Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 77

Episode title
Omoiha onaji! Usagi to Mamoru no ai futatabi
[The Thoughts are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Again.]
Air date
  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (ONYX)
    With additional input from Giovanni Beltrame
The clock strikes and Usagi runs screaming through school corridors, late as usual, and collides head on with Umino. Naru finds them lying in a heap. Usagi's upset about being late for homeroom, only to find that Haruna-sensei is late also, which means she could have had another bowl of rice before coming to school. Naru asks Umino about something he wanted to give her and he hands her a "Promise Ring". Usagi's never heard of it, and thinks it's wrestling for love.

Actually, they're handmade bracelets. Naru and Umino explain that you weave the ring together and make a wish. If the ring unbinds it'll come true. The first lessons at the school are free, so Umino suggests Usagi try it out. Usagi feels a little envious about Naru and Umino, and remembers how Mamoru doesn't want to see her anymore...

She's walking home, alone and depressed, when Ami and Mako show up. They ask her what's wrong. She tells them she's OK but they tell her they're there for her if she needs them. She once again says she's OK and that she is going to a shop to check out the Promise Rings when Mamoru appears from a side street. She feels that her love must have brought them together and calls out to him, but he keeps going. Usagi starts to follow, but trips and falls, which brings him to a stop also. Usagi asks him what she did wrong to make him hate her, she can't get over him until she knows. Mamoru (not looking at her) says she didn't do anything, it was all his fault. He leaves, and Usagi begins to cry as Ami and Mako watch.

Meanwhile, Esmeraude studies the city. She thinks it's primitive and noisy, but she'll change all that when she fills it with Dark Power. She locates another negative energy point (on the roof of the school above the Promise Ring class) and she summons a droid to watch over it. She leaves, dreaming of returning to the future and Prince Dimando.

Ami and Mamoru comfort Usagi, telling her if the story about the Promise Rings is true, maybe it'll help Mamoru come back to her. They obtain the materials to make one, and escort her to the crafts class, where she meets Umino and Naru. The instructor seats her with them, and demonstrates the technique, multiple times as Usagi just doesn't get it! The instructor is saved by the bell, boots out Usagi and everyone else, and is revealed to be the droid! She summons Esmeraude. The promise rings everyone is making will pollute their wearers with Dark Power.

That night, Usagi dozes in her room, still trying to get it right. Chibi-Usa and Luna peer in at her. They are worried about how her situation with Mamoru is affecting her. Usagi murmurs Mamoru's name, and we see a photo of the two together on the dresser. In her dreams she and Mamoru are getting married, but just as they kiss, everything explodes and they are pulled apart. A voice tells Chiba Mamoru that he must stay away from Usagi, the princess, or this will happen. (This is the dream Mamoru has been having!) She wakens with a start, and wonders if this is why Mamoru refuses to see her. When she picks up the photo and looks at it, the glass cracks.

Usagi pounds at Mamoru's door. He tries to get her to leave, until she mentions the dream, which startles him. Outside the building, Luna and Chibi-Usa wait. Chibi-Usa remarks that Usagi's been up there a long time, and that she still hasn't finished the Promise Ring. Chibi-Usa is wearing one.

Upstairs, Mamoru has let Usagi in, but is not looking at her. She knows now that Mamoru has had the same dream and that he turned away from her because he was afraid for her, and tries to tell him it doesn't mean anything. But Mamoru says he's had the dream so many times he's begun to believe it wasn't a dream but a prediction of the future. Usagi doesn't care about any danger if they can be together, but Mamoru says they can't be together, and he pushes her out the door. She hammers at the door, crying that even if the world was destroyed she'd want to be with him, until she falls to the floor, sobbing. Mamoru stands against the door inside.

Outside, Chibi-Usa and Luna wait, but just as Usagi appears, the promise ring begins infecting Chibi-Usa with Dark Power! Luna tears it off and throws it down. Usagi runs to Chibi-Usa and asks what happened. Luna tells her it was the Promise Ring, and Usagi realizes what must be happening.

At the crafts class, most of the students have been felled by the Promise Rings, including Umino and Naru. Ami's still all right, and she calls in the rest of the Sailor Senshi via wrist communicator.

The crystal figurine on the building is growing rapidly, and is spotted by Luna, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa. Usagi transforms, and Sailor Moon confronts the droid on the building's roof. The droid attacks with energy rings, but Sailor Moon manages to dodge the droid's attack and it is distracted by Tuxedo Mask. He tells it that a Promise Ring is the oure heart of a girl, and he won't forgive it for tampering with that. He deflects the droid's first attack, but the energy rings become amplified by the negative energy and circle around behind him! But Sailor Mercury then appears and freezes them. The droid's next attack is deflected by Sailor Mars, and then by Jupiter and Venus. Now surrounded, Sailor Moon finishes the Droid off. The crafts class recovers, and the figurine topples. Esmeraude appears, and tells them they won't be able to stop her from opening the Black Gate and releasing the power of the zyakozushou (the black crystal), rendering the world evil and destroying Crystal Tokyo.

Tuxedo tells Sailor Moon that ever though they have problems ahead of them, it is their duty to protect this city as well as the future Crystal Tokyo, and that he is willing to fight along with them. He leaves. Mars goes to Sailor Moon and asks what she is waiting for? The girls can tell from the way they looked at each other that Sailor Moon has figured out what was wrong between them, and that she should go to him.

Usagi runs through the streets, and finds Mamoru. She runs into his arms, and says that even if it's not a good idea that they get married in the future, she doesn't care right now while she's with him. They look at each other, and kiss...

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