Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 78

Episode title
Venus Minako no nurse daisoudou
[The Problems of Venus-Minako as a Nurse]
Air date
  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (ONYX)
    With additional input from Giovanni Beltrame
It's Christmas, but the flu is sweeping the city. In the streets everyone is wearing face masks, except for Esmeraude, who is watching a TV in a store window which comments on the situation. She's responsible for this outbreak, and plans on taking advantage of the situation. Minako walks past, with Artemis in his cat carrier. She's wants to help her friends at all cost in their hour of need. (Whether they want it or not.)

The phone rings at the temple. It's Mako calling Rei, and they both look awful. Mako says both Usagi and Ami are down with the flu, and Rei admits that even she is, so it looks like the Sailor Senshi are out of action. However, Mako starts to say that one of them is still well when suddenly Rei's door flies open to reveal a VERY cheerful Minako (waving the car carrier over Artemis' protests). Mako overhears the commotion and hangs up, sighing. It's apparent from the wreckage in her place that Minako's already been there.

At Rei's Minako's made some food and offers it to her. Artemis tries to warn her, but Minako stops him, adding that as she is the only one who's well she'll take care of everyone. Rei's dubious about the food, but Minako looks at her with such innocence that she has to try it. She swallows, spits flame, and passes out. Artemis tries the food and confirms that it's loaded with salt! Minako then manages to spill the dish on Rei, and then dumps her out of bed trying to change the sheets.

After getting Rei settled again, she produces a cassette and proceeds to fiddle with the tape player, saying how she's read that certain music helps with healing. Rei looks pensive, and when the player finally starts working it blares at top volume. When Minako tries to apologetically turn it down, it explodes. Rei follows suit and throws her out.

Back out on the street, Minako decides to visit Usagi, over Artemis' protests.

Meanwhile, Esmeraude has placed another figurine. Her flu plan is going well, and this time things will work!

Usagi's in bed and on the phone with Rei, who is filling her in on Minako's rampage. Usagi's saying that she doesn't need Minako's help because there is someone well in the house when suddenly she hears Chibi-Usa crying out on the balcony, and quickly hangs up. Chibi-Usa's dangling from the railing, apparently from trying to put a sheet out to dry. Mom pulls her up. She's insisting on doing all the work, and Usagi tells here to stick to what she knows. Mom has a headache, and can't deal with this. She leaves, telling Chibi-Usa she should go play with her friends.

A voice calls out, and a cloaked figure appears on the street. It's Minako, who leaps up to the balcony in one bound, and makes a speech about being the angel of mercy here to help. Artemis hangs his head. Usagi tries to talk her into just playing with Chibi-Usa but Minako wants to help everyone. Chibi-Usa looks happy, and as they go inside Minako tells Usagi that she should rest, and tomorrow she'll catch her second cold. Artemis says she meant wind.

Usagi lies in bed, Artemis checks on Luna, who tells him he's lucky he's so silly, (This is a play on a saying that silly people never get colds) and the door swings open to reveal Minako and Chibi-Usa in nurse's uniforms. Chibi-Usa turns Luna-P into a medicine kit, and Minako sticks a digital thermometer into Usagi's mouth. However, it doesn't seem to work properly, and when Minako shakes it, it goes flying and breaks the window. Cold air starts rushing in. Luna says she thought Usagi was the worst, but she can't compare to Minako.

With the window taped over, Minako suggests some food, which Usagi and Artemis frantically shoot down. Minako then goes for the CD player, and Usagi manages to distract her by suggesting she take a look at her parents. Minako and Chibi-Usa happily go off, falling down the stairs, and the patch comes off the window.

Minako, Chibi-Usa, and Luna-P (wearing an apron) then prepare to clean house, and it's a complete disaster. Usagi and Mom look on at the devastation, and Mom goes back to bed, saying she'll clean house later. Usagi feels bad for Mom, and then gets groggy and passes out.

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In her dreams, Usagi has dinner with Mamoru, but just as they kiss the other girls appear. Ami and Rei tell her she's only in junior high yet, and Mako tells Mamoru to stop it. Then Nurses Minako and Chibi-Usa appear, and ask if they need anything (in scary tones). Mamoru spins off in the void, and fire breaks out! Usagi wakes up screaming to find herself in bed and Minako has just put a cold compress on her head. (Chibi-Usa is sleeping leaning on the bed.) Usagi wonders why Minako is trying so hard to take care of her. Minako says that it's because she's an important friend who brings light to her life, and Chibi-Usa helps because she cares about Usagi too. Chibi-Usa wakes up and reminds Minako they were going to pick up some flu medicine, and the two of them leave together. Usagi looks happier.

At the drugstore, Esmeraude checks on the figurine. Apparently she and a droid, in the guise of a doctor, have been using flu medication to spread Dark Power. She laughs. (Of course.)

Minako and Chibi-Usa arrive at the drugstore, and finding no one at the counter, Chibi-Usa gets impatient and goes looking for someone. Esmeraude and the droid are busying "doctoring" some medication when Chibi-Usa barges in, demanding some service. Esmeraude fumes, and then, pretending to be a doctor, produces a needle and says it's for her. Chibi-Usa tries to leave, but the droid grabs her and she screams, resulting in one of her energy discharges. Esmeraude is astonished as she realizes it's the "rabbit"! Minako realizes Chibi-Usa is in trouble, and so do all the other girls. (Their mystic beepers must go off!) Minako transforms.

Esmeraude can't believe her luck, and the droid transforms into its true form. But Sailor Venus appears, with the traditional battle dialogue. Esmeraude thinks Venus figured out what she was up to and where she was, which Venus confirms without batting an eye. Chibi-Usa can't believe Venus is making all this up.

Usagi and the others are stumbling through the streets. The cats tell her she's in no shape for this, but she has to help.

Venus' fight is not going well, as the droid dodges or counters all her attacks, and then she gets pinned to the wall with giant needles. Esmeraude laughs and tells the droid to get Chibi-Usa. It fires a giant needle at her, but a rose stops it. Tuxedo Mask appears, and says a hospital is a place for healing, not killing. Esmeraude freaks and sics the droid on him. But Jupiter stops its attack, Mercury creates a fog, and suddenly Esmeraude is surrounded by the Sailor Senshi. Venus tells them they should all be in bed, and they thank her for fighting alone and protecting Chibi-Usa, and she's in no more danger now that they are here. Esmeraude yells for the droid to attack and jumps clear. Mars blasts the droid, but Sailor Moon staggers, she's weak from the flu. Tuxedo Mask urges her her not to get sick now, he'll like to see her well, and Moon Princess Halation finishes the droid off as usual. Venus asks them not to forget about her.

The figurine shatters. Esmeraude swears revenge (as usual).

Later, the flu has passed, for everyone except Minako and Artemis. Luna cheerfully tells Artemis that he should be glad, as only silly people never get colds. Usagi and Chibi-Usa appear, in nurse's outfits of course. This time Usagi has made some awful food, but Minako can't bring herself to say so and forces it down. Usagi and Chibi-Usa get into a fight over the thermometer. Minako sighs, realizing she getting exactly what she's given.

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