Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 85

Episode Title
Ankoku no joou Black Lady no tanjou
[Queen of Darkness! The Birth of Black Lady.]
Air Date
  • Summary by Tjuana Tenise Gaines and Donald Simmons, 1996.06.11
In the Crystal Palace, everyone searches for Chibi-Usa. The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo meet at the Palace peak. No one has found her. They all split up again to continue searching.

Wiseman sits, with Chibi-Usa floating motionless in the air above him. He plans to make her remember a past that will break her heart. We enter Chibi-Usa's memories. She's walking with her parents on a rainy day, when she spots a frog ahead on the path and runs towards it. Serenity warns her that she will trip and fall, which she does, splashing herself. Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion go to her and she starts to cry. Small Lady asks them for help, but Serenity tells her she did not listen to her warning, and must pick herself up. Small Lady yells out that she hates her and turn to her father, but Endymion tells her to stand up by herself, shocking her.

Wiseman tells her to remember her cruel mother and father as he begins to alter her memories. Chibi-Usa sees her parents again, only this time more malevolent, and Dark Power begins to swirl around her.

More memories. We see Small Lady standing alone as the Sailor Senshi of the future enter. (Ed. note - I can't quite place my finger on it, but they all do look older than the SS we know and love.) Small Lady is upset that it is her birthday, but her parents have left the Palace. The Senshi remind her that the King and Queen have matters of state to deal with, but Small Lady is still upset. Mars starts to say something, but is stopped by Jupiter, and they all quickly leave. Small Lady thinks nobody loves her.

Wiseman tells her that she should be full of hate and want to destroy the Earth. More and more Dark Power surrounds Chibi-Usa, and she continues to see hateful images of her friends and family, altered by Wiseman. She finally succumbs to the thought that no one loves her. She absorbs the Dark Power around her and transforms into an older version of herself, with the Dark Moon insignia on her forehead.

Dimando sits moodily on his throne when Wiseman and the new Chibi-Usa appear. Wiseman pronounces her as the Queen of the Dark Moon, and Dimando is astonished as he realizes this is the "rabbit". She introduces herself as Black Lady. Wiseman tells Dimando that if he takes Black Lady into the past, they will win. They vanish, and Dimando declares the time has arrived for vengence. Saffir appears, and says that they should not trust Wiseman and reminds Dimando of what he did to Esmeraude. But Dimando points out that Wiseman has been more than useful in helping them attack Crystal Toyko. If they can't trust him, then who else? A hologram of the future Sailor Senshi, defending the Palace, appears, and Dimando claims there is nothing more important to him than victory and revenge on Earth. Saffir finally relents.

At the Palace, a hologram of Sailor Pluto has appeared, and she informs the Senshi that something strange has happened to Small Lady. She opens a dorrway so they can return to the past. As they pass through, Tuxedo asks Pluto what happened before they created Crystal Toyko and became the King and Queen, but Pluto tells him they already know too much about their future, and it would be bad to know anymore. Instead, they should live in the present and look to the bright future.

Present-day Toyko, at night. Everyone appears in a park. The Senshi are glad to be back and promise to find Chibi-Usa and protect their beautiful world. Sailor Moon looks up at the moon and sees the face of Chibi-Usa.

Meanwhile, Black Lady and Dimando are on opposite rooftops. Dimando's time of vengence has arrived. He removes an earring and uses it to place a fragment of the Black Crystal on the ground, which Black Lady begins to feed with energy.

Everyone sees the released Dark Power in the distance. They realize it is the work of the enemy and all race off, but a swirling cloud of Dark Mist suddenly appears in front of them, and Black Lady appears, introducing herself. Luna-P reacts to Black Lady's presence and flies to her. Black Lady embraces it as her only friend and Luna-P's crescent moon insignia becomes that of the Dark Moon's. Sailor Moon and the others realize that this figure is really Chibi-Usa! Black Lady turns Luna-P into an umbrella, and then blasts them all with Dark Power!

Everyone goes flying. Black Lady fires again, striking Sailor Moon and sending her crashing back. Luna tells her to fight back, but Sailor Moon refuses to harm Chibi-Usa. Black Lady attacks Sailor Moon again, almost impaling her with the umbrella, which Sailor Moon dodges, and then pins her to the ground by firing darts. Just as she goes in for the kill, a rose sends her umbrella flying, and it turns back into Luna-P.

Tuxedo appears. "A pretty flower will die when poisoned. You are filled with Dark Power. Don't let yourself be deceived. You must wake up." Black Lady throws Luna-P at him, but he easily dodges, and turns to Sailor Moon reminds her of the ginzinshou. Sailor Moon gets up, lifts her brooch, and activates the ginzinshou. Black Lady seems staggered by the power of the crystal.

In memory again, Small Lady runs through the Crystal Palace, crying out that she hates everyone for leaving her alone. She bursts through a door, to find a surprise party for her! They hadn't forgotten about her, and her parents had returned as quickly as they could. She thanks them all. Black Lady realizes she is loved, and begins to turn back into Chibi-Usa, to the joy of everyone.

But Wiseman appears! He tells her not to be deceived. She is unloved, she never had a party, and her parents were cruel to her, he tells her as he erases the memory of the party. One again she believes "No one loves me." The transformation stops, and Black Lady remains. She reasserts herself as being reborn by the Wiseman, Queen of the Black Moon, and a follower of the Death Phantom. Everyone calls out to Chibi-Usa, but she just laughs. In the distance the Black Crystal is growing larger and larger. She says she will fill the world with Darkness, and vanishes.

Sailor Moon looks at the sunrise and asks how she can return Chibi-Usa to normal. Tuxedo joins her.

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