Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 74

Episode title
Rubeus wo taose! Uchuukuukan no kessen
[Kill Rubeus! The final battle in the space void.]
Air date
  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (Onyx)
    With help from Giovanni Beltrame
Rubeus' UFO floats over the city. Rubeus calls out to Sailor Moon. She has two hours to give him the ginzuishou and the "rabbit", or her friends die. Usagi, Tuxedo Mask, and Chibi-Usa listen out of sight in an alley. Rubeus vanishes, and the UFO rises up through the clouds.

The UFO rises into low orbit. Rubeus is watching the Earth when Esmeraude appears. He shows her the Sailor Senshi hung unconscious on crosses. She wants to know why he hasn't killed them, and he says he expects Sailor Moon to come for then, and then he'll kill her in front of them. Esmeraude laughs and vanishes. Rubeus says he'll show her his power.

At Mamoru's apartment, Chibi-Usa is on the balcony, as a shooting star appears overhead ( bad luck in Japan ). Mamoru comes out. Chibi-Usa asks if Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask, which he admits. If Usagi is Sailor Moon, then nothing surprises her any more. She has returned the brooch to Usagi, and can't understand why her key didn't work. Mamoru asks her to tell him what is happening in the future, it worries him and he doesn't know why, but she won't say anything, aside that she needs the ginzuishou. Mamoru becomes angry at her for not trusting them and points out all of Usagi's positive qualities, which makes an impression on her.

At the apartment, the TV news reports that the UFO has vanished, but people are worried. Luna asks where Chibi-Usa and Mamoru are, and a distracted Usagi, holding the brooch, replies the roof. Usagi wonders why she has to protect Chibi-Usa, given all these terrible things that have happened since she showed up. Maybe she should just do what Rubeus asked. Luna can't believe she's serious. Usagi says she's just tired, she can't handle these things herself.

Usagi goes out on the balcony. She's upset and afraid but pulls herself together. In the old days she'd just run or scream, but this fight she has to face herself. She can't risk Chibi-Usa, but if she brings the ginzuishou maybe Rubeus would lower his guard. She looks up and says she won't let everyone down. She then slips away.

Not noticing, the cats discuss what to do. They consider disguising themselves as Chibi-Usa, but this idea is quickly rejected. Mamoru runs in looking for Usagi, as the door is open. They realize what she is going to do, and believe she doesn't have a chance. Then Mamoru realizes Chibi-Usa is gone as well. "Those two are like twins. They're thinking the same thing."

On the streets, Usagi transforms. She apologizes to Mamoru, Luna, and Artemis, but this she has to do alone. Rubeus' UFO appears, and he calls out to welcome Sailor Moon and the "rabbit". Sailor Moon starts, and turns to find Chibi-Usa behind her! She wants to go with Sailor Moon, as this is mostly her fault. Before Sailor Moon can do more than argue, they are both caught in the force beam and taken into the air. Mamoru and the cats arrive and can only watch helplessly.


Sailor Moon and Chibi-Usa regain consciousness in the UFO to see Rubeus and the other Sailor Senshi, still on the crosses. Sailor Moon tries to fool Rubeus by claiming Chibi-Usa is really her cousin, not the "rabbit", but he says he'll find out after he's killed her.

Rubeus challenges Sailor Moon to fight, and she tells Chibi-Usa to try and help their friends. Chibi-Usa scurrys to one side.

The UFO lifts off into space, while Mamoru and the cats look on.

Rubeus gets in the first punch. Sailor Moon tries the "Moon Princess Halation" but Rubeus deflects it. He then pins Sailor Moon down with increased gravity, laughing that a special crystal give him more power than her. Chibi-Usa notices that one of the ship's crystals glows when he does so. Rubeus then reverses the gravity so she floats helplessly, noticing through a viewport that they are far above the Earth. Rubeus tells her that they cannot escape.

Chibi-Usa runs to the trapped Sailor Senshi, but a force field stops her, the shock of it triggering one of her energy discharges, and Rubeus now know for sure she's the "rabbit". She gets back up and tries again, Rubeus telling her its useless because of the power crystal. Rubeus sends Sailor Moon crashing to the deck again and this time keeps turning up the gravity. "DIE!"

But Sailor Moon slowly manages to pull herself up. She tells Rubeus she will free her friends at all costs. Rubeus can't believe it, he's underestimated her. He kills the gravity, and decides to finish her off himself. They both release energy attacks and attempt to overpower the other. Chibi-Usa tries to remove the crystal she noticed earlier, but gets hit by another energy discharge. Rubeus sends Sailor Moon crashing into a wall, and notices Chibi-Usa attempting to remove the crystal. He's about to stop her, when he hears "Moon Princess Halation!" behind him, and just barely manages to deflect Sailor Moon's attack. Chibi-Usa tries the crystal again, and with her own energy discharge manages to remove the crystal, shattering it. Rubeus' power is cut off, and Sailor Moon's attack sends him crashing back.

Things throughout the UFO start crashing, and the Sailor Senshi recover, the crosses vanishing. Chibi-Usa and Sailor Moon stumble up to them. Their reunion is cut short by Rubeus laughing. With the crystal shattered, the ship will break up and kill them all. Fire begins to erupt everywhere, engulfing Rubeus and trapping the girls. Escape doesn't seem possible, but Mercury says there's a way, and then Venus realizes she means the Sailor Teleport. Mars objects that Sailor Moon is too weak, and they don't know if they can take Chibi-Usa with them. But Sailor Moon says she can do it, and asks Chibi-Usa to trust her, she's fix pancakes when they get home.

The five of them invoke "Sailor Teleport", holding hands in a circle with Chibi-Usa in the center, and they vanish. Rubeus rolls out the fire, and Esmeraude appears. Rubeus, relieved, believes she's there to save him, but she tells him it's better he dies here than return to the future in shame. She vanishes, and Rubeus screams as the UFO explodes.

Dawn is breaking as the Sailors and Chibi-Usa appear on the streets, and see the distant explosion. Chibi-Usa reminds Sailor Moon about the pancakes, and everyone laughs.

In the future, Esmeraude appears before Demand. She is to take Rubeus' place. She vanishes, and he toasts an image of Serenity, and to getting what he wants.

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