Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 87

Episode Title
Ai to mirai wo shinjite! Usagi no kesshin
[Believe in Love and Future! Usagi's Will-Power]
Air Date
  • Summary by Tjuana Tenise Gaines and Donald Simmons, 1996.06.14
Usagi runs through a park. In a flashback, Tuxedo tells Sailor Moon he is going into the Dark Crystal to find the source of its power, and the Senshi should return later. The gigantic Black Crystal looms in the background and lightning plays around it. Usagi sees it's growing quickly, and knows she has to do something.

Naru calls out to Usagi. She approaches and says she's worried about Usagi, and asks if she knows anything about what is happening. Usagi hesitates, somewhat startled by this, and then forces a cheerier tone, replying that she doesn't, what could she know? Naru steps up to her and takes her hand, saying that she thinks Usagi does know something but can't tell her, so she won't ask again. But if she needs any help she can come to her. Usagi thanks Naru and runs off. Naru prays that Usagi will be all right. As she runs, Usagi apologize to Naru, and says she will protect both the Earth and her.

[Ed. note: As far as I know, this is the only hint in the entire series that Naru has realized that Usagi is Sailor Moon.]

On the Dark Moon, Dimando is looking at the Black Crystal when Wiseman appears. Dimando wants to know why Wiseman killed his brother when he had given orders not to. Wiseman tells him that Saffir had gotten in their way. The Dark Crystal's and the Black Lady's power is reaching maximum, and their day of vengeance has arrived. All else is secondary to this important mission. Dimando tells Wiseman he's shown his true heart (implies that he's been using them), but Wiseman reminds him that he too planned revenge on Earth while living in the darkness of Nemesis, and should they lose their chance now? (We get a glimpse under Wiseman's cowl and see a bare skull.) Dimando relents for the moment, committed again to the conquest of Earth, but warns Wiseman that when this is over he will investigate and find the truth of what happened When he is gone, Wiseman says he won't live to do so.

In Tokyo, the girls have gathered together at the edge of the Black Crystal's influence. Rei says the evil energy is increasing, and they must stop it. Luna worries about Tuxedo, who is still inside the Crystal. Luna and Artemis attempt to leap into the zone, but are violently repelled. Usagi and Minako run to them, and Rei tells them they will handle it. Mako says they should transform. Usagi stands, tells the others to get ready and begins to transform, but Ami stops her. She says she just wants to say that they will all make it back, and when they do they should all go and have some crumb cake (Remember back in Ep 76? She thought it was too fattening). She just wanted to say this just in case... Rei tells her there is no just in case. Mako agrees, saying they should try the dessert buffet. Usagi likes this idea, and Minako tells her she'll gain weight. The girls join hands.

Mako: Keep the peace and eat the cake.
Mina: For our future.
Ami: For Chibi-Usa and the people of Crystal Tokyo.
Rei: Our minds united.
Usagi: We'll protect this Earth we love.

Luna and Artemis ask them to be careful, and Usagi tells them they can depend on them. She lifts her brooch and transforms, and the others follow suit. As they do, the Black Crystal continues to grow in size and power.

At Sailor Moon's command the Sailor Senshi rush towards the Crystal, but the energy crackling around it sends Sailor Moon flying back. The others rush to her as she pulls herself up. She realizes it's Black Lady's doing, but she won't be stopped now, Chibi-Usa is waiting for her. She charges the Crystal again, and this time braces herself against the energy discharges. Venus says Chibi-Usa should be at the center, and Jupiter responds that only Sailor Moon can save Chibi-Usa. Sailor Moon vows that she'll find the Black Lady and change her back the Chibi-Usa. She calls everyone to her.

At Sailor Moon's command, the Senshi combine their powers, and initiate the Sailor Teleport. (Ed. note: This is a really GREAT scene!) Their energy surrounds them all, lifts them into the air, and they vanish. Luna says they're gone, but Artemis tells her they'll be back.

The materialize within the Crystal. Looking around they wonder which direction they should go. Sailor Moon takes a few steps forward as Mercury calls for her to wait. Suddenly, an opening appears at her feet and she plunges out of sight. The Senshi rush forward, but the opening vanishes before they can do anything. Mercury activates her computer visor in hopes of tracking her through the Crystal.

Sailor Moon is deposited deeper within the Crystal. She wonders where she is when a figure in the shadows welcomes her. With a start, she realizes it's Dimando! He leaps in front of her and takes hold of her, saying that this time she will swear her love and loyalty to him. He uses his third eye again, but this time the effect is hypnotic. Sailor Moon's eyes change to a solid deep blue, as she affirms her loyalty to him...


Dimando moves in to kiss the unresisting Sailor Moon. A tear runs down her cheek and she whispers "Mamo-chan". Enraged, Dimando shakes her from the trance, saying he will make her his. Sailor Moon tells him that you cannot make someone love you, but he won't listen. He uses his third eye again, but this time Sailor Moon averts her eyes, telling him that even if he succeeded and has her this way, it won't be real love. She makes the mistake of lifting her head for a moment and becomes mesmerized again, falling to her knees. Dimando extends a hand and orders her to swear loyalty to him. She moves to comply, but just as she does so she has flashes of memory, seeing Chibi-Usa, the Sailor Senshi, Naru, and finally Mamoru, as Tuxedo with his mask removed. She snaps out of the trance and stands, her eyes clear.

Dimando can't believe it, and his third eye vanishes. Sailor Moon asks him why he is determined to destroy everything. He says that the Dark Moon Family is only out to live on Earth, but that his people and hers could not co-exist. She tells him this isn't true, and he start to say "Wiseman said..." when he stops. He remembers how Saffir tried to say something about Wiseman just before he was killed, and realizes that he and his people have been deceived.

He turns to Sailor Moon, ready to listen now when Wiseman appears, telling him he must kill her. Dimando refuses, saying it's over now that he knows the truth, and energy flares around him. Wiseman strikes, but Dimando is able to shield himself from the attack, telling Wiseman he is up against Prince Dimando this time. They fight, equally matched, teleporting throughout the room, as Sailor Moon watches. Wiseman suddenly appears near Sailor Moon, saying she too must die, and releases a blast directly at her! Sailor Moon staggers back, but Dimando at the last moment takes the blast himself. He struggles back to his feet, bleeding, when Wiseman sneers he doesn't have the power to finish this and fires again. But Dimando summons a final blast that overwhelms Wiseman and shatters him! His empty cloak and crystal ball fall to the floor.

Dimando collapses and Sailor Moon rushes to try and help him. Dimando realizes that the Dark Moon family has come to an end because he couldn't see through Wiseman's lies. (Unnoticed by them, Wiseman's crystal ball flashes a skull face and rises into the air. Wiseman begins to pull himself back together!) Dimando remembers that the Dark Moon sisters are living on Earth now, and says perhaps there is hope for his people after all. Lifting a hand to her face, he asks Sailor Moon to take care of them, and on the verge of tears she agrees. His hand falls back, and he dies.

Sailor Moon cries his name, and then a noise makes her turn. Wiseman seizes her by the throat. He demands she hand over the ginzinshou, as it will someday change the world. Struggling, she refuses and calls out for Tuxedo Mask. Wiseman laughs, and lets her go. Sailor Moon wobbles on her feet as Wiseman shows her images of Mamoru and Chibi-Usa together, the two of them shutting her out. He tells her that Mamoru has given his heart to the little girl. Sailor Moon begins crying and falls to her knees, but refuses to be deceived.

Wiseman then begins to surround her with Dark Power and begins to show her images of Tuxedo Mask with Black Lady, and then of the two of them kissing. He tells her that Tuxedo has abandoned her for Black Lady, and that she should in turn use her hatred and focus it into the ginzinshou to fill the world with Darkness. Sailor Moon begins to believe that Tuxedo and Chibi-Usa have really betrayed her, when an image of the true Chibi-Usa suddenly appears to her, begging Sailor Moon to help save her mother.

Sailor Moon snaps out of it and stands. Wiseman can't believe it. Sailor Moon tells him that her friends would never betray her. Enrages, Wiseman releases an energy blast directly at her. "DIE!"

But a rose flashes by and deflects the blast. Tuxedo appears. (As usual at the most dramatic moment possible.) "A evil that uses magic to confuse the minds of innocent girls. I will not forgive you." And then the rest of the Sailor Senshi also make a suitable dramatic entrance!

Wiseman just laughs and says it's too late. As the Black Crystal surges with power, he says the time has come to open the gateway to Darkness and engulf the world. He vanishes. Tuxedo says they must seal the gateway, and everyone rushes out.

Emerging on the top of the Crystal, our heroes are confronted by a vast cloud of Darkness above them, and from it descends Black Lady. "Chibi-Usa!" "Chibi-Usa-chan!" Black Lady just laughs, and says as a follower of Death Phantom, she'll unleash Darkness upon the world...

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