Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 80

Episode title
Kyoufu no gen'ei! Hitoribocchi no Ami
[The Scary Illusion! Solitary Ami]
Air date
  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (ONYX)
    With additional input from Giovanni Beltrame
Esmeraude's in the bath, talking to herself about how beautiful she is, when Saffir appears. He wants her to get busy and finish her mission, not waste time in a bath. She just brushes him off, as she's already located another negative energy point.

Esmeraude appears over the city (in a bathrobe and her hair in a towel) and places another figurine at a cram school, leaves the usual droid to watch it, and infects the class with Dark Power.

The next morning at school, everyone is looking at the exam results. Ami's #1 again! Usagi's glad for her, but behind them some other girls are saying it's strange Ami is always at the head of the class. Usagi tells Ami to ignore them, it's just envy. Ami says it's OK, as she is used to this kind of behavior about her good grades. Usagi is used to it about her bad grades.

Suddenly Umino and several other boys appear (all affected by Dark Power), and holding a sheet of paper he claims he found a cheat sheet in Ami's desk! The others start in, saying it's odd someone who hangs around with Usagi could do so well. Usagi and Naru stand up for Ami, but the others won't listen, and wonder why they are taking Ami's side. Not even a direct appeal from Naru affects Umino. Mako arrives and when they make the mistake of telling her to get out of their way they go flying for their trouble. Ami asks Mako to stop fighting. She doesn't care what the others are saying, and she's more upset over the fact she missed a question on the exam.

Ami, Usagi, and Mako are walking home. Mako fumes over what everyone was saying about Ami, and wonders at their strange behavior. Chibi-Usa catches up with them, and asks if the rumor that Ami is cheating is true! Mako and Usagi are ready to start pounding on people again, but Ami tells them not to, pretending that this doesn't matter. She runs off, obviously upset.

Ami resumes heading home, but people are whispering behind her. She ducks into an alley and cries, but remembers Usagi saying that she and the others believe in Ami, and are certain she didn't cheat. She sees on a light pole a poster about a new cram school, and realizes that all the kids who accused her had gone there. She goes there herself, and finding the place empty but full of Dark Power, transforms. Unseen by her, the droid floats outside. It recognizes her as Sailor Mercury, and intends to defeat her.

Sailor Mercury calls out a challenge to anyone listening, and getting no response contacts the others. Usagi comes running. The droid duplicates itself and attacks Mercury. Shabon Spray Freezing defeats them. More start coming, but Double Shabon Spray Freezing gets them. (Ed note - This is the first time she's used her power-up since she got it. Have any of the other Sailor's ever used their power-ups again?) Outside, the droid gets an idea. All the duplicates vanish, and Mercury realizes they weren't real. The droid has underestimated her, and plans to use Mercury to kill the other Senshi.


Sailors Jupiter, Mars, and Venus run into the classroom. Mercury tells them that the place is full of Dark Power, and the droid who create it might return. Outside, the droid powers up its antenna, and attacks Mercury mentally. Inside, when Mercury turns to the others, she sees and hears them belittling her, saying she isn't pretty and she flaunts her good grades. At first she tries to pretend they're joking, but then they begin saying she did cheat on the test. When the real Sailor Senshi ask her what's wrong, Mercury sees them threatening her.

Outside, Usagi, Luna, and Chibi-Usa arrive. Seeing the growing figurine and droid, Usagi transforms, and as Sailor Moon confronts the droid. "For spreading Dark Power to students and making them accuse others of cheating I will punish you!" The droid isn't impressed and uses its power on Sailor Moon, who begins to hear the voices of her friends insulting her and putting her down. She seems to be on the verge of collapsing when she suddenly snaps out of it, telling the droid this trick won't work on a girl who's been insulted all her life! The droid can't believe this while Sailor Moon beams.

The droid then reverts to the usual strategy, stomp on Sailor Moon. Its duplicates attack Sailor Moon and manage to kick her flat on her face. But as the real droid leaps at her, it's stopped by a rose, and Tuxedo appears on a rooftop. He tells the droid it shouldn't corrupt the students, and challenges it. The duplicates attack Tuxedo and succeed in knocking him off the roof. He hits the ground hard, and Sailor Moon runs to him.

The droid laughs and intensifies its attack on Sailor Mercury, telling her to destroy those who insult her. Mercury is being battered down by the assault. When the others try to help, she pushes through them, and prepares for her Shining Aqua Illusion attack! Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Artemis all flee the room through the window and join Sailor Moon and Tuxedo. Mercury goes to the window and now sees them all insulting her.

The droid says she enjoys having friends turn against each other. Mercury leaves the room and faces the others. Everyone pleads with Mercury to snap out of it. Sailor Moon runs up to her, but Mercury knocks her down! Sailor Moon gets back up, saying she doesn't believe Mercury will hurt them, but she prepares to attack. Then she suddenly turns on the droid, saying it's what she must destroy. Shining Aqua Illusion staggers the droid, and Mercury tells the droid that the friendship between the Senshi is too strong to be broken by likes of it. Sailor Moon finishes the droid off.

The figurine shrinks and shatters. Tuxedo tells the others that they have won today's battle and he admires the Senshi's friendship and faith in each other.

Back in the future, Saffir interrupts Esmeraude in the bath again and is angry over her failure. She doesn't seem concerned as tells Saffir to leave, as there is only one man she wants to see her bathing and it's not him. However, as soon as Saffir leaves she becomes angry at her plans being foiled once more.

Back at the school, the girls thank Ami for not attacking them, and she says that she knows they believe in her and that's all that matters. Umino and the others arrive and apologize to Ami for everything they said. They all admire her good grades. Ami forgives everyone and says that her grades come from studying. Usagi is somewhat annoyed at everyone's sudden change in behavior (and of all the attention Ami is getting) and the others remind her it was the Dark Power that made them all act that way. Umino suddenly pops up and says Usagi should go to cram school as well, which sends her running off, saying she hates studying. Ami smiles.

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