Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 71

Episode title
Yuujou no tame! Ami to Beruche gekitotsu.
[For friendship! Ami and Beruche crash.]
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.02.14.
    [I'm doing these from the film comic, so some things may be different from what was aired.]
Ami, Mako, Chibi Usa, and Usagi were in Usagi's room, where Ami and Usagi were playing chess. As expected Usagi lost to Ami. Then Ami noticed that it was pretty late, and she said that she had to go to Chess Tower.

Meanwhile Rubeus, Petz, Karaberas, and Beruche were in the UFO watching Cooan, who had turned into a normal human. Beruche didn't know why Cooan had chosen to become human, but the others just said that Cooan wasn't their sister any more. Rubeus said that he would take care of Cooan later. Another crystal point had been discovered at Chess Tower, and Beruche said that she would there go herself.

Ami, Mako, and Usagi went to Chess Tower, where the buildings were shaped like chess pieces. Ami said that there was a chess tournament on the coming Sunday. Usagi said that Ami would win for sure, but Ami blushed and said that she just liked chess and it didn't matter if she won. But then a girl (Beruche in human form) came and said that the result was important. She said that a chess game that wasn't played to win was just for kids. Mako said that it didn't matter if they win or lose if one tried hard. But Beruche said that that was an excuse for losers. After Beruche went into the Chess Tower, Ami told her friends that she had to go see the owner.

Ami played chess with the owner of Chess Tower, who was a friend of her grandfather. He said that Ami seemed different because she didn't seem as lonely as before. Ami said that she had made some very good friends. Then Ami saw Beruche sneaking around in the Chess Tower.

Beruche went to a large room which was the central point of the crystal point, and she used her dark water attack to fill the room with evil energy (fog). Ami came and told Beruche to stop. But Beruche just said, "I hate nice people like you," and blasted Ami.

Ami fell to the ground, and Beruche was about to finish her off. But Ami struggled up and transformed into Sailor Mercury. Sailor Mercury used her shine aqua illusion attack to get rid of Beruche's fog. Beruche got mad and was going to attack, but the sparkling wide pressure attack blasted Beruche's hand. Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter had appeared. Then Beruche said that it wasn't fair to fight 3 on 1, so she disappeared. After Beruche disappeared, Ami told the others that her identity had been discovered, as she had transformed in front of Beruche.

Back in the UFO, Beruche was looking at the injury that he had received. Then Petz and Karaberas came by and teased her. Beruche laughed and said that she didn't need anyone's help.

The day of the tournament came and Beruche was determined to defeat Ami. Minako, Usagi, Rei, Mako and Cooan came to cheer for Ami. Usagi took out some fans and started cheering loudly for Ami. Minako and Mako got embarrassed being with Usagi, and Rei took the fans away from Usagi. Rei told Usagi to be quiet and the owner of Chess Tower asked who they were. The girls said that they were friends of Ami. Minako asked the old man if Ami would be able to win, and the owner said that there was a strong rival. Cooan saw the picture on the screen, and knew that it was Beruche.

As the tournament went on, Ami kept winning, as did Beruche. Eventually the final match was between Ami and Beruche. Ami didn't know that her opponent was Beruche in disguise.

Beruche took out her own chess pieces and asked Ami if it was all right to used those for the final match. Ami said that it was pretty and agreed to use them. Before the game started Ami said, "Let's play a fun game of chess," and struck out her hand. When they shook hands Ami felt that Beruche's hand was very cold.

The match began, and everyone was anxiously watching on the TV monitor. (The match itself was played in a different room.) Beruche took some of Ami's pieces, and Usagi and the others started worrying, as it looked like Ami was losing. Beruche smiled and asked Ami what she was going to do. Then Ami spotted a move and got a check.

Beruche got upset and whispered to Ami, "The battle begins now, Sailor Mercury." Ami was shocked and finally realized that her opponent was Beruche. Then Beruche got up and destroyed the TV cameras. Beruche returned to her normal form, and Ami transformed into Sailor Mercury.

Since the TV monitors went out, Usagi and the others left the viewing area to find out what was going on.

Beruche and Sailor Mercury were facing off in the room. Beruche said that she wanted to battle Sailor Mercury in chess. But then the other Sailor Senshi appeared. "You're one million and fifty thousand years too young to want to challenge Ami in chess. You're a person who doesn't know her own standing. I'll punish you in the name of the moon!"

But Beruche just laughed and trapped the Sailor Senshi in a large sphere. Sailor Mars used her burning mandala, but her attack just bounced around inside the sphere. Sailor Mercury saw that her friends were in trouble and agreed to continue the chess match. Then Beruche moved some of her pieces to better positions, saying that someone like Ami should be able to handle the handicap. When Beruche moved and took one of Sailor Mercury's pieces, Sailor Mercury's legs began to freeze. Then Beruche said that these chess pieces were made such that the body will start freezing when one of the pieces were taken.

Sailor Moon yelled out, "Mercury, do your best!"
Sailor Mars said, "Believe in yourself!"
Then Beruche said, "If you give up, I'll save you."

But Sailor Mercury said that she wanted to continue. Beruche took another one of Sailor Mercury's pieces, and her body got frozen. The Sailor Senshi yelled out, "That's enough, escape Mercury!"
Beruche said, "Don't try to endure it. It's stupid to give your life for others."
Sailor Mercury said, "They aren't others. They are my friends. They are important people that I have to protect, no matter what happens."

Petz and Karaberas appeared, as they wanted to share in Beruche's victory. Beruche was going to take one of Sailor Mercury's pieces, but a red rose came flying by and knocked the piece to the ground. When the chess piece crumbled, the ice around Sailor Mercury disappeared, as well as the sphere that the Sailor Senshi were trapped in. When Petz and Karaberas saw that the Sailor Senshi were free, they left, saying that it was Beruche's fault.

Beruche sadly said, "See, even real sisters are like this. It's no use to fight for the sake of others."

Everyone looked at Beruche sadly. Beruche said, "Why are you looking at me that way. Why don't you laugh? I was foolish to trust my sisters until the very end."

Then Beruche used her dark water full power attack. Beruche said, "You're all going to die with me. People are alone when they are born or when they die. There's no such thing as love.."

But then Cooan started running towards Beruche. Beruche sent a large chunk of ice at Cooan, knocking her down. The Sailor Senshi went to help Cooan, and when she got up, Cooan said to Beruche, "The reason why you're sad is because you're looking for love. Please feel your own love!"
Beruche thawed herself and said, "Do I really have love too?"
Cooan went to Beruche and said, "Of course."
Beruche said, "Cooan, I want to become a normal human like you too."

Then Sailor Moon used her moon crystal power to turn Beruche into a human.

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