Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 89

Episode Title

[Usagi's final decision! Prologue to the new battle]
Air Date
  • Summary by Diego Ortiz, 1998.08.04
(Keep in mind that this episode is just clips, and, the when the girls are talking, they're talking as the clips roll by)

(opening - Moonlight Densetsu - first four openings in a four way split-screen)

Usagi: "Moon Crystal Power Make Up!"

A little bit of this transformation is shown. During the transformation, Usagi says "Hi! I'm Tsukino Usagi! As you're well aware, I'm Sailor Moon, Sailor Senshi of love and justice! Well, it's time for the new series you're all been waiting for! We'll do our best always, so you won't be disappointed!"

(End of "Moon Crystal Power Make Up" transformation)

(Scene: Grassy area. The silhouette of Sailors Uranus and Neptune, holding Rei's pure heart)

Usagi says "Who are those two that suddenly appeared? Are they new allies or enemies?"
Rei responds, "You're so out of it all the time! Maybe that's why you're being demoted to a side character!"
Usagi responds to that "Me?! I don't think..."

(next scene: Professor Tomoe working on an experiment, Kaolanite by his side)

Usagi: "Ami-chan, is this the new enemy?"
Ami: "Yes, we haven't found out much about them yet..."
Mako: "This new enemy and those mysterious two... this is going to be a good series!"
Minako: "I'm not sure.. but are those two Sailor Senshi?"
Rei: "Sailor Senshi besides us?"
Usagi: "Sailor Pluto?"

(next scene, near the Door Of Time, Sailor Pluto is shown)

Sailor Pluto: "Those who break the taboo and go near the Door Of Time.. Will be punished!"
Ami: "It could possibly be Sailor Pluto.. but..."
Minako: "Does she have any connection to those other two?"
Usagi (with a sure voice) says "I know! Luna must have scouted the new ones like she did with us!!"

(next scene, first episode, Luna giving Usagi her brooch)

Luna: "Oh Right! I guess I should start by thanking you. Domo arigato!"

Luna spins and the brooch appears, then Usagi glares at it. Luna says it's a present for her. Usagi likes the brooch and puts it on her bow.

(next scene, Usagi is shocked that she actually transformed into Sailor Moon)

Rei: "We weren't scouted Usagi! It was destined that we became Sailor Senshi."
Usagi: "I guess.^_^;; Then, maybe they came from the future like Chibi Usa!"

(next scene, Chibi Usa's first appearance. Mamoru and Usagi are kissing. Then Luna-P drops on Mamoru's head. A cloud forms and Chibi Usa falls from it. She ends up in Mamoru's arms. ^_^; Usagi asks who she is and Chibi Usa said that 'She was Usagi'.)

(next scene, King Endymion in the mist)

Ami: "But.. King Endymion said nothing about other senshi."
Mako: "Who could they be?"
Usagi: "But I'm sure! They've got to be friends and not foes!"
Ami: "If they were friends, wouldn't they have shown themselves?"
Usagi: "No way... Then, they're our enemy?"
Ami: "No, because we already know that the enemy is the other one."

(next scene, Rei running from a daimon, pulling out her Henshin Stick, but the daimon pins her to a wall)

Rei: "What are these youma?"
(image: The DD girls from episode 46)
Usagi: "Dark Kingdom's youma?"
(image: one of Ail and An's cardian, attacking Sailor Moon)
Mako: "Ail and An's cardian?"
(image: a driod)
Minako: "Or.. maybe the Black Moon's driod?"
Ami: "No, it's not any of them. It's new."
Usagi: "How do those other two fit in?"
(image: Morga from episode #1 extending her arm to attack Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon screams and a rose falls to the floor. Morga asks who it is and sees Tuxedo Kamen)
Usagi: "Ah! Maybe someone to help us in times of trouble, like Tuxedo Kamen-sama!"
Minako: "Let's hope that's the case."
(image: Jadeite's call of energy fades away. He says that Morga screwed up)
Mako: "I guess we shouldn't be so optimistic. Can't keep our guard down!"
Rei: "There's no other way except for me to be the main player in this one!"
Usagi: "Heeey! What are you saying?!"

(scene for the next couple of minutes: Sailor Senshi VS. Rubeus and the sisters. "Ai no senshi" plays. After Rubeus attacks Sailor Moon and Chibi Usa, the Inner Senshi's transformations are shown, in order)

(this scene plays during their transformations):

Rei: "I think we need a hew main heroine to go up against the new enemy!"
Usagi: "I don't think so!"
Rei: "Don't worry Usagi! Just leave it to Minako!"
Usagi: "Hey Hey Hey!"
Minako: "So, I finally get to replace Sailor Moon!"
Usagi: "Heeey!!"
Mako: "Um, does anyone want my spot?"
Usagi: "Hey!"
Ami: "Well, yes. We should research who will be the strongest against the new enemy."
Usagi: "Hey hey..."
Rei: "Well, instead of arguing, why don't we just decide playing Jaken?"
Usagi: "No! I'm horrible at Jaken!"
Mako: "What about arm wrestling, then?"
Usagi: "No way!"
Rei: "None of us have a chance against Mako!"
Everyone: "Right!"
Rei: "What about astrology? Let's see..."
(silent for a second)
Rei: "I've got the best horoscope this year!"
Everyone: "Rei-chan, your horoscopes are never accurate!"
Ami: "Well, let's decide by a game of chess."
Usagi: "Ch-chess? What's chess??"
Rei: "Even Chibiusa can beat me!"
Usagi: "Ah! My head hurts! Hey everyone! How about a staring contest?"
Everyone: "What?"
Usagi: "A staring contest! Here we go! One! Two! Three!"
Everyone: (sing-song voice) "Let's have a staring contest!"
After a second of silence, Usagi bursts out laughing.
Usagi: "You guys look hilarious!"
Everyone: "You lose!"
Ami: "If we keep doing silly things, everyone is going to change the channel on us!"
(Everyone says that they can't let that happen)
Rei: "Why don't we decide on the new heroine after watching some old clips from the last series?"
Everyone: "Alright!"
Minako: "I won't let you all down!"
Mako: "Okay, I'm ready!"
Usagi: "Hey! No one's taking my spot!"
Ami: (to viewers) "After the commercial break, we'll have previews and old memorable scenes. So, don't touch that dial!"
(End of transformation sequence)

[Commercial Break - "Moon Healing Escalation" (with the Ginzuishou) and "Moon Princess Halation" are seen]

Rei's vision of the end of the world (As seen in the first Sailor Moon S episode is seen).

Usagi: "No way! What's this?"
Rei: "They're never-before-seen clips from the new series!"
(Rei looks at the Black Tornado-like-thing)
Usagi: "Rei-chan!"
Minako: "Rei-chan's the main character?"
Usagi: "Oh noo!"
Rei: "Leave it to me! The main character!"

(scene: Rei as a teen idol on stage)
Rei: "I can't help it if I'm perfect in every way! I was a teen idol!"
(scene: Sailor Mars battling Cooan)
Rei: "Look at me in these action scenes!"
(scene: Usagi licking ice cream, and, seeing that Rei is trying to win Mamoru's heart by pretending to stumble over him ^_~)
Rei: "No matter what happens, I won't have to worry about top bill being taking away from me!"
Mako: "If you became the main character, you'll get more laughs than Usagi-chan."
Rei: "I don't think that'll be happening in the new series."
(scene: The "Fire Soul" trick in episode # 51)

(scene: Mako's first appearance, beating up one of those punks)
Mako: "The new series should be..."
(scene: Mako saying 'Bye' to Usagi)
Mako: "...Strong..."
(scene: Mako as an ice skater)
Mako: "...Good at skating..."
(scene: Mako as a cook, and cleaning Motoki's apartment)
Mako: "...And yet good around the house..."
(scene: Mako's lunch, and Usagi wanting some ^_~)
Mako: "...And good at cooking!"
(scene: Mako and Minako trying to stop Usagi from getting a charm)
Minako: "But you don't forget the senpai you like.."
Mako: "You can't say much for yourself either, Minako-chan!"
Minako: "Oh no, I'm okay!"

(scene: Sailor V on top of a roof, kicking a green youma in the face)
Minako: "I'm the original Sailor Senshi, Sailor V! So leave everything to Sailor Venus!"
(scenes: Sailor V's popularity. Her pose, her movie preview, and her video game)
Minako: "I was just so popular in Anime, Video games, you name it!"
(scene: Sailor Venus on top of the bus with kids cheering her on)
Minako: "The kids loved me!"
(scenes: Minako messing up when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and taking care of Rei. ^_~ All from the Nurse Minako episode)
Usagi: "That time, Minako-chan was much more clumsy then I usually am!"
Minako: "It's like a pot calling the kettle black."
Everyone: "What do you mean?"
(scene: Usagi and Minako having crushes on Miisha ^_^)
Mako: "They were like twins at that time."
Minako: "But, but, but, I'm not as clumsy as Usagi-chan!"
Usagi: "I'm not a klutz like Minako-chan!"

(scene: Ami confronting Berchue)
Ami: "Which leaves me. Oh, it's a lot of responsibility having top bill."
Usagi: "Yet the scenes start rolling..."
Ami: "I'd like to show my favorite lines that I've said."
Everyone: "Hey hey!"
(scene: Garoben holding Mercury against the computer)
Garoben: "You didn't use the Crystal Disk!"
Ami: "Studying is something you do with your brain, not with some machine!"
(scene: Sailor Mercury and Urawa on a bench, talking)
Urawa: "If I turn into a youma... please don't hesitate to destroy me!"
Sailor Mercury: "Urawa-kun, the future is something you build with your own two hands. If you give up, that'll be the end. But, if you believe, any goal can be achieved.
(scene: Mercury and Urawa at 10Ban land)
Mercury: My friends told me that I should be more honest with myself..."
Urawa: "Ami-san..."
Mercury: "It's a noble thing to sacrifice yourself for others... but, don't you want to live through this? Did you forget that people will be hurt if you die?"
(scene: Mercury rushing in, after everyone thought she left)
Senshi: "Mercury! Where were you?"
Mercury held out her hand: "I want to stay with you all."
(scene: Mercury, a youma, and the Senshi in an alley)
Mercury: "The one I can't forgive .. is you!"
Youma: "What?!"
A crystal on the youma's head breaks.
Youma: "Damn, why won't my hallucinations work on you?"
Mercury: "You'll never understand that our hearts our bound by trust!"
Moon: "Mercury!"

(scene: Tomoe working on another experiment, Kaolanite by the side)
Ami: "But, there isn't much time to be looking back. The new enemy has already started to make their move."
Usagi: "You mean after all those scenes, you're saying that we've got no time? I want to do mine, too!"

(scene: the Senshi confronting Kunzite. Kunzite launched those boomerangs.)
Moon: "Everyone! (Looks at Kunzite) Even if you bought me all the clothes from Haute Courture.. I won't forgive you for ruining a girl's clothes!"
(scene: The ginzuishou glows, and, she glows)
Kunzite: "I am the general of the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite! You won't get away from me! Hyah!"
Kunzite launches the boomerangs at her, but, Sailormoon knocks them back. This hits Kunzite in the back.
Kunzite: "I-impossible.."

(scene: Rubeus and Sailormoon, at his UFO)
Rubeus: "Die like a helpless frog!"
He puts a massive amount of gravity on her. She struggles. Rubeus says "Die." But, Sailormoon's strength makes her rise up.
Moon: "I won't forgive you.. I will..."
Usagi's voice: "See! This is what being top bill is about! The main character will once again be Sailor Moon!"
Rei: "Well, you're working hard, it's nothing else."
Usagi: "What do you mean?"
Mako: "You're not usually like this."
Minako: "No kidding."

(scene: Usagi feasting on Nikuman, but Artemis rushes in and accidentally pushes her, and, Usagi klutzed out)
Rei: "She's such a pig.. and, mentally, she's the same age as Chibi Usa."
Ami: "And, as usual, her grades are bad."
Usagi: "You're all so mean!"
Minako: "So, everyone, shall we lay off for today?"
Rei: "Good idea. Though a little more would have been nice to make her understand the responsibilities of being the Princess."
(scene: "Usagi and Chibi Usa arguing at a Charm shop)
Mako: "I think she understands."
Usagi: "Then, you guys were kidding the whole time!"
Ami: "Of course! We couldn't be the Sailor Senshi without you."
Minako: "We all love you!"
Usagi: "Everyone!"

(scene: Serenity and Queen Beryl in their final fight.)
Usagi: "That's right.. It doesn't matter who has the top bill. We all worked as one, destroying our enemies. Because of everyone, we were able to win."
(scene: Serenity, the Wiseman, and, Chibi Usa in their final fight.)
Small Lady: "Please, ginzuishou, give me the power to protect everyone."
Serenity: "Chibi Usa!"
Small Lady: "The Power to protect everyone!"
Mercury: "Mercury Star power!"
Mars: "Mars star power!"
Jupiter: "Jupiter star power!"
Venus: "Venus star power!"
Princesses: "Moon Crystal Power!"
Serenity: "Evil power..."
Small Lady: "...Be gone!"
Wiseman: "My dark gate! I ... will ... not..."
(scene: everyone after the battle)
Mamoru: "Usako! Usako! Usako!"
Moon: "Mamo-chan..."
Mamoru: "How good!"
Moon: "Everyone... Oh! Chibi Usa!"
Usagi's voice: "I'm so lucky that I've met all of you. Let's put all we've got into the new series!"

(scenes: All clips shown that are SMS clips)
Ami: "But, we didn't find out anything about the mysterious two. Are they friend or foe?"
Usagi: "Ami-chan, don't worry! When the new series starts, we'll find out soon enough!"
Mako: "That's right! There's no point in thinking it over."
Minako: "We'll cross that bridge when we get there."
Ami: "Right!"

Usagi (to viewers): "Well, everyone, stay tuned for the new episodes. They should be great!"
Everyone: "Mata ne!"

(Ending Song: "Otome no Policy"... The lyrics are missing from the bottom of the screen. ^_^;)

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