Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 73

Episode title
UFO shutsugen! Sarawareta Sailor Senshi tachi
[UFO Sighting! The Sailor Warriors Kidnapped!]
Air date
  • Summary by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gains (Onyx)
    With help from Giovanni Beltrame
Chibi-Usa stands on the dock where she first appeared, stunned by her discovery that Usagi and the others are the Sailor Senshi, and that Usagi has the ginzuishou. She runs off, as a light appears in the sky...

Rubeus looks down at the city from his UFO. He plans to kill the "rabbit" and recover the ginzuishou. He is interrupted by laughter, and Esmeraude appears. She tells him he's out of the plan to conquer Crystal Toyko due to his failures and leaves. Rubeus can't believe Prince Demand has abandoned him and plots to recover his favour with the ginzuishou.

Usagi arrives home, and Chibi-Usa's gaze is fixed on her brooch as she runs by, changes, and leaves again to see the girls, much to her Mom's dismay, as she thought Usagi was home early. At the temple, the girls and the cats are conferring. Artemis feels all the recent UFO sightings could be related to their enemy. Usagi arrives, notices the snacks (Mako's cooking) and digs right in. The girls declare they will protect Chibi-Usa, the target of their enemy.

At home, Chibi-Usa is watching Usagi's Mom making pancakes, a special treat. Chibi-Usa wants to know why she is going through so much trouble making dinner for someone as clumsy and annoying as Usagi. Mom says mothers everywhere are doing the same because they love their children, and she loves Chibi-Usa most of all.

Chibi-Usa enters Usagi's room, dismayed by the mess, when she spots the brooch with the ginzuishou on her school uniform. She goes to take it, but hesitates, remembering all the times Sailor Moon has helped her. Downstairs we hear Usagi returning, telling her mother she's not hungry because she's already eaten. At that, Chibi-Usa feels Usagi is too selfish to be the Sailor Moon of legend and forces herself to take the brooch ( This point is important later on ). Usagi and Luna enter her room and find the window open and the brooch gone. Chibi-Usa runs in the streets.

Rubeus is back watching the city when the Wiseman appears. This is the day. The "rabbit" has the ginzuishou.

Usagi informs the others that Chibi-Usa has her transformation brooch, and they all set out to find her.

Back on the dock, Chibi-Usa holds her time-travel key and tries to return home, but nothing happens. She bursts into tears, and one of her energy discharges occurs. When she calms down and opens her eyes, she find Rubeus standing in front of her. Just as her goes for her, Sailors Mars and Venus appear ( they probably saw the discharge too ) and blast him, Mars then grabbing Chibi-Usa. Rubeus recovers, and Mercury shouts a warning and covers Mars' retreat with Chibi-Usa.

While Mars is running, Chibi-Usa calls her Rei-chan, startling her. She asks Chibi-Usa how she knew. The others catch up and are glad to see her all right. Chibi-Usa says Usagi doesn't deserve the ginzuishou, and because they are Usagi's friends they only care about it, not her. The Sailor Senshi say they do care for Usagi, but they care for Chibi-Usa too. She cries and dashes away from them across the street, vanishing into an alley.

Night falls, and Rubeus continues to search. The girls meet Usagi. They tell her Chibi-Usa knows who she is, and that's why she took the brooch.

Chibi-Usa hides in an alley. She won't give the ginzinshou back because she needs it for her mother, but she has to go somewhere. The clock strikes ten, and the girls keep looking.

Mamoru returns to his apartment, and finds Chibi-Usa asleep on his doorstep. She's dreaming of the Dark Moon attack on Crystal Toyko, and she is running, being helped along by four familiar shadowy figures. A UFO blasts them, and they all go flying...

She awakens lying in bed, with Mamoru sitting watching her. Using a Tuxedo Mask doll, he talks to her, cheering her up. Chibi-Usa asks about Sailor Moon, and is told that she has no equal. Her stomach growls, and he goes to fix her something to eat. Suddenly there's pounding at the door, and Usagi calls out Mamoru's name. Chibi-Usa uses Luna-P to create a parachute, and dives off of the balcony! Usagi and Mamoru ( wearing an apron ) look down after her. On the street, she desperately uses the key again, and this time a portal appears, but it fails before she can pass through it.

Then Rubeus' UFO appears low over the city in plain view to all. Rubeus appears in mid-air overhead Chibi-Usa, calling to the "rabbit", and the Sailor Senshi appear, Mars taking Chibi-Usa again. Mars, Jupiter, and Venus attack, but Rubeus withstands it. Mercury realizes that his ship's power is protecting him. Rubeus counterattacks, sending them all flying. Mars tells Chibi-Usa to run, but she's frozen. Rubeus attacks again, and a force beam from the UFO pins them all down. Mars want to envoke Sailor Planet power to try and counter the beam, but they know they can't resist it for long, not without Sailor Moon.

They manage to pull it off, but it is clearly a terrible strain. Mars yells at Chibi-Usa to run again, and Tuxedo appears and scoops her up. Rubeus increases the power, and the four are overwhelmed and pulled up into the UFO, with Tuxedo, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa looking on in horror. Usagi screams at Chibi-Usa and starts to slap her, but is stopped by Tuxedo. Rubeus laughs...

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