Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 88

Episode Title
Hikari to yami no saishuukessen! Mirai he chikau ai
[The Last Battle Between Light and Dark! Vow to Tomorrow's Love!]
Air Date
  • Summary by Tjuana Tenise Gaines and Donald Simmons, 1996.06.14
We see the Dark Crystal, and then the true Chibi-Usa, curled up and seemingly asleep. The Wiseman says that he is the Death Phantom and that it is time to cast the world into Darkness. The Dark Crystal surges with energy.

[Title Screen]

Luna and Artemis watch from the top of a building as energy plays around the immense Dark Crystal in the distance. They notice that the energy output has gotten stronger and wonder if the Senshi were able to save Chibi-Usa. If they don't defeat the enemy, the world will be destroyed.

The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo have emerged onto a platform at the peak of the Crystal. Black Lady, floating above them, releases energy from the Crystal to six monoliths surrounding them. She says she will open the Black Gate and cast the world into Darkness.

Mars and Mercury plead with her, telling her she'll destroy the world. Sailor Moon tells her she will die if she accepts the power of the Black Crystal. Black Lady tells them they don't understand her and releases an energy blast that knocks them all off their feet. She says she will kill them all, starting with Sailor Moon and releases another powerful blast right at her!

But at the last moment Tuxedo throws himself in front of Sailor Moon and takes the blast. Black Lady is stunned as Tuxedo falls, gasping, into Sailor Moon's arms. She can't understand why he would risk his life for another person. The Senshi (and Tuxedo, who slowly recovers) explain that is what you do for the people who are important to you and that she is a very important person to them all. They all start calling her Chibi-Usa-chan. Their words are getting through to her when Wiseman interferes again. He orders her not to believe them and sends more of the Dark Crystal's power to her. Tuxedo pleads with her again, but she is more resolved to kill them than ever and continues her assault.

They are all pinned down by the storm of Dark Power, but Tuxedo and Sailor Moon remember King Endymion words, that will face troubles much more difficult than what they have already endured. If their love is not strong enough they will not win. Tuxedo says they must unite their power if they want to succeed. They join hands and stand together. Sailor Moon agains lifts the ginzinshou and "Moon Crystal Power!"

The light of the ginzinshou blinds everyone. In the future, the same light engulfs the sleeping Neo-Queen Serenity. In the present, the light dies, and to the astonishment of all, Sailor Moon has transformed into Neo-Queen Serenity. She tells Black Lady it is time to remember her childhood.

Neo-Queen Serenity's crescent moon insignia begins to glow, and Black Lady's dark moon insignia glows as well. We return to the memory of Small Lady crying because her parents wouldn't pick her up when she fell in the rain. This time they explain that they want her to learn to help herself. They want to raise her to be able to depend on herself.

But Wiseman interferes again, and engulfs the three of them in a column of Dark Power. They float within it, Black Lady above Serenity and Tuxedo, as Wiseman tells Black Lady that we are all born alone and die alone, and then wipes her parents from her memory. An image of Chibi-Usa cries out "Mama. Papa. Don't leave me alone."

Black Lady, "That's right, I was alone in the Darkness. I won't let you deceive me." She again blasts both Serenity and Tuxedo. Despite the Dark Power assaulting them, Serenity tells Black Lady she must leave this place, it is not only hurting her physically but mentally as well. When Black Lady says it's more dangerous for the Queen, Serenity responds that she doesn't care for her own life, she loves her and wants her to be safe. She lifts the ginzinshou and activates it again. Black Lady is hit by a montage of memories as Serenity tells her that everyone suffers hardships in their lives and that is when they must hold onto the memory of good times most of all.

Images: Chibi-Usa eating ice cream with Ami, working out with Rei, lunch with Mako, dressing up as nurse with Minako, Mamoru giving her a piggy pack ride, making curry with Usagi, and Usagi telling her she is not alone.

The memories fade, and the three of them are standing together. Serenity says the warmth she feels is the love others have for her. Black Lady realizes she is not alone, her Dark Moon insignia vanishes, and she moves to embrace Serenity. The column of Dark Power vanishes to reveal Serenity, Tuxedo, and a sleeping Chibi-Usa in Serenity's arms. As they float down to rejoin the Senshi, Serenity reverts back to Sailor Moon.


Everyone huddles around Chibi-Usa as she wakens. She thanks everyone, and says she feels their love and warmth and knows she is not alone. Sailor Moon collapses momentarily from having used the ginzinshou, but says that she is OK.

The Dark Crystal surges again, and Wiseman appears above them. He says that even though he has lost the power of the Black Lady, the Gate is now open and he will destroy the world. The power has intensified to a point where it is now spreading throughout the city.

He lifts his crystal ball and blasts them all. The entire Dark Crystal writhes with energy which begins sweeping out into the surrounding buildings. Luna and Artemis realize the Gate has been opened.

Everyone is helpless under the assault. Tuxedo says the world will be destroyed. But Sailor Moon stands, and with the ginzinshou sweeps the Dark Power away from them. Walking clear of the others she says she won't let that happen. She won't let them die and the world be destroyed.

The others scream for her to stop, because if she uses the full power of the ginzinshou she will die. Wiseman hits her with another column of Dark Power. But when it disappears Neo-Queen Serenity is once more standing in Sailor Moon's place.

[Battle Music begins]

Neo-Queen Serenity opens her eyes and releases the power of the ginzinshou. Wiseman does the same with the Black Crystal, and the energies clash. But Serenity has difficulty fighting him. He says with the gateway to the Black Crystal open, her Crystal is useless against him. She won't give up. The power from her Crystal continues to grow.

Tuxedo is holding Chibi-Usa, both helpless. Chibi-Usa starts crying "It's all my fault. It's my fault. Now because of me, Usagi.." One of her tears falls, glows, and becomes the ginzinshou of the future! Holding it, Chibi-Usa stares, and remembers how it disappeared when she held it before, and realizes that it must have merged with her. She wants to use the crystal, but Tuxedo gives her the same warning as Sailor Moon, that it will likely destroy her if she does. She still wants to save everyone. He says they'll all help. The other Senshi say they won't lose, everyone's future is depending on this.

Chibi-Usa asks the ginzinshou for help to protect everyone and in a flash of light she transforms into a princess dress. Wiseman can't believe it. The Sailor Senshi stand and link their powers, and both Serenity and Chibi-Usa use "Moon Crystal Power" plus "Evil that would destroy the world be gone!" The combined attack is too much, and Wiseman is destroyed, as well as the Black Crystal of the future.

Sailor Moon, and Chibi-Usa (returned to normal) float alone enveloped in pink light, their eyes closed. They wonder if they are dead. Sailor Moon says if they are, it's all right because they saved everyone. The voice of Queen Serenity tells them that the ginzinshous have performed a miracle, that they are still alive, and that everyone is waiting for them.

They both lie unconscious, Sailor Moon held by Tuxedo, Chibi-Usa by Sailor Mars, with the others surrounding them. Sailor Moon recovers, and rushes to Chibi-Usa, who awakens as well, to the joy of everyone.

The Dark Crystal looming over the city slowly shrinks and vanishes. The sky clears and the sun rises. The danger has passed.

Later, in the park, Ami, Rei, Mako, and Minako are bidding Chibi-Usa farewell, and asking her to take care of herself. Leave it to Minako to remind her not to wet the bed. Chibi-Usa promises she won't.

A little ways away, Usagi and Mamoru watch. Chibi-Usa looks at Usagi, and neither one knows what do to. Mamoru urges Usagi forward, and Chibi-Usa advances a few steps as well, but they still don't know what to say. They finally both rush to each other and hug tightly. Chibi-Usa lifts her face to Usagi's and says "Thank you.. Mama."

Chibi-Usa turns away, and all Usagi can say is "Chibi-Usa". Chibi-Usa thanks everyone and then uses her key, vanishing into the future. Usagi whispers "Good-bye, Chibi-Usa", but Mamoru puts his arm around her, and they smile at each other.

In the future, Chibi-Usa runs on a hillside, with the restored Crystal Tokyo gleaming behind her. As she mounts the hill, she finds Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and the Sailor Senshi waiting for her. She walks up to them... and curtseys. Then, eyes glistening, she rushes to her mother and they hug. As Chibi-Usa weeps for joy Serenity says, "Welcome home."

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