Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 82

Episode title
Mirai he no tabidachi! Jikuu kairou no tatakai
[Journey to the Future! The Battle in the Time Tunnel!]
Air date
  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (ONYX)
The Sailor Senshi run over a dark plain towards the distant Crystal Palace, as Chibi-Usa's voice-over cries out that the enemy is attacking. Something falls from the sky and the palace explodes, the blast sending the Senshi flying. Chibi-Usa calls out to their limp, unmoving bodies, and then she begin to scream. She wakens in bed, gasping for breath and clutching her time key.

Morning. Chibi-Usa is standing in a park. She's having doubts that Sailor Moon and the others can defeat the enemy and save her mother. Mamoru appears and goes to her. He asks her why she isn't with the others, as they are all prepared to go to the future. He also tells her that if she wants to help her mother she cannot run away from her fears. She must trust in herself and the Sailor Senshi, and he promises to be there to protect her.

The Sailor Senshi are standing on the dock where Chibi-Usa first appeared. They expected to meet Chibi-Usa here and are wondering where she is. Tuxedo Mask appears with Chibi-Usa, and says there is no need to search for her. They are all glad to see Chibi-Usa, and Sailor Moon wants to know where she's been. Artemis and Luna ask her if she's ready to return to the future. Chibi-Usa says she had some things to take care of, but now she's ready to go.

Chibi-Usa lifts her key and activates it. She asks the God of Time to open the gate in the sky and allow them passage to the Door of Time. The wind rises around them, a beam of light descends from the clouds, and all vanish...

Sailor Moon appears alone in a vague grey expanse. She looks around, wondering where everyone is. A small building looms ahead and she goes towards it, but is suddenly challenged by an indistinct figure with a staff, who accuses her of breaking an important Taboo, approaching the Door to Time. The figure then attacks! Sailor Moon doesn't know what is going on, but as the figure strikes Chibi-Usa appears and throws herself at her. "Small Lady! Sailor Moon!" Sailor Moon now recognizes her as Sailor Pluto.

Everyone else appears. Chibi-Usa explains that she's sorry she has broken her promise and brought others with her, but she thinks Sailor Moon and the rest can help. Sailor Pluto lifts her hand, and Chibi-Usa's afraid she's going to strike her, but she instead touches her gently. Instead of being angry, Sailor Pluto is pleased Chibi-Usa has learned to master the Key to Time, and feels she's maturing. She then apologizes to Sailor Moon for attacking her, but also comments that Sailor Moon has always been troublesome to her. Sailor Moon doesn't understand this remark. (This foreshadows events to come in Sailor Moon S)

She then turns and open the doors behind her with a command and her staff. Everyone has to enter the corridor of time to reach the gateway to Crystal Tokyo. It's hard to pass through, so they must all be careful. She asks Sailor Moon to protect Small Lady. Mercury asks her to come with them, but she has to stay and protect the door of time. Everyone goes through the gateway and vanishes into the mist. As Sailor Pluto watches them go Luna says she once heard Queen Serenity speak of a Sailor Senshi who must remain at her post at all times. Pluto is a lonely warrior who, because of her duty, must live out her life in the Nether Realm, alone. Sailor Pluto closes the gateway.

When they arrive in the corridor, they are faced by a powerful wind. The Senshi begin complaining about hard it is to move against it, and that they don't know if they can make it.

Meanwhile, on the Dark Moon their presence has become known. Dimando and the others are amazed they are trying to pass through the corridor. Wiseman appears, and says that this is the time to capture the rabbit and the ginzuishou. By adding their power to that of the black crystal, the Dark Moon will be invincible.

As the monitor focuses in on Sailor Moon, Dimando seems to think he knows who she is, and says she's beautiful. Wiseman leaves, and Dimando orders Esmeraude to capture the rabbit and bring Sailor Moon to him, unharmed. Both Saffir and Esmeraude are startled by this order. Dimando leaves, saying he wishes to see her beauty in person.

After Dimando disappears, Saffir says this is all the Wiseman's doing. He feels the Wiseman is manipulating his brother like a puppet, and he would love to rip his hooded cloak off and see who he really is. Esmeraude feels the same way, but since Dimando believes the ginzuishou will help them, she will capture it and the rabbit. But she vows to kill Sailor Moon because she has stolen Dimando's heart.


The Senshi and others advance through the corridor with considerable difficulty. The Senshi are still complaining about the effort required, and when Sailor Moon starts to join in, Tuxedo calls out to quiet her. Tuxedo and Sailor Moon each take one of Chibi-Usa's hands to help her along. Chibi-Usa is dismayed at how the Senshi sound as if they are already defeated by the strong winds, and her doubts about if they can really help save her mother increase. She lets her grip with Sailor Moon slacken for a moment. Sailor Moon calls to her, and she tightens it again, realizing that she must believe in herself and Sailor Moon if she wants to save her mother.

A familiar laugh is heard and Esmeraude appears above them! She says this is as far as they will get and releases a blast that sends them all flying. Tuxedo and Sailor Moon lose their grips on Chibi-Usa. Esmeraude lands and summons a droid, as it would be easier for it to move through the passage. She orders it to kill everyone but the rabbit. When the droid disappears, Esmeraude remarks she forgot to order it not to kill Sailor Moon. Oh well!

The Senshi have landed together, and don't know where Tuxedo or Chibi-Usa are. Suddenly, the ginzuishou becomes activated! As it glows, an answering glow is visible in the distance. They think it may be the ginzuishou of the future, so they should go to it. (Remember this for later.)

Meanwhile, Tuxedo and the cats are alone and lost. Tuxedo starts walking when he hears a familiar-sounding voice telling him to go the other way. He decides to trust this information and heads off. (We find out who this was next episode.)

Chibi-Usa is alone with only Luna-P. She's frightened and doesn't want to be alone. She sees a shape in the distance, the gateway to Crystal Tokyo. She realizes that she can go home, but she doesn't want to go without the others. Suddenly a voice calls out to her, and a figure appears. It's Neo-Queen Serenity! Chibi-Usa runs towards her, crying out "Mama!". The Queen says she's missed rabbit, which causes Chibi-Usa to stop. Her mother calls her Small Lady, not rabbit! The "Queen" reveals herself to be the droid, and says what a smart little girl Chibi-Usa is. It advances on Chibi-Usa to finish her off. Chibi-Usa is too afraid to move, but remembers Mamoru telling her that if she wants to help her mother, she can't run from her problems, and she yells for Luna-P. It clobbers the droid in the face, and then becomes a slingshot. However, Chibi-Usa's shots have no effect. The droid is advancing again when the Sailor Senshi appear. The droid can't believe they managed to find their way to the gateway, but Sailor Moon says that luck was on their side.

The droid blasts them all. Mars moves to attack but Mercury, using her computer visor, tries to warn her off. Mars' fire attack bounces right off the droid! Mercury types madly at her computer, and says the droid can manipulate time and space. Sailors Jupiter and Venus try a team attack, but it's no good. Mercury completes her analysis, and says the droid is only vulnerable after she's released a blast, and that only the Sailor Planet attack is powerful enough to defeat it. Sailor Moon protests that the droid will attack them in the time it takes for them to power up.

Suddenly, Chibi-Usa pushes through them yelling that she will buy them the time they need. As she charges the droid, she promises herself she won't run away anymore, because she believes in herself and Sailor Moon. They will save her mother. The droid thinks Chibi-Usa is a cute but foolish little girl, but that's OK as it like cute but foolish little girls. It swings, but misses her, and Chibi-Usa calls out to the Senshi. They prepare for the Planet Attack while Chibi-Usa uses her slingshot, only this time her Moonbeam helps her stagger the droid. Enraged, it fires a blast at Chibi-Usa, but Tuxedo arrives and scoops her up in time. Now ready, the Senshi release the Planet Attack and the droid is destroyed.

Everyone gathers together, glad to be reunited. Tuxedo apologizes for being late, but Artemis says it's OK as everything worked out. They all decide it's time to go through the gateway. When it swings open, they are greeted to a view of a dark and blasted city...

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