Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 72

Episode title
Hijou no Rubeus! Kanashimi no Yonshimai
Air date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.05.14.
    [I'm doing these from the film comic, so some things may be different from what was aired.]
The girls and Cooan and Beruche were at Rei's house. They had raked the leaves and were cooking sweet potatoes in the fire. Cooan and Beruche were happy to have friends, since they never had any before. When one of the potatoes was done, Chibi Usa started eating it and Usagi said that she wanted half. Minako said that it wasn't good to take food from a little kid. Mako said that the other potatoes would get cooked soon. But when Chibi Usa ate the whole potato, Usagi got mad and started chasing Chibi Usa around the yard.

Petz and Karaberas were in the UFO watching their former sisters. They were disgusted at Cooan and Beruche. Then Rubeus came and asked if they were going to turn traitor. But Petz and Karaberas said that they wouldn't, and they would do their duty. Then Rubeus gave Petz a stick that would increase the dark power. Rubeus said, "This is the last chance. Kill the Sailor Senshi and the rabbit. Take care of the traitors. If you fail, you're not going to have a place to return to."

Petz said that she would do it.

At Rei's house, they had finished cooking the potatoes, and Usagi was going to eat a lot. When Mako said that she would get fat eating so much, Rei said to leave her alone. Rei said that because Usagi was like that, she got rejected by somebody.

Just then a bright light appeared in the sky. Some light beams came at the girls, but Cooan pushed Chibi Usa out of the way. But Beruche and Cooan got caught, and the light beams pulled them up into the sky.

Usagi put Chibi Usa into the closet and hold her to stay hidden. Chibi Usa thought to herself that she had to find the Sailor Senshi to save Beruche and Cooan. Chibi Usa ran to a window and took a look outside. She saw Usagi and the others standing. Then she heard the girls say, "Jupiter star power, Mercury star power, venus star power, mars star power, moon crystal power make up!" Chibi Usa saw Usagi and the others transform into the Sailor Senshi!

Sailor Mercury used her computer to find the source of the evil energy, and the Sailor Senshi ran off. Chibi Usa couldn't believe her eyes and she went after the Sailor Senshi.

Petz and Karaberas had trapped Cooan and Beruche in an energy ball. They thought that they would know the identities of the Sailor Senshi and the rabbit.

Petz said that the stick that Rubeus had given her was very powerful. The power was flowing though her body. Karaberas wanted to feel the power too. But Petz blasted her when she tried to touch the stick. Petz said, "Cooan and Beruche betrayed me. I can't trust you either."

Then Cooan and Beruche woke up. They told Petz and Karaberas that the black moon was wrong, and asked them to stop fighting the Sailor Senshi. But Petz said that they were being tricked by the Sailor Senshi. She was going to blast them, but the Sailor Senshi appeared.

Sailor Venus said, "You're the ones being used by Rubeus."
Sailor Jupiter said, "Listen to what your sisters have to say."
Sailor Mercury said, "These two are our very important friends."
Sailor Mars said, "Give them back to us."
Sailor Moon said, "We say this much and you still don't understand. We'll punish you in place of the moon."

Cooan and Beruche were very happy that the Sailor Senshi had come for them. Petz immediately used her dark thunder attack at the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Jupiter countered with her sparkling wide pressure. But it wasn't strong enough and the Sailor Senshi got blasted. Sailor Jupiter said that Petz had gotten stronger than before. Sailor Mercury used her computer and found out that Petz was getting her power from the stick. Then Sailor Venus used her venus love me chain, and Sailor Mars used her burning mandala. But Petz avoided the attacks and rushed at the Sailor Senshi. Petz used her dark thunder again to blast the Sailor Senshi.

When Petz was about to finish off the Sailor Senshi, Cooan and Beruche asked her not to hurt the Sailor Senshi. They said that Rubeus was just using her, and that there must be some reason why he gave her that stick. Then Petz got upset and blasted them, along with Karaberas who was floating in the air next to them. As Beruche and Cooan fell from the ball, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars caught them. Sailor Moon went to Karaberas and asked her if she was all right. Karaberas was surprised that Sailor Moon would care about her. Cooan and Karaberas explained to her that this was the love of humans.

Then Petz was going to attack and kill everyone. Karaberas said that the stick must be taking control of her. Then Sailor Mercury used her shabon spray to cause a fog. When Petz hesitated, Sailor Venus used her venus love me chain to knock the stick out of Petz's hand. After the stick went rolling away, Sailor Jupiter blasted Petz.

When Cooan, Beruche, and Karaberas went to Petz, Rubeus appeared in the sky. Petz said that she would finish off the Sailor Senshi, but Rubeus said, "Don't worry. I never expected you to beat the Sailor Senshi. It's good that you got them together in one place. You're just pawns that can be sacrificed anyway. Die with the Sailor Senshi. I'll show you the real power of the stick."

Rubeus activated the stick and created a hole into another dimension. The Sailor Senshi were bracing themselves as the hole was trying to suck them in. Petz tried to use her dark power to destroy the hole, but it didn't work and she started getting sucked in. Karaberas, Cooan, and Beruche tried to help Petz.

Sailor Moon said that the only way was to go into the hole and destroy the stick. Luna said that it was too dangerous, but the other Sailor Senshi agreed with Sailor Moon, and they all jumped into the hole. When they spotted the stick, they joined hands and used the Sailor Planet power and destroyed the stick.

After the hole was destroyed, Cooan and Beruche asked Sailor Moon to help their sisters. So Sailor Moon used her moon crystal power and the ginzuishou to turn Petz and Karaberas into humans.

Chibi Usa had arrived at the scene and caught a glimpse of the ginzuishou.

Rubeus saw everything from his UFO and also found out that Sailor Moon had the ginzuishou.

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