Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 79

Episode title
Artemis no bouken! Ma no doubutsu oukoku
[The Adventures of Artemis! The Evil Animal Kingdom]
Air date
  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons
    With addtional help from Giovanni Beltrame and Tjuana Tenise Gaines
Artemis flees from a restaurant, pursued by an angry chef. At home with Usagi and Luna, he's out of breath to Luna's amusement. She says he's only able to get himself into trouble. Chibi-Usa comes down the hall with the laundry and opens the bedroom door just as Artemis turns to leave, clobbering him. She apologizes, but the others can't help but laugh, and he leaves in a huff. Luna's of the opinion that Artemis is only good at ruining things, but Usagi says they ought to apologize to him for laughing. Usagi and Luna run after Artemis but when they reach the street he's gone. At Minako's, she's knitting, and Artemis is still mad. Minako tells him that he must do something important to gain Luna's respect, and he decides to go out and find some way he can help the Senshi's mission. On the street, Usagi and Luna are still out looking, and Usagi literally runs over Artemis as he comes around the corner. The sight of her footprint on his head cause them to burst out laughing again, and he vanishes. Usagi's sorry they laughed again, and insists that they find Artemis and apologize. Artemis has found some abandoned kittens in an alley when a car pulls up. He hides and observes a man taking the kittens and then driving away. Curious as to what is going on, he continues to spy on the car, and sees the man picking up a stray dog. Esmeraude walks though the streets, seeking another negative energy point. She locates it in a sort of petting zoo, the Animal Kingdom. People start giggling as they walk by her, something she at first dismisses (preferring to reassure herself of her certain victory this time) but then realizes it is because a dog is peeing on her boot! She chases the dog, yelling, through the gates of the Kingdom, right past Ami and Mako! (Ami is reading a textbook, as usual.) Right after her the car Artemis has been following drives in, and Mako spots Artemis in the back. The two of them wonder what Artemis is doing. The Animal Kingdom appears to be a nice place, with all sorts of animals around. The man Artemis has been following meets with a woman vet. It turns out he's been collecting strays from the street to live in the zoo. Suddenly, Esmeraude appears, zaps the two of them, and locates the negative energy point. She leaves a figurine and a droid, which disguises itself to look like the vet. The animals present are all possessed by Dark Power, and Esmeraude laughs, which knocks all the dogs off their feet! Back at Usagi's, the girls and Luna confer about Artemis. Usagi thinks that Artemis has left because Luna was mean to him, and the rest of the girls believe he isn't as bad as Luna claims. Besides, all alone in a place like a zoo, all sorts of things could happen to him! Their imaginations conjure up several gruesome ends for him. Chibi-Usa enters, and wants to be taken to the zoo to see the animals, but the girls refuse. They want to see Artemis first and find out if he's really left or not. [eyecatch] At the park, Artemis watches some of the animals and is convinced that everything's fine after all. But just as he starts to go, the kittens he saw earlier and several other animals start doing amazing tricks before the crowd. Artemis can't believe it. The droid, as the vet, says the best trick is yet to come. Suddenly, the cats and dogs start attacking the crowd! Everyone flees, and a dog chases Artemis. Trying to get away, he jumps over a trash can, and Luna, hiding in the can, calls out to him. Artemis hides as well, and the dog goes past. Luna wants to know what is happening, and he quickly explains the situation. Artemis turns to go back, but Luna doesn't follow. She wants to wait for the others, but Artemis insists on going alone. He makes an impressive leap, but lands on a can and falls on his face. Meanwhile, back at the panic, the crowd is trapped around a pay phone, but the squirrels have chewed through the wires. The droid transforms to its true form, and begins to infect people with Dark Power. Esmeraude appears and laughs (but you probably guessed that). Outside the gate, Usagi and Minako are waiting for Luna to come back when people start running out screaming. The girls transform. The droid has zapped several people when Artemis returns. He threatens the droid and tries to attack, but is jumped by the four kittens, struck by the droid's whip, and kicked by a dog. He pulls himself up to find himself surrounded, and then a monkey whips a rope around his leg, pinning him down. Just as the droid goes for the kill, Luna jumps the monkey, and Artemis manages to get clear. However, this time it's Luna who gets kicked around. As Artemis stands over her the droid goes for them both, but its whip is destroyed by Sailor Venus' attack. The cats get clear, and there is a great shot of Venus and Moon standing back to back. They tell the droid they will punish it for what it has done, but it has all the animals attack the two of them! It's clear that they are in trouble when Jupiter and Mars appear and attack. The tremendous flare from their combined fire and lightning drives all the animals against a tree, and Mercury traps them all with an ice wall. The droid fumes, and Sailor Moon jumps up and down congratulating Mercury, shrugging of Mars' attempts to get her to pay attention to the fight. The droid attacks again, and traps them all with collars around the neck, pulling them flat. Artemis attacks the droid, clawing her face, and Sailor Moon manages to break free. Artemis goes crashing again (he's really getting beat up here!) and Sailor Moon uses Moon Princess Halation to destroy the droid. The figurine shatters, and Esmeraude grits her teeth. She leaves, and spies the Sailor Senshi with all the animals, now returned to normal. She swears revenge the next time and laughs, but suddenly finds the dog peeing on her again. The Senshi are petting the animals. Mako finds a dog that reminds her of her "sempai", and Mercury something that reminds her of one of her teachers. Artemis and Luna are resting after all their trouble when Chibi-Usa comes running in, twirling her knapsack. It slips from her grasp and goes flying, clobbering Artemis!

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