Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 76

Episode title
Ankoku no maryoku! Esmeroodo no shinryaku
[The Dark Magic Power! Esmeraude's Attack]
Air date
  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (ONYX)
    With additional input from Giovanni Beltrame
Usagi, Chibi-Usa, and Luna are on the street. Usagi offers to treat her to anything she wants. At least, that's what she would do if she hadn't spent her pocket money, so they'll just have to play in the park.

Usagi literally runs into Mamoru. They both stop short, but before either can say anything Chibi-Usa throws herself at "Mamoru-chan", and starts chattering away with him. She wants to go to a new sweets shop, where there are free cakes. Mamoru agrees as a recovery present, but they have to ask Usagi first. Usagi is fuming, but when Mamoru glances at her she instantly puts on a ( slight frantic ) happy face and leaves the two together, saying she has something else to do. When she's gone, Chibi-Usa says she wanted her to come with them.

Out of sight, she cries, leaning on a light pole. She says she'll allow her one date with Mamoru since she was sick. Luna wants her to go with them and try making up with Mamoru, but she can't stand seeing the two of them together. She fumes about Chiba-Usa being so small she can cuddle with Mamoru and ends up punching the pole.

In the future, Esmeraude appears before Demand, who warns her to remember Rubeus' fate. She has new way to conquer Crystal Tokyo by working in the past. Saffir appears, and says the Senshi of the past are just as strong as those in the future. He shows them an image of the Sailor Senshi of the future, holding off their assault. Demand apparently has seen enough, and abruptly banishes the image. Esmeraude wants to destroy the world instead of corrupting crystal points as Rubeus tried. Demand reminds her they can't use the Black Crystal on Earth without opening the Black Gate. But Esmeraude claims several points in the past have negative energy. By place crystal figurines at those points and energizing them, they will absorb the negative energy. When they are all in position, the Black Gate will open and the Black Crystal's power will destroy the world. She's asked Saffir to make them and he produces one, commenting that they are too gaudy for him. Demand gives her permission to try. Esmeraude laughs...

At the new sweets shop, the girls ( minus Usagi ) have arrived and are checking it out, especially Rei and Minako. They agree that after saving Chibi-Usa they deserve a break ( except for Ami who worries about the lack of nutrition ). Artemis tries to remind them about their weight and their duties, and gets shut into his cat carrier by Minako. Chibi-Usa and Usagi weren't home when they called, but the girls figure they'll find it on their own.

Esmeraude comes down the street, attracting everyone's attention, and using an earring to locate the proper point for the figurine, which apparently is the sweets shop ( like anyone's surprised :-) ).

Usagi wanders by and forces her way to the front window, becoming overjoyed of course. Inside everyone is stuffing themselves. Minako believes they have all lived just for this moment! The girls talk about Mamoru and Usagi's situation while Artemis runs out of air. They catch sight of Usagi, who is standing next to Esmeraude, both frantically stuffing themselves. Minako tries to catch her attention and calm her down, while Luna rescues Artemis. Mako and Rei try to drag Usagi away, Mako bumping into Esmeraude, who she calls "old lady". Fuming at this, Esmeraude realizes she's made a sight of herself and retreats, mortified. Out of sight she pulls herself together, and plans to destroy this place and all these people, with maniacal laughter of course.

Mako and Ami fill their plates while Usagi pours out her troubles (literally) about Mamoru and Chiba-Usa with Rei and Minako.

In the back, Esmeraude finds the point and places a figurine. She then creates a droid, which disguises itself as a waitress. The droid will steal the initial energy it needs.

Usagi has finally calmed down, and asks why the others aren't eating, when suddenly Chibi-Usa and Mamoru appear. Chibi-Usa can't believe Usagi ate all this herself, and she retorts that she's depressed because of guess-who? This rapidly turns into a stick-out-the-tongue duel. Mamoru tries to escape but suddenly all the other customers in the shop are freezing in place. Sensing something about the waitress, Mamoru throws a plate at her, and she reveals herself as the droid. She says she will destroy them.

Oblivious to all this, Usagi and Chibi-Usa are fighting over a piece of cake when Mamoru yells to "Usako" not to eat the cake. Immediately deciding he must be in love with her again, Usagi is quickly disillusioned by Ami and Rei, who tell her to look around. (Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa is eating the cake.) The droid attacks with pastry sprays, and almost gets Usagi. Mamoru yells at the others to get out, and after momentary hesitation, they do. Out of sight, Ami tells Chibi-Usa and the cats to leave, and the girls transform.

Inside, Mamoru is in trouble when the Sailor Senshi appear. The droid dodges Mars' attack, and partially freezes both her and Sailor Moon. Jupiter attacks, but is countered and the droid wraps her in donuts. The droid avoids Venus' attack, and gets her, then Mars and Moon again! Just as it is about to finish them off, Tuxedo Mask appears. "A girl's pure heart is made of sugar, and sometimes sugar melts". Mercury realizes that the droid is vulnerable to water and attacks, weakening the droid which frees the others. Sailor Moon finishes it off.

In the back the figurine shatters. Esmeraude checks the front and is stunned to see everyone recovered. The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo appear behind her. She is impressed by Tux and makes a pass at him. Sailor Moon tells her not to look at him. Esmeraude isn't impressed with the 20th century Sailor Senshi, due to their lack of, err... development. Jupiter calls her "old lady" again, and she blows up. The Sailors prepare to fight, but Esmeraude wears them down with a long rambling speech, saying they have won the battle but not the war, and then tortures them with her laugh. She vanishes. Jupiter says she's their new enemy.

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