Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 84

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[Wiseman's Dark Hand. Destroy Chibi-Usa!
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  • Synopsis by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (ONYX)
On the Dark Moon, Dimando, Esmeraude, and Saffir appear. Dimando orders Saffir to prepare for another attack on Crystal Tokyo. Saffir is angry with his brother, telling him he has forgotten their true mission, which is to change the past and get revenge for their ancestors who were exiled from Earth by Neo-Queen Serenity. Saffir continues to argue that they would have beaten their enemy by now if Dimando weren't obssessed with Serenity, who has rejected him twice already, in her past and present form. At this, Dimando strikes out at Saffir with his power, which shocks Esmeraude. He vows to have Serenity within his grasp once more, as he looks at her image. Esmeraude is in silent rage.

In the ruins of Crystal Tokyo, the Sailor Senshi stand looking at the Crystal Palace, amazed at the devastation and wondering why it was so easy for the enemy to overwhelm the defenses. Chibi-Usa, staring, drops Luna-P and doesn't notice. Sailor Mercury returns it to her. Luna worries about Sailor Moon and Tuxedo, and Mars is ready to go out and find them when Endymion appears. In a monitor room, he shows them an image of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo approaching. The Senshi run out to meet them and are overjoyed to see Sailor Moon all right. But when Sailor Moon starts crying, Mars starts in on her as usual, asking why she's crying now. Sailor Moon's just glad to see them all, even Mars who always picks on her. Chibi-Usa looks on at them as Mars starts yelling that she's NOT picking on her.

In the Palace, they all find Neo-Queen Serenity suspended in crystal. Sailor Moon, somewhat unbelieving, looks at her future self. Chibi-Usa runs to "Mama", and says that she's brought Sailor Moon to help her. Endymion tells the others that the ginzinshou of the 30th century is missing. Someone took it from the Palace just before the Dark Moon's attack on Crystal Toyko. Unseen by them, Chibi-Usa started upon hearing this, and as Endymion continued seemed ready to burst into tears.

Mars says that Sailor Moon should use the ginzinshou that she possess to try and free Neo-Queen Serenity. Sailor Moon hesitates, not knowing if it will work, but Tuxedo urges her on. She lifts the ginzinshou and uses its power, but nothing happens! Chibi-Usa cries out "Not even Sailor Moon can help Mama!" She runs out as Sailor Moon collapses and the others catch her. The Senshi start to go after her, but Tuxedo stops them, saying that she needs to be alone, and she'll be safe inside the Palace's shield.

However, Chibi-Usa wanders beyond the shield, through the ruins, and finally sits alone on a swing. Suddenly a low laugh is heard, and Wiseman appears, saying now is the time for him to act. Chibi-Usa turns to run, but is frozen in place. Wiseman tells her that she was safe inside the Palace, but here there is nothing to protect her from his powers. Now he will find out what happened to the ginzinshou.

He makes Chibi-Usa remember the events leading up to the Dark Moon attack. She had broken a vase in the Palace and was being scolded by unseen woman for being so clumsy. They tell her she should be a graceful and gentle lady like her mother. (Ed. note: Usagi must have finally grown out of her clumsiness, but passed it on to Chibi-Usa.) She runs through the Palace crying out that she wants to hurry up and become a lady like her mother.

She goes to the ginzinshou, and uses Luna-P to open the case it's in, thinking that with it, she could be a lady like her Mama. But as she takes it, it suddenly flares and vanishes! "No, don't go away!" With it gone, the Dark Moon attacks. She cries out "Mama" as she has flashes of Serenity being encased in crystal by the Senshi. Her cry of "Papa" is accompanied by the memory of Endymion being blasted in the monitor room. The city is destroyed as Chibi-Usa screams.

Wiseman tells Chibi-Usa she made herself forget these things because she knows everyone will blame her for what happened to her mother. He casts an illusion of the Senshi blaming her for all that has happened. The illusions taunt her, saying it's her fault her mother was outside the safety of the Palace looking for her. Chibi-Usa covers her ears, "It's not my fault!" She didn't mean for the ginzinshou to disappear. She sees her mother being attacked and shielded again. "It's not my fault!" Wiseman says he believes her. All she has to do is take his hand, and he will help her prove it's not her fault. He offers his hand, and she takes it.

On the Dark Moon, the Dark Crystal flares with power as Saffir and Esmeraude watch. She says that with the crystal more powerful their victory is assured. Saffir doesn't trust Wiseman or the power of the Black Crystal. He wants to see what's really under that cloak. Esmeraude is confident she can handle Wiseman. She'll do whatever is necessary to get what she wants.

Dimando appears. Esmeraude tells him how powerful the Black Crystal has become, but he simply vanishes again. Saffir says that Wiseman once predicted that Neo-Queen Serenity would be his brother's future love. Since that day, Dimando has cared for nothing else. If it was not for his brother's obsession with Serenity, they would have defeated Sailor Moon already. Again, Esmeraude is enraged. She WILL win Dimando's heart and be his Queen, and to do this she will be Wiseman's help.

A storm batters the Crystal Palace, and in the nearby Dark Moon Citadel Esmeraude appears, yelling for Wiseman. She hears a woman's laughter, and says she called for Wiseman, not one of his droids. Wiseman appears. She asks him to predict her future. She wants to know if she will be Dimando's Queen. Wiseman predicts that she will master the power of the Black Crystal and become the Dark Moon's Queen. He creates a tiara that floats toward her. She's stunned by his words and takes the tiara, saying he should not underestimate her just because he's given her power. When she places the tiara on her head, she screams in pain and there is a flash of energy that transforms her. Esmeraude laughs in delight.

But Wiseman calls her a fool for thinking she could ever control the power of the Black Crystal, and Dark Power begins to surround Esmeraude. She falls, and as more and more Power surges around her, says she would give her soul for Dimando.

Outside, a wall of the Citadel shatters, and a huge green dragon appears (with the tiara embedded in its forehead). It lifts into the air and moves towards the Palace. With the place shuddering, everyone runs to the monitor room, where Endymion shows them the approaching dragon. Endymion uses the sensors to scan the dragon. The Senshi wonder how they can defeat something so huge, especially Sailor Moon, who's scared (as usual). Endymion tells them not to be deceived by its size. He's detected the crystal tiara as the source of its power.

A crash shakes the Palace, and Luna cries out that the barrier is under attack. Sailor Jupiter declares that they have to defeat the dragon as Sailor Moon hangs her head. Everyone agrees (including Sailor Moon with her head still hung). The Senshi races off. Tuxedo asks Endymion to look after Chibi-Usa, or rather Small Lady. He leaves as well.

The dragon attacks the barrier relentlessly with tremendous force, as the Senshi of the future take the strain. Sailor Moon (knees practically knocking) asks what are they gonna do? The dragon sweeps over them, knocking them all flat. Venus uses the Lovely Chain and it wounds the dragon, but she is sent flying. In the monitor room, Luna and Artemis see the wound close!

Endymion has gone to Neo-Queen Serenity. "If you can hear me, grant them the power to defeat this enemy." Luna-P rolls out from behind the crystal and Endymion realizes that Small Lady is gone!

Back at the dragon, everyone is sent flying again. Jupiter uses the Sparkling Wide Pressure attack and the dragon crashes to the ground, dust and smoke flying. Sailor Moon jumps for joy, and runs to the crater to gloat. Tuxedo calls her back, but she's sure there no danger, until the smoke clears and the dragon appears! But just as it goes for her, Tuxedo sweeps in and carries her off.

Mars tries the Burning Mandela, and Mercury the Shining Aqua Illusion. Both score hits, but the dragon recovers. Mars and Mercury are at the point of despair, as nothing they do works. Tuxedo urges them on. They must remember what Endymion said about not being deceived by the dragon's size.

The dragon breathes fire, and Tuxedo protects Sailor Moon. He tells her that they must attack together. He leaps and scores a direct hit with a rose in the crystal tiara. The dragon is staggered, and Tux looks to Sailor Moon. She produces the Cutie Mood Rod and Moon Princess Halation destroys it. For a moment Esmeraude appears, wearing the tiara but then she vanishes and it falls. Esmeraude vanishes into a void, crying out Dimando's name. On the Dark Moon, he hears her.

In the monitor room, Luna and Artemis rejoice, but then Endymion appears. Small Lady has vanished! At the Dark Moon Citadel, Wiseman sits alone. He knows Esmeraude has perished but he doesn't care. She's served her purpose. He still has the brothers, and they too will die for his true purpose. A woman's laughter can be heard as a dark mist appears.

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