Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 75

Episode title
Nazo no shin senshi Sailor Pluto toujou
[The Appearance of the Mysterious Sailor Pluto]
Air date
  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (Onyx)
    With additional input from Giovanni Beltrame
Chibi-Usa runs, gasping for air against a blank background. A cloaked figure with a scythe appears floating. Droid Jarkoku says he's glad to see the "rabbit", and it's time to see her mother. Chibi-Usa cries out...

We see scenes of Crystal Toyko under attack. Chibi-Usa's voice over says that they came out of nowhere with the Black Crystal...

Demand, Saffir, and Esmeraude meet in the future. With dark power, they will catch the "rabbit" in her dreams, where no one can interfere. Saffir believes their jakozuishou (Black Crystal) is powerful enough for them to prevail without interfering in the 20th century. Demand calls for Wiseman, who appears, and says the jakozuishou will never be the most powerful while the ginzuishou exists.

Chibi-Usa lies in bed, unconscious and with a fever. The girls kneel around her, with Usagi upset and worried. Even the doctor can't help her. Chibi-Usa says "Pu", startling them all. The Luna-P's eyes begin glowing, and it floats up and over the bed. It glows, and is replaced by the figure of an older Sailor Senshi. She introduces herself as Sailor Pluto. Dark powers are threatening the "Small Lady", Chibi-Usa, in her dreams, and she asks the Sailor's to go into her dreams and remove the presence. There is a certain degree of risk, but everyone else is determined to help. Sailor Pluto lifts her staff and...

Everyone wakens, apparently in the besieged Crystal Toyko. They look at the city, and wonder if it is so dark because they are in Chibi-Usa's dream. Usagi hears Chibi-Usa calling "Mama", and they find her crouched in a ruined house. She doesn't recognize them, or the name "Chibi-Usa", and says Usagi must be someone sent to kill or capture her. Ami realizes that here Chibi-Usa doesn't remember that she has she traveled into the past. Usagi thinks she's just being annoying and gets mad herself, and Chibi-Usa runs off.

Chibi-Usa stops to catch her breath, and finds the droid directly above her. He attacks with the scythe and she just manages to dodge. The girls catch up, and all transform. As Jarkoku prepares to finish Chibi-Usa off, the Sailor Senshi appear above him.

The fight begins, and the figure effortlessly blocks Mars' and Venus' attacks. Jarkoku says he will get the "rabbit", no matter what they do. Chiba-Usa runs, and Mars tells Sailor Moon to go after her while they handle the droid. She runs off, and the others him.


Chibi-Usa runs down an empty street, but Sailor Moon's gotten ahead of her. She still thinks Sailor Moon's the enemy. She remembers the attack on Crystal Toyko, and is desperate about her mother. Sailor Moon tells her she and the Senshi are her friends, and they'll never harm her. Chibi-Usa turns away from her, but says she believes her and asks Sailor Moon to save her mother.

Chibi-Usa shows Sailor Moon the Crystal Palace, where her mother is a prisoner. Sailor Moon starts to go forward, but Chibi-Usa shows her a force-field surrounding it. They have to find a way through it. Suddenly, a building topples in the distance, and the cats run up. The others need help, and Sailor Moon runs off, asking the cats to stay with Chibi-Usa.

Jarkoku floats over the toppled building, laughing. Sailor Moon rejoins the others, and explain's about Chibi-Usa's mother. If they can save her in the dream, perhaps Chibi-Usa will recover. Jarkoku throws his sycthe, knocking them all down, as Chibi-Usa and the cats arrive. Sailor Moon manages to get up as Luna tells Chibi-Usa to trust the Senshi. Sailor Moon attacks the droid with the Moon Rod, but her blow is parried and she is send crashing down. Chibi-Usa cries out, and Jarkoku turns to her. Sailor Moon stands to protect her, and he strikes the ground, causing it to split apart at their feet! Chibi-Usa is about to fall when Sailor Moon catches her and says she will protect her at all costs. Chibi-Usa remembers Sailor Pluto telling her the Senshi are her friends, and Mamoru saying Sailor Moon has no equal.

As Sailor Moon starts to pull Chibi-Usa up, Jarkoku appears directly behind her. Chibi-Usa cries a warning, and Sailor Moon parries his blow (one-handed!). Suddenly, energy surrounds her, sending him flying, and Chibi-Usa floats out of the chasm. Everyone's amazed. Sailor Moon says she won't forgive Jarkoku for trying to hurt a small child, and the Moon Princess Halation finishes him off.

Chibi-Usa and Sailor Moon smile at each other. They all make it into the palace, where they find Chibi-Usa's mother imprisoned in crystal but all right. Chibi-Usa thanks them all and says she is going to see her mother. Everything fades back to the bedside. Sailor Pluto thanks them, and Chibi-Usa awakens. Usagi hugs her, and Chibi-Usa's eyes widen when she sees "Pu". She asks to return to the future, but Pluto says the enemy has a new plan, and she asks the Sailor Senshi to take care of her. She then fades away and Luna-P returns. Chibi-Usa's upset, and Usagi vows to protect her.

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