You have some strong allies.
Chibi Usa	I don't have anyone like that..

Usagi overheard Chibi Usa talking.

Usagi		What?  She's talking to someone?
Sailor Pluto	The Sailor Senshi has helped you in the past, didn't they?
Chibi Usa	But they are much stronger.  My mother..  They did that
 to my mother!  Even my father couldn't beat them!
Sailor Pluto	You don't remember the days when you were little?
 In the future city, there were always the senshi who
 protected you.  Even now those senshi are fighting to
 protect Crystal Tokyo.  Also in this world that you are
 in now..  Believe in the senshi and Sailor Moon.  They
 will help you out.
Chibi Usa	Poo!  Poo!

Sailor Pluto's image disappeared, and Chibi Usa started crying again.

Usagi		So that's it.  Chibi Usa's mother's been caught by them.
Cooan		I found you!  Rabbit!
Chibi Usa	Oh.
Cooan		You were hiding in a place like this.
Usagi		Chibi Usa..  Moon crystal power, make up!

Cooan was going to hit Chibi Usa.

Cooan		Die!
Sailor Moon	Wait!
Cooan		Sailor Moon!
Sailor Moon	The evil one who picks on the little girl who came from
 the future city by herself!  I'll punish you in place
 of the moon!

Sailor Moon went next to Chibi Usa.

Cooan		What are you talking about!

Then Cooan's sisters appeared.

Cooan		Oneesama!
Petz		I'm the oldest, Petz!
Karaberas	I'm the second girl, Karaberas!
Beruche		I'm the third girl, Beruche!
Cooan		I'm the fourth girl, Cooan!
Petz		We are..
Karaberas	From the tenth planet..
Beruche		The dark moon..
Cooan		Black Moon.
four sisters	The four uncanny sisters.

When Sailor Moon looked toward the entrance, she saw the silhouette of the Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Mars	Sailor Mars!
Sailor Mercury	Sailor Mercury!
Sailor Jupiter	Sailor Jupiter!
Sailor Venus	Sailor Venus!
Sailor Senshi	We have arrived!

The Sailor Senshi and four uncanny sisters started fighting. Sailor Mars fought Cooan, Sailor Mercury fought Beruche, Sailor Venus fought Karaberas, and Sailor Jupiter fought Petz. Sailor Moon and Chibi Usa were watching the battle.
[BGM song is "Ai no Senshi" by Ishida Yoko.]

Chibi Usa	Sailor Moon!

Then Rubeus appeared.

Rubeus		Let's stop the playing around.
Sailor Moon	Who is it!
Rubeus		One of the Black Moon family, Rubeus.
Sailor Moon	Why are you after this girl!?
Rubeus		We have a duty to change the future of this city.
 For that we have to have this girl die.

Rubeus threw a dark energy ball at Sailor Moon and Chibi Usa. Sailor Moon tried to protect Chibi Usa and got knocked out. Rubeus laughed.

Chibi Usa	Sailor Moon!  Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon opened her eyes slowly.

Sailor Moon	She's precocious, and likes to play pranks, and very
 despicable, but, but..
Chibi Usa	Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon	Actually..
Rubeus		It's the end.
Sailor Moon	It's not over yet..

Sailor Moon struggled up.

Sailor Moon	I won't get beaten so easily.
 I'm going to protect this child.

Rubeus was surprised. Then a rose came flying by and landed on the ground.

Tuxedo Kamen	The evil one who scares a young girl.
 I won't forgive you.
Rubeus		What..  You're pretentious!

Tuxedo Kamen jumped and landed near Sailor Moon and Chibi Usa. Rubeus released his energy ball, and Tuxedo Kamen threw his roses. There was a big explosion.

Tuxedo Kamen	Sailor Moon!
 You're the only one who can protect this child.  Go!
Sailor Moon	Ok!
 Moon princess halation!

Rubeus got blasted.

sisters		Rubeus-sama!
Rubeus		The uncanny sisters!  We have to retreat!
Rubeus		I'll return this favor for sure!

All of the senshi and Tuxedo Kamen gathered around Chibi Usa.

Sailor Moon	Chibi Usa, please tell us the truth..
 You came from the future, didn't you?  What's the tenth
 planet?  What's the family of the dark moon..  Did they
 do something to your mother..

Chibi Usa started to cry. She went to Sailor Moon and hugged her.

Chibi Usa	Sailor Moon!  My mother..  Please help my mother!
 Sailor Moon!  Please save my mother from those bad ones!
 Poo was saying it.  That Sailor Moon and the senshi would
 help me out!  Please.. my mother..
Sailor Moon	Chibi Usa..

In the hideout of the Black Moon.

Wiseman		Even a beautiful flower will wither when the time comes.
 Even Crystal Tokyo which prides its glory and the
 rabbit's mother..

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