Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 86

Episode Title
Safiiru zetsumei! Wiseman no wana
[The Death of Saffir! Wiseman's Trap.]
Air Date
  • Summary by Tjuana Tenise Gaines and Donald Simmons, 1996.06.11
The Black Crystal has grown to huge size and looms over the city, circled by copters. A TV announcer explains that the mysterious crystal seems to be spreading an energy that drains everything in its path. The girls are all sitting in Usagi's home watching the TV. Luna can't believe it. Mako wonders how they will stop the Crystal. Ami says they don't know how much energy the Crystal has, and they need to find out. Minako says they have to wait for Tuxedo and Artemis, who are researching the Dark Crystal.

Usagi sits silently, chin in her hands. She can't get the image of the transformed Chibi-Usa out of her mind. Usagi's Mom enters with tea and snacks. She's worried and says it's dangerous and that they should get to a safer place. Usagi starts when Mom picks up one particular cup, Chibi-Usa's. But she can't remember why she's fixed this extra cup. The rest of the girls sit silently, remembering Chibi-Usa in happier times. Mom leaves, and Luna says that Luna-P's hypnotic effect is wearing off, causing the family to forget her. Mako feels that deep in Mom's mind, she still remembers Chibi-Usa.

Usagi's almost in tears, feeling guilty and selfish, because she remembers once thinking that everything would go back to normal if Chibi-Usa was gone. Rei leans in to comfort her, and says that they'll get Chibi-Usa back, everything will be OK. Usagi thanks her, and both girls blush a little.

(Ed. note - You know, when it really matters, Rei is always the most protective of Usagi.)

Wiseman sits in the Dark Moon Citadel, thinking aloud about how the world will soon be in Darkness and the Death Phantom, an all-powerful being, will arise. Dimando and the rest of the Dark Moon are just pawns to him, and they will all perish. Saffir lurks in the shadows, listening. Wiseman senses something and Saffir quickly withdraws, but this time he was noticed.

Saffir runs through the corridors, now convinced that Wiseman has been using his brother, and arrives at the Black Crystal of the future, pulsing with energy. Realizing that Wiseman wants the energy of the Crystal to continue growing, he activates a control panel and removes a crystal key card. The crystal goes dark and Saffir plans to destroy the key. But suddenly Wiseman appears and says if he is against the Death Phantom, then his sentence is Death. When Saffir asks who Death Phantom is, Wiseman tells him he is kind of God, who will wipe out all life and bring Silence and Pureness to the world. Saffir says he will tell his brother what he knows and they will decide what to do from there. Wiseman says only Death Phantom will decide, and Saffir will die before he knows any more.

Wiseman strikes, the force of the assault staggering Saffir, who at the last moment manages to teleport away. Wiseman isn't worried, as he knows where he's going.

In present day Toyko, the Black Crystal dominates the landscape. Black Lady and Dimando watch from a UFO over the city. The Crystal is growing smoothly, and soon the Gateway will open. This world will be destroyed, and so will the future. In the streets, people are trying to evacuate the area, and watching are the Dark Moon Sisters. They say that they should leave for safety as well. Petz starts, as she sees Saffir staggering into a alley.

Saffir has made it to a park, but collapses under a tree. The blades of grass remind him of something. He remembers when he and Dimando were kids and they had found a flower. This was rare on their world, and Dimando tells Saffir that one day they will reclaim the Earth, their rightful home, and they will see that it is filled with flowers. But Wiseman appears, and when young Saffir turns to confront him the adult Dimando is standing by his side. Saffir, now an adult, cries out to him, but to no avail.

Saffir thrashes awake in bed, his injuries bandaged, but almost immediately collapses again. He then lies still, and Petz enters the room with some food. She tells him where he is, and asks if he's come to punish them. If he has, then as the eldest she's prepared to take punishment for all of them. The other sisters listen outside the door. Cooan is worried and thinks they should leave. Beruche thought that Petz didn't like men, but Calaveras says that isn't true, she's always loved Saffir.

Wiseman has appeared before Black Lady and Dimando and tells them Saffir has betrayed them! Dimando can't believe it, but Wiseman points out that Saffir has taken the key card to the Black Crystal which they must retrieve. Dimando, stunned, agrees, but orders that Saffir isn't to be harmed. Wiseman and Black Lady vanish.


At the sister's apartment, Saffir's uniform is hanging on the wall as Petz serves him some food. He tells her he isn't there to harm them, but he wants to know why they betrayed them. Petz says that Sailor Moon had taught them what it was like to really love each other. Nemesis was comfortable, but this world is filled with warmth and kindness.

Saffir remembers the Dark Moon attack on Crystal Toyko, and the devastation it caused. He says that the Wiseman has deceived them all, and he must warn his brother before anything else happens. He tries to get up and collapses. He forces himself to stand, and Petz steadies him. She realizes that he's devoted to Dimando, but tells him with tears in her eyes that she doesn't want him hurt any further. Saffir tells her that if someone was trying to hurt her sisters, she would do the same. They look at each other...

Petz stands alone on the balcony, looking out at the city, as she remembers Saffir's final words as he left, that his brother wouldn't hurt him. He left his uniform behind as a sign that he would return. (Image of Saffir leaving, not in his usual outfit.) Inside, the other sisters worry. Beruche says that Petz shouldn't have let him leave, but Calaveras says there was no way to stop him, and besides with their powers gone there is nothing else they can do.

Usagi's phone rings and she answers it. It's Cooan, asking for help.

In the streets, Saffir moves painfully towards the Black Crystal. He hears a laugh and Black Lady appears above him. She says he's saved her the trouble of looking for him. He tells her to get out of his way. She prepares to use Luna-P, but the Sailor Senshi appear at the end of the street. Black Lady isn't impressed. Sailor Moon pleads with her to stop, but she uses Luna-P to create a magnifying glass, which collects the energy of the Crystal behind her into Dark Power blasts. Sailor Moon cries out to her as Jupiter and Mercury knock her clear. Venus tries the Crescent Beam, but Black Lady counters it. Mercury uses Shabon Spray to shroud the area with fog, temporarily halting her attack.

Meanwhile, Mars and Jupiter move to cover Saffir. Mars tells him to hurry up and speak with Dimando. He asks how they know about that, and Jupiter tells him that Cooan called for help and told them it was important that they save him. Saffir says they are stupid for helping their enemy. Mars says maybe they are stupid, but they believe in people, and Sailor Moon believes most of all.

Meanwhile, Black Lady has turned the glass into a fan, and sweeps the fog away, revealing Sailors Moon, Mercury, and Venus. Sailor Moon pleads with her again and tries to use the ginzinshou to restore her to her true self. But Black Lady proves to be too quick, turning the fan into an umbrella to protect her from the ginzinshou's energy. She then turns it into a badminton racket and bird, which she knocks towards them. Venus prepares the Lovely Chain, but the bird stops short above the three of them, and envelopes them in a dome of Dark Power!

Mars and Jupiter aren't sure what to do, but Saffir tells them to go ahead and help their friends, he's found who he must speak to. Dimando appears, floating silently above them. He goes towards Dimando as Mars and Jupiter go to the others. Dimando wants to know why he has betrayed them, and Saffir insists he hasn't. Meanwhile Black Lady attacks Jupiter and Mars with another bird and traps them too. Saffir tells Dimando that Wiseman has been twisting everything they have hoped for, as Black Lady watches the trapped Senshi. She turns to Dimando but suddenly the bird in her hand is knocked away and impaled on a tree, and the two domes are shattered. Black Lady turns to see Tuxedo. Tux tells Dimando he should listen to what Saffir has to say. Dimando turns to Saffir, and is willing to hear his side of the story.

Suddenly, an energy blast streaks past Dimando and strikes Saffir! Saffir screams, and Dimando spins around to find Wiseman behind him. Wiseman says he doesn't need permission to kill traitors. Saffir staggers up on his knees as Wiseman releases another blast, "DIE!" It strikes Saffir full force, as everyone looks on in horror. Dimando screams Saffir's name. Saffir falls, and Wiseman recovers the key card he had taken, saying that foolish Saffir had been deceived by the Sailor Warriors. He vanishes, and Black Lady vanishes as well. Dimando seems too stunned to do anything.

Tuxedo and Sailor Moon rush to Saffir. His eyes open, and at the Sister's apartment Petz starts, and Saffir's uniform fall from its hook. The bandage on Saffir's head unwinds past his now closed eyes, revealing that his Dark Moon insignia is gone.

Sailor Moon cries out to him not to die, and to remember Petz, but it's too late. Dimando approaches, kneels, takes the body, and with a look of hate says Wiseman's name. He disappears.

Petz sits alone, trying not to cry. Her sisters try to comfort her, but she walks out to the balcony, saying she know before he left that he would die, and she will always have Saffir's beautiful smile in her mind. She stand alone...

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