Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 81

Episode title
Ankoku gate kansei? Nerawareta shougakkou
[Completion of the Gateway of Darkness? Primary School is Being Attacked!]
Air date
  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (ONYX)
    With additional help from Giovanni Beltrame
In a flashback, we see Chibi-Usa's first day at school in Tokyo. (I have to admit, she looks VERY cute!) The teacher introduces her, and her name is shown written on the board. One of the boys in the class starts to make fun of the literal meaning of her name (Little Rabbit) and a girl behind him defends Chibi-Usa, clobbering him on the head.

Chibi-Usa is remembering all this while lying in bed with a cold compress on her head, as she's been ill for a few days. Artemis and Luna tell her she looks like she's getting better. Usagi comes in to check on her, and has brought some visitors, all the rest of the girls. Usagi has another surprise. Momo-chan, Chibi-Usa's friend from school, sticks her head around the door. Chibi-Usa perks right up, jumps out of bed, and goes running to her. She tells Momo-chan that she's feeling better, and Momo-chan intends on filling her in on all the fun things that have happened at school. The other girls are happy that Chibi-Usa is almost better, and Ami wonders exactly why the enemy is after Chibi-Usa.

That night, we find a figurine and a droid in a park. A great deal of Dark Power is present. Esmeraude appears, and tells the droid that it must make sure the Sailor Senshi don't stop them this time. The droid proves to be a set of twins, Chiral and Achiral (with reversed color schemes) who then vanish. Esmeraude feels that the city is backward and loud, and will be better off once filled with Dark Power. Beside, once the Black Gate is opened she can be with Prince Dimando.

(Ed. note - The names of the droids are taken from organic chemistry, and mean "asymmetric" and "symmetric" respectively. Sailor Moon: Fun AND educational!)

Chibi-Usa and the cats run through the street, as she's late for school. (That sounds just like someone else we know.) Chibi-Usa tells Luna she should have woken her up and Luna protests that she tried and couldn't. (This also sounds like someone else we know.) They arrive at school and hear angry voices, and then find everyone fighting! Chibi-Usa spots Momo being menaced by a bigger boy and runs to the rescue, but it's Momo-chan who flattens him. Chibi-Usa can't believe it. Momo-chan yells at Chibi-Usa that she hates her, knocks her feet out from under her, and runs off, followed by Chibi-Usa. Luna knows something is very wrong when she sees a flash from the roof, which Artemis identifies as Dark Power.

Inside, Chibi-Usa finds the building in a shambles. When she reaches her homeroom, he finds Momo, her teacher, and several others, all of whom attack her! She runs and hides in another classroom. A dummy by the wall moves, scaring her, but it's Luna and Artemis, who are glad they've found her. Momo-chan suddenly opens the door, but everyone's hidden, and she leaves. Artemis feels that this is Esmeraude's work. The cats want Chibi-Usa to leave with them but she, although scared, won't leave until she's helped Momo-chan. Artemis leaves to get help while Luna stays with Chibi-Usa.

Artemis manages to find Usagi, Ami, and Mako. While he fills them in, Ami gets a message from her communicator. The others have found a second figurine! Usagi, Ami, and Mako transform.

Venus and Mars are confronting the second figurine in the park, which has grown to enormous size. They figure that since the figurine has grown so quickly, a droid must be nearby and they must destroy both before the Dark Power can spread further. One of the droids then appears behind them, and says he'll send them both to hell!

At the school, a chair comes crashing through a window near the arriving Sailor Moon and Artemis, who can't believe all the damage being done. The figurine here is also huge. Back at the park, Venus tries the Lovely Chain and Mars the Burning Mandella, but the droid dodges. Suddenly Mercury appears and tries Shining Aqua Illusion. Jupiter has arrived as well, to the surprise of Venus and Mars. The droid laughs, says he'll finish them off one by one, and vanishes. The Sailor Senshi realize he's gone to the school, where Chibi-Usa and Sailor Moon are alone!


Sailor Moon and Artemis sneak into the school and enter the classroom where Chibi-Usa is hiding. Sailor Moon calls out to her, but nothing happens, until a skeleton in the corner answers! Sailor Moon freaks as it runs to her, but Chibi-Usa was hiding behind it, and she clings to Sailor Moon, crying. A droid appears right in front of Sailor Moon and swings at her. She manages to duck in time and with Chibi-Usa runs out into the corridor. The droid appears here as well and confronts them. Sailor Moon responds with the usual battle speech, but the droid says she should use her breath to pray instead.

The droid divides into twins again, and together they block both ends of the corridor. Chibi-Usa spots Momo-chan with one of them. She cries out to her, but Luna tells her Momo is affected by the Dark Power. Chibi-Usa runs at one of the droids, yelling at it to release Momo-chan, when Mercury appears and creates a fog. The rest of the arriving Sailor Senshi tell the droids they won't let them harm the city, they'll defeat them first. One droid vanishes, and the rest of the Senshi join Sailor Moon and Chibi-Usa. The other droid appears through the fog with Momo-chan. The Senshi thinks he's going to attack them, but instead he sends Momo-chan! Chibi-Usa tries to run to her, but Mars stops her. The second droid prepares to attack and Jupiter runs at him, but the first appears behind her and blasts her! When this distracts the others, the second droid traps them all (Momo-chan too) in an energy box and proceeds to blast them all with Dark Power!

Despite the bombardment, Chibi-Usa manages to reach Momo-chan, and releases one of her Moonbeams. The droids are astonished that they have the rabbit. The energy released neutralizes the energy trap and Momo-chan recovers, wondering what's going on.

One of the droids attacks again, and Momo jumps to push Chibi-Usa out of the way, taking the full blast herself! Staring at this, Chibi-Usa has a flashback of the Dark Moon attack on Crystal Tokyo. Holding Momo-chan, she screams, and releases a tremendous Moonbeam blast, which staggers everyone.

In the future, on the Dark Moon, Dimando and Wiseman detect Chibi-Usa's energy release. In the present, the droids are sent crashing out of the building. Chibi-Usa's discharge dies out, and she collapses. Sailor Moon tells Mars and Venus to watch Chibi-Usa while she and the others deal with the droids.

On the Dark Moon, Wiseman says that the rabbit has unlimited power, and that they should try to capture her rather than kill her. If they can add her power to that of the dark crystal, they would be unstoppable. Dimando wonders how they could do this. Saffir, lurking, listens to them.

Outside the school, Sailors Moon, Mars, and Jupiter run to find the droids, who appear from out of the ground behind them! But just as they attack, a rose stops them. Tuxedo Mask appears and says that they cannot be forgiven for corrupting a place of learning, and that Sailor Moon should show them justice. Sailor Moon produces the Moon Rod. The droids try to escape into the ground, but Jupiter stops them with a lighting attack that shatters the ground around them! Sailor Moon finishes them off, and both figurines shatter.

Esmeraude appears, furious, and breaks her fan. She's tired of their constant interference and will defeat them herself. She prepares to attack them, but is stopped by a message from Dimando, who orders her to return at once. She vanishes.

Later, the girls and Chibi-Usa visit Momo-chan in the hospital. Chibi-Usa is glad she's OK, and Momo-chan says their situations have reversed.

Outside, everyone is watching Chibi-Usa as she looks at the sunset. She wants to return to the future and help her mother, but she is afraid of the enemy. She shows the others her key that can return her to the future. Mamoru goes to her, and says he'll go with her and help her. In their own way, all the other girls agree to go with her as well. Usagi finishes it off by saying it's decided that they will all go the future with Chibi-Usa and help her defeat the enemy. Chibi-Usa looks up and asks her mother to hold on, they will save her.

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