Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 70

Episode Title
Ai no honoo no taiketsu! Mars vs Cooan
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.11.
Rei and Yuuichirou were out shopping. Rei was making Yuuichirou carry all of the boxes, so he couldn't see where he was going. Just as they were passing by a store, a girl who was carrying a large bag came out of the door. Yuuichirou and the girl (Cooan in human form) bumped into each other, causing both of them to drop everything that they were carrying. Cooan snapped at Yuuichirou, but Yuuichirou picked everything up for her. Then Cooan left, saying to herself that Yuuichirou was such a loser.

When Cooan returned to the spaceship, Rubeus was waiting for her. Rubeus said that Wiseman had predicted that the rabbit would appear at Hikawa Shrine that afternoon. He asked Cooan to get the rabbit.

Then Cooan gave Rubeus a small bottle of perfume that she had bought. But Rubeus just crushed the bottle in his hands, making Cooan feel very sad.

Cooan went to Hikawa Shrine in her human form. She ran into Yuuichirou, who was selling the shrine goods. Cooan bought a fortune paper, and got one that said BIG luck. For the love section, it said that her long awaited feelings will get through. So Cooan felt very happy.

When Cooan opened her compact, Rubeus appeared (the compact was also some communications device) and asked if the rabbit had appeared. Cooan said that she hadn't and Rubeus told her to try her best. Then Cooan saw Rei chasing Yuuichirou around the shrine grounds, as Yuuichirou hadn't cleaned up the yard yet. Cooan thought that it was very foolish of Yuuichirou to do so much for a girl who didn't love him.

Meanwhile Usagi was in Rei's room reading some manga. Rei scolded her for just playing around, but Usagi said that she couldn't find out any more information from Chibi Usa. Then a cosmetics sales lady (Cooan in disguise) came to Rei's house.

As Rei and Usagi were looking at the cosmetics, Cooan asked if they had boy friends. Rei pointed out that Usagi wasn't doing so well with Mamoru. Usagi said that she loved him and believed in him. Rei said that that was the most important thing, and told Usagi to have more confidence in herself. But Cooan said that that was wrong. She said that the most important thing was how much the other person loved you.

When Rei said that she didn't want any cosmetics, Cooan asked if there was a little girl in the house. She said that she had some cosmetics for little girls too. But Rei said that there wasn't such a girl there. So Cooan left thinking that she had to just wait for the rabbit to appear.

A little while later when Usagi was leaving Rei's shrine, she saw Chibi Usa coming towards her. Usagi warned Chibi Usa not to wander around, but Chibi Usa said that she was going to play with Rei. Then Usagi ran off to catch the bus.

When Chibi Usa got to the top of the stairs, Cooan appeared and caught her. But Yuuichirou appeared and hit Cooan with his broom. When Rei heard the noise and came, she saw Cooan. Then Cooan attacked them with her dark fire attack. Rei jumped out of the way, but fell down. When Cooan attacked again, Yuuichirou jumped to protect Rei. Cooan saw this and asked, "Why do you do that for a girl that doesn't love you?"
Yuuichirou said, "Because I love her. I'm going to protect the one that I love."

Cooan was shocked at Yuuichirou's answer. Yuuichirou lost consciousness and Rei got very upset. "I won't forgive you Cooan!"

Then Rei transformed. Cooan was very surprised to see that Rei was Sailor Mars.

Sailor Mars used her burning mandala, and Cooan used her dark fire attack. Then Cooan flew to Sailor Mars and hit her. When Sailor Mars was on the ground, Cooan went up into the air to blast her. Sailor Mars struggled up to carry Yuuichirou away from the blast. But Sailor Mars got hit in the leg with the blast.

Cooan said that Sailor Mars was foolish to cover for Yuuichirou. But Sailor Mars said that Cooan should understand if there is someone that she loved. Then Cooan recalled Rubeus.

Cooan got tired of talking to Sailor Mars and went to Chibi Usa, who was still unconscious near the steps. When Cooan was going to kill Chibi Usa, a red rose came flying by. Tuxedo Kamen then flew to the ground, picked up Chibi Usa, and flew away. When Cooan was about to go after Tuxedo Kamen, the burning mandala attack hit her.

Cooan was on the ground and struggled up when Rubeus appeared in the sky. He asked if Cooan had killed the rabbit yet. Cooan said that Sailor Mars had gotten in the way. She thought that Rubeus was going to help her, but Rubeus said that he had no reason to help her. Cooan said that Rubeus had loved her, but Rubeus shouted back coldly saying that he didn't do such stupid things as loving somebody. Then Rubeus gave Cooan a present. It was a bomb, and he told Cooan to destroy the rabbit with it.

Cooan was very saddened but she accepted it. Sailor Mars shouted to get rid of the bomb, but Cooan didn't. Then Sailor Venus' venus love me chain knocked the bomb out of Cooan's hands, and Sailor Jupiter's sparkling wide pressure blasted the bomb.

The other Sailor Senshi appeared and Sailor Moon said that Cooan couldn't escape. Cooan admitted that she had nowhere left to go and started attacking the Sailor Senshi very wildly. Sailor Mars was still on the ground watching the battle. She started to feel sorry for Cooan. Just when Sailor Jupiter was going to land a very powerful kick into Cooan, Sailor Mars came by and blocked the kick with her body. Everyone was shocked.

Cooan asked why Sailor Mars had done that. Sailor Mars said, "Because you know love. I know that we can be friends. It's not the end, but the beginning. Why are you sad that you can be your real self?"
Cooan said, "Thank you Sailor Mars."

Then Sailor Mars asked Sailor Moon to turn Cooan into a normal human. Sailor Moon said that she didn't have the moon stick any more, but Luna and Artemis said that she can use the ginzuishou. So Sailor Moon used her ginzuishou. "Moon crystal power!"

Cooan "refreshed" and became a normal human.

Later, Cooan came to the Hikawa Shrine, but this time she was a normal sales lady.

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