Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 69

Episode title
Mezameyo nemureru bishoujo! Mamoru no kunou
Air date
  • Summary version 0.9 by Iskandar Taib and Oyama Imiko, 1994.11.21
"`After many adventures, the Prince came to wild rose forest. Finding the sleeping Princess, he kissed her lips, and by doing so, broke the evil spell put upon her by the evil stepmother'"

"Its boring!" said Chibi Usa.

"Don't say that, I'm trying to be nice, reading you a story at bedtime. `The spell broken, the Princess, who looked so very asleep, woke up.' Isn't that romantic? Right, Chibi Usa? Aww.. she's asleep already.."

Usagi shuts the book. (This was soooo cute..)

"Let her sleep, Usagi.. she's probably thinking of her mother in the future." says Luna.

"I know. I wish I could help her."

Late that night, at his apartment, Mamoru was having a bad dream. He and Usagi were at their wedding, dressed as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.

Usagi says "Finally, Mamo-chan. Finally we are married.."


But the two are torn apart before they can kiss. A voice intrudes..

Woice: "Chiba Mamoru! You must not approach Usagi!"

Mamoru: "You again! Who on Earth are you?"

Voice: "It will come to pass that the two shall wed, and the world shall be destroyed. Princess Serenity of the Moon will suffer a great calamity."

Mamoru: "I don't believe this dream you keep sending me. You are trying to deceive me."

Voice: "This you cannot avoid."

Mamoru: "No! You're lying!" He wakes up. "No! It can't be."

He picks up a picture of himself and Usagi. Suddenly the glass on the picture frame cracks and the Usagi in the picture falls forward..

Early that same morning, Mamoru is standing on a bridge, still spooked by the dream. He looks down at the surface of the water and sees Usagi's image. Usagi happens to walk by.

Usagi cheerfully greets Mamoru, saying that it was God's will that they should meet so early in the morning. But Mamoru is deep in thought and ignores her. "How is it that Chibi Usa knows about Crystal Tokyo?"

Usagi, thinking that he was speaking to her, says "Did Chibi Usa say something?" then "Where are you going?" as Mamoru runs off.

Under his breath, Mamoru apologizes, while Usagi yells after him that she will love him no matter what..

Motoki (wow! He's still around!) and Mamoru were in a coffee shop having a conversation. Motoki hasn't seen Mamoru in a while, and says he seems preoccupied these days. Mamoru asks Motoki if he knows of a way to make girls hate him. Motoki was surprised, wanting to know what all this was about. Then the waitress came over to the table and said "How are you, Mamoru-san?"

The girls are discussing Chibi Usa and Crystal Tokyo at the park.

Minako: "Have you asked Chibi Usa about this yet?"

Usagi: "Well... "

Rei: "She comes from Crystal Tokyo. Its under attack by the Dark Moon forces."

(The cats are fighting over something..)

Ami: "And Chibi Usa's mother was captured by the Dark Moon forces.."

Usagi: "Well... "

Mako: "Rubeus and the Sisters came here to destroy this world! Its no time to say 'Well...' - My ice cream is melting!"

Usagi (obviously preoccupied by other matters..): "I wonder why Mamo-chan is avoiding me.."

Luna: "Usagi-chan! Its time for us to look for the enemy's base!"

Artemis: "Thats right! We have to collect information.."

Usagi: "Uhhh... You guys are too loud. I'm upset - can't you tell?"

Just then, Mamoru and a girl ride by on a motorbike. They stop at a light, and Mamoru lifts his visor. Usagi sees them and runs over.

Usagi (hopefully): "Who's the girl? A relative? She's your cousin, right?"

Mamoru: "Thats none of your business."

Usagi: "What????"

Mamoru (to the girl): "Hold on tight - don't fall off!"

Girl: "Mamoru-san, who's that girl?"

Mamoru: "Someone I know.."

Usagi is crushed. "So now I'm just 'someone he knows'??" She starts crying.

Mamoru (to himself): "I have to stay away from her. Until I know what that dream means.. I have to stay away. Goodbye.."

Later, that night, Luna wakes up, thinking theres a thief in the house. Instead, she finds Usagi raiding the fridge (she's sitting on the floor and eating a nikuman).

Luna asks Usagi if anything is wrong, and tells her she'll get fat if she keeps eating. Usagi says she doesn't care if she did, now that Mamoru hates her. Chibi Usa was listening from behind, and runs off, out of the house..

"Mamo-chan can't have another girlfriend - it can't be true". Chibi Usa leaves the house and goes looking for Mamoru. However, she almost gets run over by a truck, and in her panic, releases a bunch of energy. Luna is somehow alerted to this and goes to get Usagi. The two go out to look for Chibi Usa.

Up in the UFO, Rubeus is suddenly aware of the whereabouts of the "Rabbit". He sends Petz and Karaberas to take care of Chibi Usa. Petz and Karaberas confront Chibi Usa on the street (what do they say?) They attack. Luna and Usagi (she's in pajamas) run up and Usagi transforms. "I'm in a really bad mood today. Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"

Karaberas has grabbed Chibi Usa and is about to do something to her. "Tonight I will kill you".

But a voice from behind says "I won't let you!"

Petz and Karaberas: "Sailor Moon!"

Luna attacks Karaberas, giving her some nasty scratches.

Sailor Moon: "I can't forgive those who beat up little kids. In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"

Karaberas says "Sailor Moon! We've been waiting for you. Akumuda! (Nightmare Maker) - Come forth!"

She summons a scary looking droid (its got a horn stuck in its forehead, and yells "Yume Yume Yume!"). It floats above Sailor Moon and Chibi Usa.

[CM break]

The droid starts emitting energy from its horn. Sailor Moon collapses.

Luna shouts at her: "Sailor Moon! Don't fall asleep!"

But Sailor Moon says "I'm too full.. Goodnight!" And she falls asleep.

"Now die, Rabbit!" says Karaberas.

Suddenly there is a bright flash of light. The Sailor Senshi had arrived.

Karaberas and Petz don't like the odds, so they decide to leave, leaving the droid to take care of the girls..

Sailor Mars yells "Cowards!"

Karaberas yells back "Akamude can handle you by herself. Akumude! Give those girls a nightmare like you've done with Sailor Moon, then kill them too!"

Then they leave.

Luna warns the Senshi to stay awake. The droid was going to zap the girls ("Yume yume yume!") when Sailor Mars uses her exorcism paper on it. The droid dissapears in a black cloud. But Sailor Moon is still unconcious, on the ground. The Senshi gather around her, and Sailor Venus holds her up.

But the droid returns, as a dark cloud. She tells the Senshi that Sailor Moon is expending all of her energy within her dream, and will eventually die. The cloud turns into a thin stream and enters Sailor Moon's mouth. Sailor Moon starts to glow, as the Sailor Senshi try to wake her, but she won't wake up.

Sailor Moon is dreaming. In her dream she is on a narrow bridge, calling out to Mamoru.

The Sailor Senshi carry Usagi over to a park bench and try to revive her. But Sailor Moon will not wake up. She is dreaming that she is floating on a life preserver on a choppy sea. Mamoru's image appears in the sky...

Luna recalled what Usagi had told her before, at the fridge. She runs off to get Mamoru (She jumps from rooftop to rooftop). She gets into his apartment and wakes him up by jumping onto his stomach. She tells him to come quickly, because Sailor Moon is in danger and needs him. "Hurry up! You need to wake her. You're the only one who can do it!"

Mamoru is shocked.

Luna says: "You and Sailor Moon were in love, once. Why are you so cruel to her?"

Mamoru: "Because...." He can't answer.

Luna: "Hurry up! Or she'll die..."

Mamoru hurries to Usagi on his motorbike. "Sailor Moon! Hang on until I get there. Don't die, Usako.." He transforms into Tuxedo Kamen while riding the bike. (This is a really cool scene).

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon is still dreaming. In her dream, Mamoru is always in the distance and she is trying to go to him. Her body glows with energy.

Sailor Jupiter shouts at her, telling her to wake up. Sailor Mercury says "Her temperature is dropping!"

Tuxedo Kamen shows up on the motorbike. He holds her and calls her name. She responds! "Forgive me, Usako.."

Then he kisses her. The droid flees her body and she wakes in his arms. "Mamo-chan.."

Sailor Mercury: "The power of love has restored her energy"

Chibi Usa is reminded of the Sleeping Beauty story, when the Prince kisses the sleeping Princess. "The fairy tale came true!"

But the droid returns! "You interrupted me!" she yells at Tuxedo Kamen. She pulls a blade from her forehead and attacks.

Sailor Moon yells "Watch out!", and pushes Tuxedo Kamen out of the way, but he gets stabbed in the shoulder.

The droid keeps moaning "Yuuummeeee yuuumee yuuummme!!"

Sailor Moon yells "Urasai!" ("Shut Up!"), then uses the Moon Princess Halation. Akumude is destroyed.

(Romantic music)

Tuxedo Kamen: "Sailor Moon! Another brilliant attack"

Sailor Moon: "So you love me...?"

Tuxedo Kamen: "No, I don't love you."

Sailor Moon: "But you saved me.."

Tuxedo Kamen: "Thats different. The string of Destiny has been cut."

Sailor Moon is crushed. "No!!"

Tuxedo Kamen (to himself, as he walks away): "Sorry, Usako."

Later Usagi is in the coffee shop and runs into the girl on Mamoru's bike. (She looks so much like Mako).

Usagi: "Uruhara Unazaki-san? You're Motoki's little sister!"

Girl: "Yeah! Its a good this that Mamoru-san was able to take me home the other day."

Usagi: "Took you home?"

Girl: "I was late. I was supposed to go meet my boyfriend, but I was busy."

Usagi: "Boyfriend? Not Mamoru.."

Girl: "No! I have someone I really love."

Usagi (to herself): "Lucky! So she has a boyfriend. But I wonder.. he's been avoiding me, even lying to me. He MUST have a reason and I have to find out what it is."

She finishes her drink. "I'll get his love back. I'll do it!"

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