Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 83

Episode title
Shougeki no mirai! Demando no kuroki yabou
[Battle in the Future! Dimando's Ambition!]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (ONYX)
Everyone is stunned by the sight of the devastated Crystal Tokyo. None of them can believe that the future will be so dark and desolate. The sight of her home in ruins is too much for Chibi-Usa, and she runs into the fog crying out for her mother. The others set out in pursuit of her, telling her not to run away and saying they must catch her before she gets hurt.

Looking for Chibi-Usa, everyone pauses on a foggy path, calling out her name. Suddenly, they spy a figure slowly approaching. Sailor Mars prepares to attack, but Tuxedo restrains her. At the figure nears, Sailor Moon realizes with shock that it looks like Tuxedo Mask (albeit in lavender and white, without the hat and carrying a sword instead of a cane). Everyone else is equally stunned, especially Tuxedo. The figure stops, raises his head, and welcomes them to 30th century Crystal Tokyo.

The sound of his voice sparks memories in Sailor Moon of the nightmare that kept Usagi and Mamoru apart. It's the same voice from the nightmare! Tuxedo, also recognizing the voice, becomes enraged and charges the figure, but goes right through him! The figure turns to Tux, lying on the ground in shock, and introduces himself as King Endymion, Tuxedo Mask's future self.

Everyone's stunned once again. Sailor Moon is highly upset and confused. She wants to know why Tuxedo Mask of the Future would send nightmares to them in the past to break them up. Mercury tries to calm her and says she should give him a chance to explain. Endymion thanks her but insists they must return to the safety of the Crystal Palace before he can explain anything. Sailor Moon wants to find Chibi-Usa first, but Endymion claims to have already found her and that she is safe.

They all follow the ghostly figure, unaware that they are under observation by Dimando and the others. Saffir is amazed that they have reached Crystal Toyko. Dimando has already realized the connection between Neo-Queen Serenity and Sailor Moon.

Unnoticed by either, Esmeraude is enraged. She realizes that Dimando is in love with Sailor Moon. Saffir orders her to finish the Senshi before they reach the Crystal Palace, but Dimando cancels that order. He will capture the Rabbit and defeat the Senshi himself. Esmeraude weakly acknowledges his command and Dimando vanishes. After he is gone, Esmeraude throws her fan at the image of Sailor Moon and curses her for bewitching Dimando's heart.

Everyone has arrived at a special chamber in the Palace. Normally, Endymion tells them, the Queen is the only one allowed here. Sailor Moon is more concerned with seeing Chibi-Usa, but Endymion continues to assure her she is safe. First, however, they must concentrate on understanding what has happened. He activates a hologram to give them an overview of the situation.

Sometime in the future, the world will undergo a frozen sleep. Neo-Queen Serenity used her power to awaken it, and then created the Utopia known as Crystal Tokyo. However, in order to do this, the people of Earth had to undergo a type of purification by her crystal. There were those who didn't want to be cleansed by the crystal and rebelled. Together, Endymion and Serenity defeated the rebellion. Those who still refused cleansing chose to leave Earth and were never heard from since...that is until the Dark Moon attack.

They had chosen to live on a planet at the edge of the Galaxy that was shrouded in darkness, Dark Nemesis. For that reason they had gone undetected until recently when the planet had become visible. In the meantime, the people had banded together and formed their own civilization, becoming the Dark Moon Family.

Endymion continues to explain that when Crystal Toyko's defenses mysteriously failed, the Dark Moon suddenly appeared and began their attack. Their only hope were the Sailor Senshi of the future who joined their powers to create a shield around the Palace. These are the Sailor Senshi's future selves.

Endymion was hurt in the attack and therefore his body cannot move. That is why they are seeing a projection of himself. Their only hope of defeating the enemy is the ginzinshou. But Neo-Queen Serenity is the only one who can use it. By now he seems ready to break down, when Usagi repeats what he just said about Serenity. (Ed. note: Nope, she hasn't put 2 + 2 together yet.) Endymion must tell her, "Neo-Queen Serenity is your future self." To say she is shocked would be putting it lightly.


When it finally settles in that she will still be alive in the 30th century and Queen of Crystal Tokyo, she must then deal with what will happen to her during the Dark Moon Attack. Endymion's hologram shows Serenity sleeping on a stone alter encased in crystal. Luna and Artemis ask how this happened.

Endymion explains that during the battle, Serenity was outside the safety of the Palace when a bolt of energy attacked her. The Senshi used their powers to form the crystal around her as a protective shield from the blast, but something went wrong. She has fallen into a deep sleep and nothing they have tried can wake her or break the crystal. She is their only hope. Again he is very upset as he whispers about Serenity and his daughter, "Small Lady."

The floor opens, and Chibi-Usa, asleep, appears. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask rush to see that she's all right, Sailor Moon taking her in her arms. With everything they know thus far, they must still be told... "She is your daughter." Sailor Moon and Tuxedo look from Chibi-Usa to each other, and finally their faces blush a bright shade of red.

Jupiter, Mercury, Venus. "Chibi-Usa-chan is...Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's...daughter?!?!"

Mars, who's beyond accepting this, is completely scandalized. In an angry huff, she blurts out, "What day, what month, what year did THIS happen?", embarrassing Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask even more.

Endymion continues. He says that Small Lady only wanted to help her mother. He had told her the stories of the strongest and most powerful of all the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon, as bed-time stories. She only knew her as a legend and never knew that Serenity was Sailor Moon. She thought that bringing her and the ginzuishou to the future would save Neo-Queen Serenity.

Going to Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Chibi-Usa, he apologizes for sending them the nightmares, but they needed to know that their love was strong enough to survive such hardships, because they are destined to face worse challenges in the future. Only by joining their power and fighting such hardships together can they hope to succeed. Lifting his hand to stroke Chibi-Usa's face, he says he feels strange asking himself to protect his daughter. Tuxedo promises to do so with his life.

Suddenly, Endymion vanishes, and the room fills with Dark Power. Dimando appears above them. Looking at Sailor Moon he sees her as Neo-Queen Serenity. "Those eyes are the same that greeted me." His Dark Moon sigil on his forehead becomes a third eye, and its power transfixes Sailor Moon (still holding Chibi-Usa) and leaves the other helpless. Sailor Moon starts to float upwards towards him. Tuxedo manages to pull his cane and throw it at Dimando, which distracts him long enough for Sailor Moon to drop Chibi-Usa. Tuxedo catches her. Dimando seizes Sailor Moon. "I had wanted to capture the child as well, but you are what I really came for." He vanishes, taking Sailor Moon with him. Tuxedo is barely in control of himself as he orders the Senshi to take care of Chibi-Usa. Endymion appears. "There is no need to try and follow them. I know where he is taking her."

Usagi (not Sailor Moon) slowly regains consciousness. "My head hurts." She finds herself lying on a bed wearing Neo-Queen Serenity's dress, and realizes that outside of her transformation she's vulnerable. She finds her transformation brooch lying beside her. "Where am I?"

She realizes Dimando is standing across the room. He is surprised that she as awakened so soon considering the amount of Dark Energy her body absorbed. He introduces himself and tells her that this is her palace from now on and that she is his Queen forever. He uses his power to lift her from the bed into the air. She tries to transform, but nothing happens!

Dimando teleports before Usagi. "You cannot use your crystal while so close the Evil Black Crystal." He puts his hand on her shoulder but she knocks it away, wearing a look of defiance. Dimando recognizes it as the same one she gave as Neo-Queen Serenity...even the eyes. He use his powers to stun her and takes her face into his hand, saying again that from now on she will be his Queen. Usagi asks Dimando why he attacked her kingdom. He says they came for her crystal. With its power added to their own Black Crystal, they can conquer all time and space.

Tuxedo, in a glider, approaches the Dark Moon Citadel on the outskirts of the city.

Usagi tries to turn away from Dimando but he uses his third eye to paralyze her again. "Now Neo-Queen Serenity, I finally have you within my grasp." He pulls her closer.

Tuxedo has reached the fortress and running inside calls out "Usako!"

Usagi senses him but feels he is too far away to help her. She wishes he were there and knows she is about to cry because she does not wants to kissed by anyone other than Mamo-chan. Dimando moves to kiss her, when a red streak flashes by, breaking his hold on her. A rose embeds itself in the floor and Usagi tumbles back down to the bed.

Tuxedo appears above at a broken window. "A being that uses Dark Power to take what he wants..Tuxedo Kamen will not forgive you!" (Delivered in a MAJORLY TICKED OFF tone.)

Dimando, not impressed, tells him not to speak so arrogantly. His third eye releases a blast, and Tuxedo uses his cape to shield himself from it. But suddenly, Dimando is caught up in a storm of Dark Power. While he's distracted, Tuxedo uses his expandable cane to pull Usagi up to him. They embrace, and then flee.

Outside, Esmeraude watches as Tuxedo and Usagi escape in the glider. Saffir appears behind her and asks if she was responsible for Sailor Moon escaping. She feigns innocence and proclaims that Dimando has her love and loyalty. Saffir states that means they are in the same position. They both care for his brother and hate Sailor Moon.

Tuxedo and Usagi have made it back to the Palace grounds. Tuxedo reminds her that Endymion said they will have many more challenges to face. Usagi says she doesn't care. She will face them as long as he is with her. They kiss as it begins to snow.

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